E-Pharms TestForce PCT Review

  1. E-Pharms TestForce PCT Review


    So here I was , enjoying my 3rd cycle of prohormones! And just like my previous cycles, I had my Tamoxifen ready to go for PCT. I came across all the ad’s for PP’s TCF-1. I normally don’t trust anything that comes out of these advertisers mouths. I still do research the ingredients of the products though. You never know right?! Thank god for Google! The key ingredient of that product is D-Aspartic Acid. I was very intrigued by the study, but not 100% sold on it yet. Once I found out PA was coming out with his version of the product, that’s what got me kind of believing. He has some good history of making great products. Long story short, I thought this would be perfect for my upcoming pct. As we know, the goal of any pct is to get back to homeostasis as quickly as possible. This seemed perfect in accelerating that goal.

    With that said, I was unable to secure TestForce in a timely manner. So I did have to use Primordials stuff until I received it. I did use TestForce for the majority of my pct.

    I also added Cissus Quadrangularis during the pct as well to help with joint pain. My joints were horribly dried out from the cycle and needed relief quick.

    RPN Havoc
    Dosages 30/30/40/40
    Starting cycle weight: 208
    Ending cycle weight: 222(+14 lbs)

    Tamoxifen Citrate
    Dosing: 20 mg ED 4 weeks

    Cissus Quadrangularis(bulk powder/prima force)
    Dosing: 4 g’s a day/ spread out

    Began DAA sumplementation mid 2nd week:

    PP’s TCF-1 x 1 bottle(the old small size)
    Dosing: 2 syringe x2 a day, lasted only 6 days

    E-Pharms TestForce
    Dosing: 1 scoop x 2 a day

    PCT Ending weight: 219( - 3 lbs lost)


    This is by far the best PCT I have ever had. I feel freaking great compared to my previous 2 cycles. At no time during my pct did I ever feel weak or off. My strength never dropped and in fact improved in some lifts. Usually by the end of the pct, you have some type of drop in strength. I have had absolutely zero drop off. I still look and feel like I never ended my cycle in some regards.

    Cissus Quadrangularis:

    This **** is the real deal when it comes to problem joints. All minor problems were gone in a week. The more major joint issues I have were manageable in 2 weeks and hardly noticeable most of the time. To have zero pain in your joints when you lift is a big fking deal for those that are in the same boat. This is a must for anyone in their joint treatment arsenal.

    E-Pharms TestForce:

    My personal opinion on this stuff is that it is a must have in anyone’s pct. I don’t know for sure you would be able to tell any difference just as a everyday test booster though. That’s just personal opinion of course. When it comes to pct, it’s quite distinct and noticeable.

    I had basically zero libido by the time I started my DAA supplementation. This is quite common for me from the prohormones and the nolva. I am excited to say that once I started my DAA supplementation my libido came back quickly. It was almost like DAA was the ultimate cure for libido issues during pct!

    Sorry to get a little graphic here, but it has to be said. Testicle size and fullness was dramatically increased in very little time. Before I started DAA supplementation, they were basically like shrunken raisins. Within a few days, it was like a night and day difference in size. The fullness in ejaculation amounts returned as well. My girlfriend (I tell her everything) made a comment as well and commented on my difference in libido.

    It’s like you could almost tell the difference between switching over from the prohormones left over in your blood to your natural test. My strength never dropped and improved a little bit as well. The most important thing to note is I had zero drop off during pct. I am exactly the same size and strength 4 weeks after cycle. I really believe that I made the perfect transition back to normal. Of course, this is all based on feel and not scientific. Please take it for what it is worth.

    Benefits of E-Pharms TestForce for PCT:

    • Libido increase
    • Return of fullness in testicles quickly
    • No drop off in strength
    • Minimal loss in weight
    • Still look like I’m on cycle

    Hope you liked my review. Please feel free to ask any questions.


  2. Great stuff man.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

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