BDUB's pouring on the Grog with LG's N.O. Infuse (Sponsored)

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  1. BDUB's pouring on the Grog with LG's N.O. Infuse (Sponsored)

    The Scurvy Curs at LG have been generous enough to let me log their topical pump product, N.O. Infuse.

    Here is the write up:

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    NO-Infuse is a powerful combination of NO potentiators, as well as other vial compounds that is designed to increase muscular endurance, speed recovery, and provide vital nutrients to the specific muscles you are working that day.

    When applied pre-workout, NO Infuse goes to work, increasing the blood flow to that area, and raising the temperature of the local area. This means that when you work out, waste products such as lactic acid and others are being removed at a faster rate, allowing you to workout harder, and push your muscles further than ever before! If you think you have seen pumps, trust me my friend, you have seen NOTHING yet. This is a product you can see working. Forget all about swallowing a few pills and hoping they are doing something. With NO-Infuse, within 15 minutes of applying, you will SEE huge increases in vascularity, and once you start moving the weights, look out! One testers feedback went as far as to call them “shirt busting pumps”!

    The most impressive thing about NOINFUSE is the ability to reduce inflammation and heal sore muscles and joints. Users are reporting near miracle regeneration of joint and muscle inflammation from the first application!

    Topical Use Only
    Serving Size: 10 Sprays
    Servings per Container: 48

    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    Proprietary Blend of Ingredients:
    500 mg **
    Arginine AKG
    DiArginine Malate
    Citruline Malate
    Adenosine TriPhosphate
    Adenosine MonoPhosphate
    Nicotinic Acid

    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.

    OTHER INGREDIENTS: Water, Isopropyl Alc Alcohol, Benzyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol

    A little bit about me: I am currently on a matainance/slow cut cycle for summer. I dropped about 20 lbs since winter, and am trying to keep the definition up, and maybe lose a little more BF.

    My workout: I am currently on a 5 on 2 off split of: Legs/Arms/Shoulders & Traps/Chest/Back. Weights are farily heavy, with reps fairly low. I toss in a few higher volume sets in each week to mix things up a bit. I am also hitting cardio/abs 2-3 per week. 15-20 mins of HIIT, followed by a weighted ab routien.

    Supps I will be taking along side N.O. Infuse:
    Fish oil: 6g
    Vit D: 6g
    LG Slin: 2-4 with carb meals
    ON NitroCore24/LG Lipotropic Protein

    What am I looking for while on N.O Infuse: As per LG's writeup, I will be looking for:

    -BIGGER, Fuller Muscles
    -Increased Vascularity and Blood Flow
    -Increased Site Specific Pumps
    -Increased Strength, Power and Endurance
    -Increased targeted Delivery Of Nutrients To Muscles Cells Rather Than Fat Cells
    -Speedier Recovery From Exercise

    I have never used a topical supp before, so I am very excited to see what N.O Infuse will do for my pumps and recovery.

    As I will be primarly updating this log on a government computer, the booty will have to wait until I get home in the evenings. Fear not though swashbucklers, their will be plenty of booty to loot.

    Dead men tell no tales!

  2. Thumbs up Final Review

    NO Infuse Final Review

    As I stated at the beginning of this log, the results I was looking for while on NO Infuse were:

    BIGGER, Fuller Muscles
    -Increased Vascularity and Blood Flow
    -Increased Site Specific Pumps
    -Increased Strength, Power and Endurance
    -Increased targeted Delivery Of Nutrients To Muscles Cells Rather Than Fat Cells
    -Speedier Recovery From Exercise

    I will break down each claim, and how I felt it applied to me.

    The first three really go hand in hand

    BIGGER, Fuller Muscles
    -Increased Vascularity and Blood Flow
    -Increased Site Specific Pumps
    As this product is primarily a pump product, this was the area I was most interested in, and this is where NO Infuse really shines. Starting after my warm up sets, I already had a decent pump. As the sets continued, the pumps just got better. I really liked the targeted application, and I think the results were better than a system wide pump product in pill or powder form. It really lets you target what you are working out. My best days while on NO Infuse would have to be arms days. The vascularity was pretty insane. I have never seen my arms so vascular. I received several comments on the road maps that became my arms. The wife thought it was gross, but I loved it!

    -Increased Strength, Power and Endurance
    I did hit several PRs while on NO Infuse. I did not see any crazy power gains, but my energy stayed high. The fact that I was pumped to the gills most of the time kept me motivated to hit more sets and keep the pump.

    -Increased targeted Delivery Of Nutrients To Muscles Cells Rather Than Fat Cells
    -I was using SLIN while on NO Infuse, so I could not really notice the nutrient partitioning aspect. I am on a maintenance/cut for summer so fat loss has been up. I cannot really say whether NO Infuse helped with that or not.

    -Speedier Recovery From Exercise-
    Although the bottle says to spray after a workout as well as before, I did not spray after that often. I wanted the bottle to last as long as possible, and thought that I would get the most benefit from spraying before. I have been cranking up the intensity in my workouts lately to help burn the cals, and although I am sore somewhere most of the time, my strength in the gym never suffered.

    -Other Notes
    Another aspect of NO Infuse that I really love, is the ability to stack it with other products. Due to there not being any caffeine, you can stack with a product like Anadraulic State, or Anadraulic Pump. This is really great it you want the added pump without being overstimed.

    The only con I had with NO Infuse is how it made my skin feel. I always felt very sticky after applying it. Also, it tended to dry out my skin. It was nothing serious, just a little dry.

    Overall Impression
    -Overall, NO Infuse is a great and very underrated product. It does what the name suggests, it infuses you with some pretty crazy pumps. If you are looking for a non stim NO product, or wanna add some more NO to your Pre Workout, NO Infuse is just the thing for you. I will definitely be buying some more of this stuff. Thanks again LG for letting my log this great product!

  3. get some Brohemeth or I will send you down to meet Davy Jones...
    SFW and GFH

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  5. Day 1 (28Jun)

    Leg pumps can be a bad thing, but I was anxious to get started, so I sprayed 10 pumps on each leg about 30 mins prior to my leg workout.

    Initial thoughts:
    Liquid is non sticky/greasy, and has a slight alcohol smell. The bottle is easy to pump, and dries on the skin in a matter of seconds. Would shaving hair off help with absorption?

    Leg Press: 320x15, 590x8, 860x6, 1040x4(PR!)

    Front Squat: 135x8, 155x8, 175x6, 195x4

    Seated Leg Extensions: 135x10, 165x8, 195x6, 210x6

    Laying Leg Curls: 120x8, 160x6, 185x6, 185x6(drop 160x4, 120x6, 90x6)

    Standing Calf Raises: 195x12, 235x8, 255x6, 255x6(drop 235x6, 195x6, 155x6)

    Kindda short workout but an awesome one. I don't know it if was the NO Infuse already or what, but the leg press felt great. I was able to get my knees to my chest for every rep, even with the 1040. My quads were cramping up the rest of the workout, so the other exercises kindda suffered, but I'm ok with that. During the leg extensions, I definitely saw some nice quad separation, and my legs felt huge.

    I didn’t spray any NO Infuse after the workout yesterday, but I am going to give it a shot after today's arm workout. Looking forward to some nice pumps this afternoon!

  6. Day 2 (29JUN)

    Sprayed 10 pumps on each arm about 30 mins prior to hitting the gym.

    Floor Chins: 4 sets of 12

    Standing Unilateral DB Curls: 35x8, 45x8, 55x6, 60x6(PR!)(drop 35x6, 25x6)

    Hammer Strength Preacher Curls: 70x8, 90x8, 105x6, 105x6(drop 95x4, 70x6, 45x6)

    Standing Unilateral DB Hammer Curls:40x8, 40x8, 40x6, 40x6
    -Superset with-
    Reverse Grip BB Curls: 50x8, 50x8, 50x6, 50x6

    Skull Crushers: 75x8, 95x8, 115x8, 135x6(PR!)

    Bilateral Underhand Triceps Pressdown: 120x10, 150x8, 170x8, 190x6, 190x6

    Seated Unilateral DB Triceps Extension: 25x10, 35x8, 35x8, 45x6(drop 25x6)

    My arms were pretty pumped up after the chins, but during the DB curls, the pumps got crazy. Veins were popping out everywhere. The pump maintained throughout the entire workout. My arms felt huge afterwards.

    I sprayed 10 pumps per arm about 10 mins after.

    My arms are crazy sore today. Must have done something right yesterday.

    Today I will be hitting chest. Good times

  7. Day 3 (30JUN)

    10 sprays to each arm, and 20 on the chest about 30 mins prior to the gym.

    I noticed some veins popping out in my forearms while driving over.

    I have been watching some of Jay Cutler's chest workouts, and he likes to stretch the chest out, then pump it up with blood. I have been following this idea lately, and really like it so far.

    Hammer Strength Iso-Lateral Incline Press: 90x12, 180x8, 270x8, 360x6, 450x4

    Flat Bench DB Press: 80x10, 90x8, 105x8, 115x6

    Incline DB Flyes: 50x10, 65x8, 75x6, 75x6

    Decline BB Press: 185x10, 225x8, 245x6, 275x6

    Freaking awesome workout yesterday. I love hitting the Iso-Laterals first. They really stretch out the pecs, and I can get a nice mid pec squeeze at the top of the motion. My chest was crazy pumped after these.

    The Iso-Laterals are a lot of work, so my following lifts usually suffer as a result, but yesterday that was not the case. The DB Presses felt great, and I had enough in the tank to hit 275 on the incline. Good times!

    I sprayed 10 more pumps to the arms and chest post workout, and while doing so noticed some nice veins in my upper chest. This stuff freaking works!

  8. Day 4 (01JUL)

    Work up at 0400 this morning to hit back. I sprayed 10 pumps per arm, and tried to get as much as I could on my upper back and lats. I avoided my lower back because I always get a good pump down there, and I didn’t want it to become painful.

    Pull-ups: 4 sets of 10

    Close Grip T-Bar Rows: 90x12, 180x10, 225x8, 270x6

    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 165x10, 195x8, 225x8, 240x6

    Close Grip Lat Pulldowns: 195x8, 225x8, 240x6, 240x6

    Close Grip Seated Rows: 165x10, 210x8, 240x8, 270x6

    Bent Over DB Rows: 70x10, 90x8, 100x6, 100x6

    No complaints this morning. Lats started pumping up with the pull-ups, and kept on getting bigger. The pump was painful towards the end. Arms were nice and veiny as well. I think I'll be spraying my arms for every workout.

  9. bumping this thread. We need more chatter in here.
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  10. subd wanna see what it does.
    hey you should apply it to your genitals before getting busy to see what happens
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    bumping this thread. We need more chatter in here.
    I hear ya. I was out of town for the long weekend, but I am back now. I hit shoulders yesterday, and just got done with arms. Updates to follow...

  12. Day 5 (06Jul)

    Had to work a 12 hour shift yesterday, so I got to the gym about an hour before closing. I had to hit the delts/traps hard and fast.

    Sprayed 10 pumps on each delt as well as 10 on each arm and some on the traps.

    I am Legends: 4 sets of 12

    Seated DB Overhead Press: 55x12, 65x10, 80x8, 80x6

    Bent Over DB Lateral Raises: 30x8, 35x8, 40x8, 45x6

    BB Front Raises: 40x10, 50x8, 60x8, 60x6

    Leaning Cable Lateral Raises: 25x8, 30x8, 35x6, 35x6

    BB Shrugs: 135x12, 225x12, 315x8, 405x6, 495x3

    Felt great to be back in the gym after 4 days off. My back/delts were crazy pumped after the I am Legends. The bent over raises really hit the rear delts as well. Its hard for me to get a good pump in the delts, so I really think the NO Infuse is starting to kick in.

    Trap felt great as well. I was able to get 3 solid reps in at 495. Good times.

  13. Booty Call!
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  14. Day 6 (07Jul)

    Sprayed about 15 pumps on each arm about 30 mins before getting off work and hitting arms.

    Floor Chins: 4 sets of 12

    Standing DB Curls: 35x8, 45x8, 55x6, 45x6

    Bilateral Incline DB Curls: 4 sets of 25x8 ( I really focused on the contractions for these. Felt awesome.)

    Standing Close Grip EZ Bar Curls: 65x8, 75x6, 75x6, 65x6

    DB Preacher Hammer Curls: 4 sets of 25 (8,8,8,6)

    Seated overhead triceps press: 70x15, 105x8, 125x8, 135x6

    Skull Crushers: 85x12, 95x10, 105x6, 105x6
    -superset with-
    DB Skull Crushers: 25x15, 25x8, 20x10, 15x10

    Underhand Cable Pressdowns: 100x10, 114x8, 130x6, 130x6, 120x8
    -Superset with-
    Cable Kickbacks: 5 sets of 10x12

    Awesome workout this afternoon. I wish I brought a camera to show you guys how crazy pumped/veiny I was. I was pretty insane. I am loving this stuff!

  15. Booty Call!
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  16. wow love that girl in pink
    her as$ is freakin awesome
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  17. I am sorry for the lack out updates lately. Have been having some crazy internet issues. Everything seems to working now, so I should be back on track.

    Here are some highlights from this past week:

    Thursday/Back: 20 sprays on back, and 10 per arm:
    Close Grip T-Bar Row: 315x6, Lat Pulldowns: 255x6

    Friday/Chest: 20 sprays on chest, and 10 per arm:
    Iso Lateral Press: 450x6, Bench Press: 315x6

    Monday/Cardio/Abs/Legs: 15 sprays per leg, and a few on the arms just for fun. Cardio/Abs were in the morning, Legs in the afternoon:
    Leg press: 1040x4, Front Squats: 185x6

    3 more awesome workout this past week. I am feeling great in the gym. Arms have been crazy vascular, and the pumps everywhere else have just been crazy. 315 on bench was the highlight of last week. I can never go that heavy after hitting the Iso Lateral Press, but the strength was there, so I took it!

    I will be hitting some HITT/Abs at lunch, then return after work to hit arms. There are several events coming up that require my shirt to not be worn, so I gotta keep up that beach bod.

  18. how did you spay your back?
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by rochabp View Post
    how did you spay your back?
    I have pretty long arms, so I am able to reach most of my back. Most of the sprays went to the easiest spots, i.e. lats, lower back.

  20. Yesterday was arms day. I sprayed about 15 pumps per arm about 30 mins prior.

    I hit:
    Floor chins: 4 sets
    Standing Unilateral DB curls: 4 sets
    Unilateral Incline DB curls: 4 sets
    Hammer Strength MTS curls: 4 sets
    DB Hammer Curls: 4 sets
    Reverse Grip BB curls: 4 sets
    Seated One Arm Triceps extensions: 4 sets
    Close Grip Bench Press: 4 sets
    Weighted Bench Dips: 4 sets

    The pump was amazing today! While I was hitting the DB curls, my lifting partner said he had never seen so many veins before. I was rather impressed if I say so myself. Everything felt full and tight during the workout, and the pump lasted several hours after I got home. I love this stuff!

  21. im thinking of ordering some especially since i found it for $10
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by rochabp View Post
    im thinking of ordering some especially since i found it for $10
    Do it man, the pumps are freaking awesome!

  23. Shoulders/Traps yesterday.

    10 sprays to each arm and delt, and a few on the traps.

    I am Legends: 4 sets
    Seated DB Press: 4 sets ( I got up 90's x4 on the last set!)
    Bent Over DB Lateral Raises: 4 sets
    BB Upright Rows:4 sets
    High Cable Crossovers: 4 sets
    DB Shrugs: 4 sets
    Hammer Strength Shrugs: 4 sets

    90's on the DB press with no spot is great for me. I was stoked after I hit those. I got a pump in the delts, and my traps felt like they were touching my ears after the shrugs.

  24. Yesterday was Back/Cardio/Abs day

    On my lunch break I hit 20 mins of HIIT on the upright bike, then did 6 sets of weighted cruches.

    After work I sprayed my back and arms, and then was off to the gym.

    Floor Pull-ups: 4 sets of 12

    Deadlifts: 135x10, 225x10, 315x8, 405x4

    Lat Pulldowns: 180x10, 210x8, 240x6, 210x6

    Close Grip Seated Rows: 180x12, 220x10, 260x8, 300x8

    Hammer Strength Iso Lateral pulldowns: 90x12, 180x8, 230x6, 180x6

    I usually have to use straps on the 405s, but not this time. I was able to get 4 really good reps in without em.
    The rest of the workout was great. Lats felt really pumped, and I could feel a nice valley going on in my lower back.

  25. This morning I hit Chest. My workout partner slept in today, so I did not have a spotter. I still got some really good lifts in though.

    20 sprays on the chest, and 10 per arm.

    Hammer Strength Iso Lateral Press: 90x15, 180x12, 270x8, 360x6, 450x6, 180x12

    Flat Bench DB Press: 75x10, 90x8, 105x6, 115x6

    Incline BB Press: 135x10, 185x8, 225x6, 225x6

    Cable Flyes: 60x10, 90x8, 100x6, 100x6

    I felt pretty confident this morning, so I let myself so fairly heavy without a spot. Everything went smooth, no dropped weights.

    During morning muster at work, I got an award, so people had to line up and shake my hand. Everyone kept commenting on the veins in my arms, and how many there were. Good times!


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