1. hghpro

    finished my hghpro..took it for 30 days. felt great,sleep was deep and i woke up refresh no matter how many hrs i got..i powerlift and it seemed to really help my strenght gains..thinking cuz i was so rested the night before..i added 15llbs to my bench and i havent done anything diff..i wont buy again unless they make a dye free one. nothing i eat,drink,wash,and shave with has a dye in it..and i feel really great getting away from dyes...i dont get sick anymore and my mind seems sharper and i can remember more.but the product did what it said it does.

  2. What dye does it have?
    Just inject.

  3. some kind purple dye

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ohiostate2827 View Post
    some kind purple dye
    Oh in the caps?

    Not ideal, but if it does bother you, you could always recap them or possibly open it and put the powder into water. Like I said, not ideal, but if you liked the supplement, there are ways around it.
    Just inject.

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