Tnubs gonna rock and roll

  1. Tnubs gonna rock and roll

    Background: 2 weeks ago i had surgery for bilateral inguinal hernias so i havnt lifted at all since and my diets been garbage. before that i took about 5 months off from lower body due to the pain. prior to this my numbers were 550 deadlift, 350 squat, 260 bench. wish i could get my numbers back to that but my knees are sh1t, and crunch all the time so lower body work will probably be limited. also messed my lower back up by doing a single on deads with 500lbs, no warmup right after my balls throbbed for a week straight from hernias(couldnt have been any dumber).

    day 1-30: propadrol ep, supercissus
    day 31-90: 100mg 6 bromo, 50mg DHEA, 1.2g divanex, 2g LCLT
    day 91-115 TCF-1
    (probably will be more added)

    monday- german volume training chest/back
    wednesday- german volume training arms, shoulders
    friday- 3x3 bench and power upper body

    legs will be thrown in there somewhere, deciding hows best. probably HIIT on off days using a bike along with back squat on Mon/fri maybe? i ran a cycle of german volume training(10x10) before the surgery and all i can say is it was the most incredible workout ive ever used. the pump, gains and fullness were the best of my life.

    so heres my log! i started propadrol friday even tho i havnt been lifting since any t-booster will take a few days to kick in. i honestly think i feel it a little bit primarily libido, but just in case its placebo ill give it a few more days to see if its more noticable. expecting to recomp with this 4 month plan. i want to do progress pics but since the surgery my stomachs been real puffy because they did it laproscopically... which means they blew carbon dioxide in the space between my muscle and hypodermis to seperate it and it hasnt recovered completely yet. ill do measurements/pics once i get started and normalize.

  2. I'm in! Best of luck my friend hope you get your strength back up. Sounds like a great stack to do it.

  3. did about 4 sets of machine bench and 4 sets of pulldowns today, took it light today to see how i felt. goin to the doctor tomorrow to do the post op checkup and im gonna ask him how long till i can push it 100%

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