TruNutrition Tru Basics and Trutein Review

  1. TruNutrition Tru Basics and Trutein Review

    Ordered Vanilla WPI, Casien and unflavored Egg. Came w/ some Trutein samples.
    Chocolate PB, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Strawberry.
    Thanks for throwing in so many samples.

    Tried the Chocolate PB just now w/ 8oz skim milk in a Blender Bottle. Taste was great. Chocolate w/ a slight PB flavor. I like it. It's not too sweet.
    Mixes well. No clumps.
    It's a little grainy/thick though. It could do w/ 12oz of skim milk instead of 8oz. Not as thick as Muscle Milk though. Tastes better too.
    Rating: 9/10

    Will try another flavor tomorrow and post a review in this thread.

  2. Tried Chocolate Covered Banana with 12oz skim milk. The consistency is just about right this time. I think 10-12oz is about right for Trutein.
    The banana flavor hits you right away. It's very pronounced with some chocolate to it. Again not too sweet. A little sweeter than Chocolate PB. The flavor is good overall.
    I like bananas and banana-flavored stuff. This I would drink once in a while, but I don't think I can finish a whole 5lb tub of any banana-flavored item.


  3. Good reviw......trutein is a very solid protein

  4. Today was Chocolate Dipped Strawberry with 10oz of skim milk. I think 10oz creates the perfect consistency. The taste is good overall. There is a strong strawberry flavor. It sorta tastes like strawberry-flavored candy. It reminds me of this japanese candy that has strawberry gummy balls covered in chocolate. It MIGHT be too sweet for some people.


    Chocolate PB > Chocolate Strawberry > Chocolate Banana.
    Can't go wrong with any of those though.

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