Poll: Which of these should be my next supp regimen for a log

planning for my next program

  1. planning for my next program

    Once I am done with my current routine which can be viewed under "ordered new supps, will do log" thread heading, I will embark on a new program. Help me decide which option to run based on your curiosities.

    option one - High dose New Zealand Red Deer Velvet Antler

    option 2 - Myodrol generic as found at Swanson Vitamins

  2. Hhahahaha, damn I'm coordinated first thing.. I voted for the wrong one (Myodrol) instead of the deer antler velvet..

  3. What is the myodrol generic found at swanson called? I like swanson vitamins but can't find anything related to myodrol?

  4. yeah just go to their on sale now page and find the saw palmetto/astaxanthin on sale for 7.64 a bottle, when you do the math you get 72,000 mg of actives buying 4 bttls versus 48,000mg in a bottle of myodrol which will still be a buck or 2 more expensive. Likely the same raws from the same manufacturer. Just dose the 200mg swanson pills to whatever equivalency or beyond that you desire.

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