Mongo's using LG's Trifecta Stack to push him to the edge

  1. Mongo's using LG's Trifecta Stack to push him to the edge

    I decided to start The Trifecta stack a little earlier than I originally planned. I decided to start it the last week of my cut and into the first two to three weeks of my bulk depending on how long it lasts. I will be dosing it 2-2-2 with both 1-MD and Methyl Masterdrol v2 Monday-friday (lifting Days) and 2-2 on my off days. If i find I need to bump up on the weekend I will. This should last me 3.5 weeks I guessing. The first week I'm hoping it can help me keep as much LMB as possible. Then on the bulk I'm looking for strength and LMB gains with minimal BF gain. The PCT will be formadrol and possibly AI's testopro and gycobol haven't decided yet.

    This First week is 2500-3000 cals 400g protein, 20-40g carbs, and 80-100g fats.
    Bulk will be 4000-5000 cals 400g protein, 400-500 carbs, 100+g good fats

    Right now I'm 227 at 11% bf give or take. I use a three point skin fold and did it a couple of times but there is a degree of error since my wife is still getting used to using the clappers. I hope to be around 10% after this week.

    My workouts will be:

    Will try to post everyday on thoughts and workouts. I started the stack on saturday with 2-2 of each.

    will post some starting pics in a few and then my workout later.

  2. here are some pics
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  3. So here is my workouts for the day:
    45 min LISS on my eliptical

    Chest: 3 sec neg on all presses
    Flat bench-265-8,8,6,4 1:15 min rest
    Incline DB-70-3x8 1:15 min rest
    Decline BB-225-8 1:15 min rest Drop set 245-8,225-5,205-4,185-4,135-5
    Incline fly-45-10 50-8 55-6 45 sec rest squeeze at top
    Decline Fly- 45-6 40-8,6 45 sec rest squeeze at top

    Overall today I felt great. I thought since I lifted 2 hours after my cardio I would be down a little but I wasn't. Felt strong. The 3 sec negative portion creates a huge pump for me. I did carb up yesterday so that might be why I felt so good. I got legs tomorrow followed by 30min of cardio. I will see how I do on squats.

  4. Got to say only eating 2500 cals with no carbs SUCKS! It hurt yesterday and I felt it today during my lift. Had Legs today. Im not as sore as I thought I would be so its either placebo or the stack is helping recovery already.

    Wide Squats-365-8 385-8 405-8 1:15 min rest
    Hack squat-200-8 220-8 250-8 270-8 1:15 min rest
    Leg Ext- 100-12 1:15 rest DS-100-8 80-6 60-6 3 sec neg on all sets
    Hammy curls-70-3x8 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    seated calf raise-100-8 120-8 140-8 1 min rest 3 sec neg 5 sec stretch at bottom
    25 min LISS on elliptical

    I thought about doing another set of Squats at 425 but the body said no I was hurting. Still legs felt like they got plenty of work today.

  5. This should be an awesome log. Very excited to see the results!!!

  6. Its funny how they Yankees haven't played well at all but some how they have the best record in baseball. I can deal with that....

  7. Ill be glad when sunday hits and I can start my clean bulk. Ive been cutting for 4.5 months now and it starting to really hurt. So I tweaked my hip flexor yesterday and it hurts to move so I decided not to cardio and let it rest. No point in pushing it unnecessarily. But still had a good lift. Back today

    Weighted pull ups-25lbs-4x8 1:15 min rest
    bent row(overhand grip)-315-8,8,6,6 1:15 min rest
    Behind head LPD-170-8,8,6 3 sec neg each rep 1:15 min rest
    Machine row-180-3x8 3 sec neg each rep 1:15 min rest
    Good Mornings-185-3x8 still getting the form right on these. weight was light

    recovery is still up. noticed in all three days this week. plus I am not as sore the next couple of days. I like the 4 each on weekends and 6 on workout days. seems to be working well with me so far.

  8. Ok so my hip flexor is so tight it hurts to walk. I am unable to hit cardio so I decided to start bulking a day earlier, Saturday, to get two good days of eating before my monday workout. So Tomorrow will be my last day of the cut. So far I can tell a difference with the trifecta stack. Recovery is up and even on no carbs im getting solid workouts in. Recovery is up both in between sets and overall recovery is up. Not very sore the next days like I was the weeks before. Shoulders today:

    Arnold press-70's-8,7,5 1:15 min rest with 3 sec neg each rep
    Up right rows-115-4x8 1:15 Rest with 3 sec neg each rep
    DS Side raises-50-3x8 1:15 rest
    RG BB Front Raise-95-3x8 1:15 rest
    1 arm rev db fly-50 L-3x8 r-3x8 1 min rest

    will post pics prior to my breakfast on saturday to sum up my 4.5 month cut. might post beginning to end pics.

  9. Pics will be up tomorrow morning to show the transformation i've went through. But its time for me to start to pack on some clean muscle. I really like the trifecta stack so far. The recovery on no carbs has been great. Had arms today:

    Bicep machine-55-4x8 3 sec neg and squeeze at top 1:15 rest
    incline DB curl-40's-4x8 3 sec neg 1:15 rest
    hammer bar curls-35 each side-8,8,5 3 sec neg 1:15 rest
    rope pd-80-3x8 3 sec neg with squeeze at bottom 1:15 rest
    CGB-205-8 225-8,6 3 sec neg 1:15 rest
    weighted diamond push ups--100-- 6,4
    ds body weight--------------------6,8

  10. is this unsponsored?

  11. Quote Originally Posted by emiliozapata View Post
    is this unsponsored?
    yeah must have forgot to put that in there. It is on my own accord. I felt I needed something to get me through this week and into the beginning of my cut.

  12. Here are the final pics for my cut. Now it's time to pack some serious muscle on. had a good run. for my next cut im getting down it 8% bf.
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  13. I felt good and had a decent lift considering I drank a few too many alcoholic beverages yesterday. First lift on my bulk. Chest went like:

    Incline bench-205-10,9,6,4 3sec neg. 1 min rest
    DB bench-80-10,8,6,6 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    Machine Decline-120-10,10,7,6 3 sec neg squeezed at top 1 min rest
    DB fly-45-10,10,9,6 45 sec rest
    decline fly-40-10,10,7,5 45 sec rest

  14. Ok so my doctor thinks the pain in my hip is my groin not psoas. Its really weird what hurts it and what doesn't. I was able to do very narrow squats with my feet straight and narrow leg press no pain. But I tried to do the elliptical yesterday and almost couldn't walk for 10 feet to get a tennis ball to do active release on it. But the stack is still helping with recovery. Haven't really noticed to much strength gains so far. The main thing i have noticed is recovery. Leg workout went like:

    Narrow squats-300-10 315-10 325-10 345-10 1 min rest
    Narrow Leg press-558-10,10,8,6 1 min rest
    Leg extensions-100-4x8 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    1 leg hammy curl-30-L-4x10 R-4x10 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    calf raise-400-10,10,8,7 4 sec neg 4 sec hold/stretch 1 min rest

  15. Still no increase in strength yet. My recovery is amazing though. I was blowing threw my workout today with some serious intensity. BACK:

    BH Pull ups-wide grip-10,9,6 med grip-6,4,4 45 sec rest
    Rack chins-25lbs-10,10,8,7,6,7 4 sec neg 1 min rest
    Wide grip T-Bar-145-5x10 1 min rest
    RG LPD-150-5x10 4 sec neg 1 min rest
    Straight arm push downs-70-7 60-9,8,7,6 4 sec neg 1 min rest

    Im still taking 6 of each on mon-fri and 4 or each sat and sun. The strength hasn't gone up like i was hoping. I still got about two weeks left so I will see. The recovery, as i have pointed out, is what has me enjoying this stack so far. But I still want to see some nice strength gains in the coming week.

  16. Still nothing to report on the stack as far as strength goes. I'm hoping it takes a big jump monday. I'll really be able to see improvements then. Had shoulders today:

    Front seated military-135-10,10,10,10,6 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    seated side raise-35's-5x10 1 min rest
    Alt DB front raise-50's-5x10 both arms 1 min rest
    incline rev flys-45's-10,10,8,7,6 1 min rest
    Hang clean-185-5 195-5 205-5 2 min rest
    on these took it light because of groin/hip.

  17. Arms today. Nothing new to report. I will be bumping the dosage up to 8 each next week.
    I will really be able to judge strength gains then as well.

    DB 1 arm iso curls-35-L&R-5x10 3 sec neg 30 sec rest
    Straight bar Machine curls-80-10,10,10,10,8 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    REv curls-70-4x10 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    EZ curl overhead ext-35's each side-5x10 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    Straight bar push downs-70-4x10 4 sec neg squeezed at bottom 1 min rest
    DS Tri dips-100-15 145-10 100-8 45-6 bodyweight-5

  18. Bumped the dosage up to 8 today. 2 am 4 pre workout and 2 pm. After I took the 4 preworkout I felt motivated and ready to go. I liked the 4 preworkout. Had an awesome lift. Strength was up but I can not tell if it was from eating carbs or the stack. My endurance and recovery is still great. That might have been part of the reason I felt the strength is up. My weights were up and the total reps were up. Chest day:

    3 sec eccentric phase on all pushes
    Smith Bench-100 each side-12,12,8,6 1 min rest
    smith incline-70 each side-12,11,9,7 1 min rest
    DB Decline-70's-12,11,10,9 1 min rest
    machine fly-110-12,12,12 1 min rest held squeeze for 1-2 secs
    incline db fly-40's-12,12,8 45 sec rest

    on a side note I can't wait to get my dip set up fixed. I miss dips.

  19. strength again is up but nothing major. Nothing to make me say wow the stack is really kicking. Still at 8 each. I think this is where i should have been the whole time. leg day:

    Front squat-245-12,12,10,8 about 1 min rest just long enough to switch weights
    Leg press- 400-15,12,13,15
    Leg ext-80-12-8 70-9-7 1 min rest should have pushed myself a little harder on leg press
    RDLS-205-3x12 3 sec neg
    Walking lunges-bodyweight-3x12 each leg 1 min rest
    Leg press calves-340-6x12 1 min rest 4 sec neg 4 sec hold/stretch
    two each-toes out, toes in, toes straight

  20. Had a good back lift today. strength is up stack might be kicking in now 8 might be the number i needed.. still at 8 4 preworkout.

    Wide Pull ups-15,13,10,8,6 1 min rest
    T bar- underhand close grip-145-5x12 1 min rest
    LPD-150-12,12,10,8,7 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    DB 1 arm row-80-5x12-3 sec neg 1 min rest
    EZ bar pull overs-25 each side-5x12 1 min rest
    good mornings-135-3x12 1 min rest

  21. So Ill finish up the stack on sunday. And will post my final thoughts either saturday or sunday. Had shoulders today:

    Smith military-45 each side-12,12,10,9,8 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    Machine URR-80-5x12 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    Side raise-35-5x12 45 sec rest
    BB Front raise-75-4x12 1 min rest
    DB Rev Flys-45's-12,12,12,10,9 45 sec rest
    Behind back BB shrugs-245-15,12,10 3 sec hold at top 1 min rest

  22. Here is my final lift and review. I feel like 8 was my magic number. The trifecta stack gave me more endurance and recovery over anything else. I think this product is best for a cut. It might have upped my strength a little but not much if it did. I might have ran it a little short to but I only had one stack and did not see spending $70 more dollars. But Over all i was pleased with the outcome. Not my favorite product. I absolutely loved Natadrol. I will be running Natadrol sooner than later. IF you have to pick between the two I say go natadrol all the way. But if you need to switch things up and are looking for a decent product that will aid in recovery The trifecta stack is good. ARMS today:

    Straight bar curl-95-12,12,12,10,8 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    ez bar 21's-25's each side-4x21 3 sec neg on full reps only 1 min rest
    Alt db curls-35-4x12 3 sec neg
    wrist curls/rev wrist curls-4x12 1 min break
    Vbar pd-70-5x12 3 sec neg 1 min rest
    BB skull crushers-95-5x12
    db kick backs-30-4x12 each arm squeezed at top


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