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  1. Finaflex N.O. Ignite (sponsored) trial

    Finaflex NO Ignite (pre-workout)

    I am a beta tester representing Redfine Nutritionís product Finaflex NO Ignite pre-workout drink. Today was my first day taking it, I used one scoop in approx. 8 oz. of water. I have fruit punch flavor and it tasted a bit strong for me with a bit of a bitter after taste, but was not hard to get down. Tomorrow I plan on using 12-16 oz. water to dilute it a little more, probably was just trying to drink it too concentrated. Within 20 minutes I started to feel the prickly tingles of the beta alanine, with a warm flush feeling in my face, neck and upper back. This feeling seem to last for approximately 30 mins after it started, which was approximately 10-15 minutes into my back workout. I do mainly high reps with medium to light weight depending on where I am in my work out. All in all I had a great work out, plenty of energy, good muscle pump, no jitters, with a good mental focus. I did not lift any heavier than usual and besides my last two exercises finishing with drop set burn outs, I did my normal number of reps. Normally, if I am going to do my hour of cardio on the same day as a work out, I come back to the gym hours later when my energy returns, but today I was able to do my hour of cardio and get it all over with, so good day with high energy levels. The only other pre-workout drinks I have tried before are NO Explode and NO Shotgun. So far I like it better than both due to similar high energy levels and pump like NO Shotgun, but without the jitters. The container is smaller than both of the above mentioned pre-workout drinks, with a smaller scooper and more servings.

    Finaflex N.O. Ignite Supplement Facts:
    Serving Size: Scoop (5 grams)
    Servings per Container: 50
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
    N.O. Ignite Propietary Blend: (3455 mg / 3455 mg)
    Ignite Stimulant Matrix:
    Green Tea Extract (60% EGCG), Caffeine Anhydrous, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine, Theophylline (from Guarana Extract), Schizandrol A (330 mg / 330 mg)
    N.O. Amplification Blend:
    Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), Beta Alanine, Creatine Ethyl Ester (CEE)
    (3125 mg / 3125 mg)
    * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.
    ** Percent Daily Values not established.
    OTHER INGREDIENTS: Red # 40, Sucralose, Malic Acid, Tropical fruit flavor, Silicon Dioxide, Beet Juice Powder, Citric Acid, Acesuflume-K
    Finaflex N.O. Ignite Directions:
    As a dietary supplement, take 1-3 scoops 15-30 minutes prior to workout. Begin with 1 scoop of N.O. Ignite to assess tolerance. Do not exceed more than 3 scoops daily. For best results, consume N.O. Ignite on an empty stomach. Use N.O. Ignite only on training days to maximize effectiveness as a pre-workout supplement.

  2. Finaflex N.O. Ignite
    Day Two:

    I took 1 scoop again today, I woke up late today so I had to eat before going to the gym, therefore ate before I took my N.O. Ignite. I didnít feel any tingling from the beta alanine probably because I ate before. It tasted much better today mixing it with 16oz of water instead of the 8oz I used yesterday. Energy levels were still good, did chest workout today. I lifted lighter than I normally do, mainly because of rotator cuff issues, but did way more sets and reps than normal and both because of my lighter weight & high energy levels I performed my sets at a faster pace than usual. I got a normal pump, not as good as yesterdayís, also probably from eating before taking the N.O. Ignite. Again, was able to do cardio after my work out instead of doing it later in the day. Still pleased with the product, will try if possible to not eat before taking so I can continue to get the better pumps and increased vascularity during my work outs.

  3. Finaflex N.O. Ignite
    Day: 3

    Today was better than yesterday, I took 1 scoop of N.O. ignite on an empty stomach. I went to the gym to do arms and had a great workout, my body was tingling all over from the beta alanine within 20 mins and lasted approx. 30 mins. I didnít go any heavier than usual, did a drop set to failure for both biceps and triceps at the end. The pumps were way better than usual, vascularity also very good, all in all great workout, my arm workout usually takes about an hour, I finished in 45mins, energy was very high allowing me to move at a very good pace throughout my workout. Again performed cardio for 1hr right after workout, plenty of energy to spare.

  4. Finaflex N.O. Ignite
    Day 4:

    Today is a light leg day & cardio, no compound movements what so ever, just some shaping exercises of the quads and hams. I took my 1 scoop of N.O. Ignite with 16oz of water on an empty stomach, again tingles started within 20mins and lasted approximately 30mins. Again, energy was fantastic, as far as the pump is concerned, my legs get pumped, but not like my pecs or biceps do, so nothing out of the ordinary today as far as pump is concerned. All in all, very good work out, got a few more sets and reps than usual, definitely took it to the burn, that is for sure. Still plenty enough energy to perform my cardio after, which is not unusual on my light burn out leg day, would be extremely unusual if I were able to perform cardio on my heavy (compound lifting) leg day. All in all great work out, great energy, good pump, still pleased with the product and I do not seem to be building a tolerance to the product yet, so I will continue to just use 1 scoop per work out until this happens.

  5. Days 5 & 6:

    Day 5 is easy, it was my off day, no Finaflex N.O. Ignite taken.

    Day 6: I took my normal 1 scoop of Finaflex N.O. Ignite with 16oz of water. Tingles began approx. 20 mins after drinking as usual and lasted their normal 30mins. Energy levels were great, today was shoulders & traps. I have a very good work out, kept it light, rotator cuffs have been hurting lately, as mentioned before. Kept up a very good pace, did a really good burnout set at the end of my shoulder workout and a killer 4 - supersets of traps to just blast them and get out. Energy levels maintained through my 1hr of cardio following my workout. Once again, a very good workout, decent pumps, vascularity was very good in my anterior delts spiderwebbing acrros my ant. delts and into my upper chest. So far so good, still liking it!

  6. Day 7:

    Today was heavy leg day, I took my normal 1 scoop of N.O. Ignite and as usually felt the beta alanine tingles within 20 mins and they lasted approx. 30 mins. Energy appears to be declining just a tad, not sure if it was just the day or Iím starting to acclimate to the product. I will give it at least two more work outs to make sure and if I am am starting to adjust to it, I will up my dose to a scoop & a half, no need to rush straight into 2 scoops. All in all, still a very good strong workout, legs is where I really try to go heavy, made it through my work out very well energized, was too tired to do my cardio at the end of the work out, but that is typical, heavy leg day always is the most exhausting of all my work outs. My normal time frame for heavy leg day is about 1 hr & 15 mins, today I finished in just over an hour, so definitely shaved a little time off the work out. Pump was good, not quite lean enough yet to say they were vascular, but I did see a hint of a vein in my inner lower quad near the knee, calves were very vascular. Still very pleased with the product, the energy and the pumps/vascularity all very good.

  7. Day 8:

    So I woke up early to get my back work out done before work today and took my normal 1 scoop of Finaflex N.O. Ignite. I got the beta alanine tingles after about 20 mins, did not seem as intense today, nor did it last for the full 30mins. I am starting to think that I am getting too used to taking 1 scoop. Work out was good, had decent pumps, decent vascularity in my arms, a little better than normal for a back day. Sets and reps were good, performed one good burn-out set at the end, really good workout. Had good energy with some to spare, did my 1hr of cardio following my work out. Tomorrow is my Chest work out, if tomorrowís work out is like todayís or declines any as far as energy and/or pump is concerned, I will up my dosage to 1 & 1/2 scoops for the following dayís work out. All in all, good work out, good energy, just may need to up my dosage is all, but that is to be expected.

  8. Day 9:

    So I wanted to wait until after today, but I got over zealous and took 1 & 1/2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite today. The Beta alanine tingles were intense again, starting after 20 mins and lasting approx. 30 mins. Today was my chest workout, which is usually a 45 min work out, I got it done in 30 mins with some good quality lifting, both with heavier weights in the beginning and some good high reps and burning out towards the end. Pump was excellent, nice vascularity, both in my arms and across my upper chest and shoulders. Had plenty enough energy to complete my 1hr of cardio right after the workout. Today was a very good workout, product seems to be working excellent, just hope my body takes at least another week to acclimate to the scoop and a half before upping it to 2 scoops.

  9. Day 10:

    Today was my arms day (biís & triís), my favorite day when Iím taking a pre-workout drink because of the enormous pumps my arms get. So I took 1 & 1/2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, the beta alanine tingles started after approximately 20 minutes and lasted a good 30 minutes. My energy levels were very high, and I was able to get through both my biceps and triceps in one hour. After that, I still had plenty enough energy to complete my one hour of cardio. Just as I hoped, my pump was awesome, especially in my biceps and forearms; they were both full and extremely vascular. I had an excellent workout today, I am very pleased! I know just about everyone who works out has said this at least once in their life, but, ďIf only my body parts could look the way they do when they are pumped and vascular all the time!Ē

  10. Day 11 & 12:

    Day 11:
    This is a cardio day, no Finaflex N.O. Ignite taken.

    Day 12:
    This is a rest day, no Finaflex N.O. Ignite taken.

  11. Day 13:

    Today is shoulders & traps day, I took 1&1/2 scoops just like last week. Beta alanine tingles started after approx. 20 mins, as normal lasting approx. 30 mins. Energy levels good, shoulders feeling good today, so I decided to push it a little, had a great warm-up, went into some moderately heavy dumbbell presses, heavier than normal, still keeping my rep range 10 or above, ended the presses with a really good drop-set/burn-out to failure. Finished with 4 sets of (individual arm) front, rear, & lateral raises, all high reps and 4th & final set dropping weight and going to failure. Good work out, great pump, and plenty of energy with plenty enough to do my normal 1hr of post workout cardio. I think having the two days off and not taking the N.O. Ignite allowed my bodyís tolerance to go back down and taking the 1&1/2 scoops really got me going today.

  12. Day 14:

    Today is heavy leg day, taking 1 &1/2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, same as yesterday. Beta alanine tingles kicking in 20 or so mins. as usual and lasting the usual 30mins. Again energy levels are good, lifted a tiny bit heavier than normal, nothing extraordinary. Had a very good work-out, finished workout with 3 sets of light weighted walking lunges, deep and until failure on all 3 sets. I am exhausted, will not be doing cardio, but excellent work out and was happy to finish with the amount of weight and intensity.

  13. Day 15:

    Today was my back day, I took my 1 & Ĺ scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite. The beta alanine tingles were the same as always, energy levels were great. My back day is an easy day for me normally, today I was kicking butt. To switch my workout around, I decided to do my entire workout in reverse, exercise wise that is. This normally slows me down, because Iíll be going heavy with what I normally burn out with and vice versa. This did not slow me down in the least, great workout, great pumps, decent weight, super high reps with drop set burn out to failure at the end. Had plenty enough energy to easily finish my 1 hr of cardio. Still very happy with the product.

  14. Day 16:

    Today was my chest workout, it is a fairly quick and easy workout for me. I took my normal 1 & 1/2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, the beta alanine tingles were normal, energy levels great. I completed my normal workout, used normal weight, scared to go too heavy, been fighting a bad rotator cuff injury, but I did do more than normal reps with my normal average weight. I ended my workout with a really good superset exercise of 3 sets of flies and superset pushups til failure. I finished my workout a little bit quicker than normal, pump was really good and had plenty enough energy to complete my full hour of cardio. The product is still working great, I am really liking the additional energy and the good pumps.

  15. Im in ,good workouts!!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by raulob72 View Post
    Im in ,good workouts!!
    Thanks, I have tried other pre-work formulas and they are all good to help get you through a tough workout and get a good pump, but so far, I do like this one the best, I have tasted better, but it isn't that bad that it would deter me from using the product with how well it works and more product for the $$$.

  17. Day 17:

    OK, so I was supposed to do biceps and hamstrings, but my legs were still kind of sore from my Tue. heavy leg workout, so I just decided to do arms and will do light, light hams and quads tomorrow. I took my normal scoop & 1/2 of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, really felt the tingles this morning for some reason, not that they lasted any longer, just seemed more intense today... not sure why. I had great energy, always love my bicep and tricep pumps anyway, they were great, very vascular in my biceps. I had a great workout, hit them both pretty heavy for the first exercise, after warming up of course, then continue to burn them out with lighter weight high reps, my usual, really felt good. I continued to have plenty enough energy to complete my hour of cardio, feeling good!

  18. Day 18:

    Today I did very light quads & hams, I took my normal scoop & a half of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, normal tingles from the beta alanine, normal/excellent energy levels. It was a very easy workout, just did six burning sets of leg extensions and 6 burning sets of leg curls, in and out in 25mins. I had plenty enough energy to do my cardio, was even tempted to, but I didnít want to over-do my legs, the only body part I am really trying to put mass on. Great workout, great energy, good vascularity, saw a little hint of some veins poking out in my outer quad!

  19. Days 19 & 20:

    Day 19: Day off, no Finaflex N.O. Ignite taken

    Day 20:

    Today is shoulder day, I was extra tired this morning so I decided to take 2 scoops of the Finaflex N.O. Ignite and boy am I glad I did. I was tingling all over the place from the beta alanine and had energy out the wha-zoo! I still did not go super heavy because of a nagging rotator cuff issue, but after I warmed up with 4 good super sets of rear & lateral delts, I had a good 5 sets of dumbbell military press, went up a tiny bit heavier than normal, only 5 extra lbs per dumbbell heavier, again because of injury, not because of strength or energy. Then after my dumbbell presses I continued to do another super-set, burn outs again with lateral & rear delts for 4 more sets, felt really good to burn them out since I canít go heavy with them right now! Excellent workout, felt great, plenty of energy to spare, did my normal 1hr of post workout cardio.

  20. Day 21:

    Today was heavy legs again, I took 2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite and Iím glad I did, because, whew, what a workout. Heavy legs as I have said before is the one day where I really lift heavy and intense. I had a great workout with lots of energy, I woke up tired and worried that it was leg day, but took the 2 scoops Finaflex N.O. Ignite and what a workout! I lifted both heavier and more intense than usual. Today I did 8 sets of hack squats including warm-up, then burned out with a killer, I mean killer burnout / drop set of leg presses. I started with 8 plates on each side for 15 reps, then 6 plates on each side for 10 reps, then 4 plates on each side for 15 reps, then 2 plates on each side for a final 20 reps! Talk about pain, almost puke, ready to pass out, who cares, what a workout, it was awesome, canít say I felt like that a few hours ago when I was actually doing it, but Damn... it was sweet! My Legs will either ďGrow or DieĒ!!!!

  21. Day 22:

    Today was my back day, I took 2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite. I felt the beta alanine tingles really good, had plenty of energy. As I have said before, back day is a pretty easy day for me and fast too. Got all my sets in with my normal weight, had a good burnout / drop set at the end, actually did two burn out sets with two different exercises, one with wide grip and on with close grip. Had plenty enough energy to do my 1hr of post workout cardio. As usually excellent workout, good pump, mostly in my arms and great energy.

    Just some FYI, Iím going to start lowering my dosage of Finaflex N.O. Ignite beginning next week, I have approximately enough to take 1.5 scoops for the first three days and 1 scoop for the last 3 days of next week (6-day workout), and Iíll be done with the container. I am going to do this, because, as I mentioned before, I donít want to come off suddenly and go through caffeine withdrawals, which for me is mild headache and fatigue, which usually only lasts for a day, but can be avoided by tapering off, just something I have learned about my own body, which I always try to listen to.

  22. Day 23:

    Today is another easy day for me... chest day. I took 2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, got the beta alanine tingles as usual, great energy within 30 mins of drinking. Hit an excellent chest workout, stuck to mainly machines because of bad shoulder, but did moderate weight and high, high reps. Ended with 2 sets of incline cable flies, super set with push-ups til failure and 2 sets of decline cable flies super set with push-ups til failure. All in all it was an excellent workout, great energy, excellent pump, veins are striating across shoulders and into my upper chest. Also, had plenty enough energy to complete my normal 1hr post workout cardio.

  23. Day 24:

    OK, again, just like last week, legs are still a little sore, so I think this is going to become the norm... Friday - biceps and triceps and Saturday - light quads & hams. So took my 2 scoops of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, good tingling from beta alanine, excellent energy. I did normal weight, good high rep sets with both a killer drop set on my last exercises for both biceps and triceps til exhaustion. The pump, as usual for my arms, were sick, very vascular. I love when I go to take a shower after my arm workout and it is hard to wash my hair because my biceps are so sore and pumped... Heh! I did my usual 1hr post workout cardio, all in all a great workout once again.

  24. Days 25 & 26:

    Day 25:

    I did my light legs today, took, my last double scoop of Finaflex N.O. Ignite, because next week Iím going to taper it down to 1.5 scoops for 3 days then 1 scoop for 3 days, so I donít just come straight off and possibly have headaches or energy crashes. OK, but back to today, energy was great, felt the beta alanine tingles, had an incredible and incredibly fast workout. I did 6 sets of leg curls and 6 sets of leg extensions. Today I superset my leg curls and extensions together for all six sets, just alternated which exercise I started with, all with medium to light weight and reps to failure. I did not do my cardio today for today Iím taking my wife up into the mountains to go kayaking all day and Iím kind of figuring that will be plenty enough cardio....

    Day 26:

    Rest Day

  25. Day 27:

    This is my last week of taking Finaflex N.O. Ignite, today I am only taking 1.5 scoops & for the following two days, which I will drop down to 1 scoop for my last 3 days to wean myself off (Donít want caffeine headaches or energy crash). Today was shoulder and trapezius day, have decent energy, I can feel the difference, coming off of 2 scoops, beta alanine tingles less intense. Workout was good, didnít feel quite as energetic and zinging all over the place, but all in all got a great workout in. Still ended with burnout drop sets for both lateral and rear delts. Energy was not as high, but still completed my 1hr of post cardio. It was a good workout, but as mentioned above I can definitely notice the difference coming down on the dosage.


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