OUFINNY gets NO Infused for Swashbuckling and Plundering (LG Sponsored Log)

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    Just don't spray too low. You don't need an extra rudder steering you all about once you get to swimming.
    Or do you?

  2. No Infuse worked fine today, 20 sprays over shoulders/arms/chest and I definitely inflated after my abreviated swim due to lightning. Good stuff though, still got in about 9 intervals of HIIT. Hoping to see about some joint relief from it, my elbows and shoulders are feeling it lately!

  3. Subbed brother, really interested in this product but didn't buy it this month since my this month's NP order was gargatuan!!! Will be good to see what does for the pirates in training...

    Don't forget the mandatory pics of pirate booty!!!

  4. Good deal I bet that shoulder pump was pretty on point.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by MrKleen73 View Post
    Just don't spray too low. You don't need an extra rudder steering you all about once you get to swimming.
    SFW and GFH

  6. Haven't forgotten about this log guys, just some things came up in my personal life that are of paramount importance at the moment. I will be in the gym tomorrow I hope and look forward to getting back on track.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    Haven't forgotten about this log guys, just some things came up in my personal life that are of paramount importance at the moment. I will be in the gym tomorrow I hope and look forward to getting back on track.
    No worries buddy. Hope everything is alright.
    SFW and GFH
  8. Update - Friday workout and plans for future

    Whew, I am back after a tough week. I did in fact workout on Friday and it went very well considering. I am not going to post up the workout, I didn't write it down nor do I remember all of the details. I will say that I dosed 20 sprays of NO Infuse and had some excellent pumps from it. Put some on my legs as well and they were puffed up very nice after some leg press. Vascularity seems to be increasing the more I take NO Infuse and I am starting to get better pumps as well... what more can you ask for?

    Side note, used it on my elbows since they have been bothering me lately, very positive effects and an obvious reduction in joint related pain there. It does not seem to do much outside of my workout but during it keeps the pain at bay, that to me is a win win!

    It looks like I have about half a bottle left of my TestoPro and once that is done I will be running sans stims and only doing a pre-workout of some sort and LG Receptor. I counted and it appears I have taken TNA, Pink Magic, T-911, Natadrol, Formadrol and now TestoPro... that's a lot of test boosters in a row!!!!!! The end results are nothing short of awesome but it is the law of diminishing returns and I am noticing little from the TestoPro except acne and better recovery. I also stopped taking Prime since I was not noticing much of anything from it either, sad since its one of my favorites. This leads me to the end of the summer stack decision: LG Methyl-1D or Pink Magic/Prime?

    As I asked before, definitely interested in some opinions for my next run.

    LG guys - NO Infuse and Lipoburn have been treating me well, excellent work on your topicals. I always have been curious about these two and I have to say you guys know your stuff with these among MANY others in your line up. Now let's get this log back up and running, hopefully there will not be any more interruptions like last week.
  9. Monday PM Workout - Warrior style

    Alright guys, back at it again and with a vengeance! Yesterday's workout went very well for me and rewarded myself with some pasta last night . Here it is:

    PWO Supps:
    3 scoops DominATP (needed a change for a day)
    6 sprays Ghenerate
    ~20 sprays of NO Infuse (Arms/Chest/elbows/Upper legs)

    Machine Incline Press - 100x10, 150x8, 150x8 ds 120x6 ds 100x3 failed but I did not like the wide grip on the machine, much prefer DB incline!
    Incline DB flys - 30x10x3 sets
    SLDLs - 155x10, 215x8, 215x8 ds 165x7 ds 135x6 These were ridiculous but I am happy my weights are going up, if even just on the drop sets.
    Lying leg curls - 110x10x3 sets
    Tri rope extensions - 37.5x10, 57.5x8, 57.5x8 ds 47.5x8 ds 42.5 (weird cable machine I did these on, great burn though)
    DB overhead tricep extensions - 50x10x3 sets Just burning them out and giving the elbows a break from the heavy weights.
    Bent over BB rows - 115x10, 165x8, 165x8 ds 135x8, 115x8 I need to go up in weight here, back was strong on these.
    Bicep pull ups - 9xbw, 8xbw, 9xbw
    Machine Shoulder Press - 100x10, 140x8, 140x8 ds 120x6 ds 100x6 PUMPED after these!

    This was all I had in the tank but I felt damn good after it though. I dropped the Prime so this is just NO Infuse and TestoPro right now with the Ghenerate for sleep/recovery. I have about 2 weeks of TestoPro left that could explain where some of the strength increases are coming from.

  10. Glad to see you are back buddy. Keep up all the hard work or you'll walk the plank.... Seaman.
    SFW and GFH

  11. Nice workout
    I will work for supplements!

  12. Great work Fin, hope all is well now and things get a little easier on you. I am noticing a lot of the same things. I use 20 sprays to but on shoulders chest and upper arms elbow included. Full body takes it to a good level. I can't imagine the pumps from a high volume 1/2 body part per session workout. Pumps would really be insane.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  13. Kleen I have thought the same thing, I start to get the insanity from the extra isolation work that I am doing, especially in the chest/arms.

    Tuesday PM Workout - HIIT swimming

    600 yard warm up
    16 intervals 25 yard sprint/25 moderate split into groups of 4. Did 4 per stroke today so 4 butterfly then break, 4 back etc... This was a challenge but a fun little change to make it go by faster it seemed.

    Total yardage is 1600; short for a swimming workout but DOMS are bad now that Prime is out of the picture so that is all I had the energy to do. Speaking of, had about 4 days off of AS-GT and took it today, great feeling of focus and definitely gave me the pep to finish very strong. I am not looking forward to my AS-GT break but it is needed when I have to take time off just to notice the effects of it. NO Infuse is starting to treat me just right so I am happy to have it to log and workout with, tomorrow should be another crushfest if all goes well at work and I have no diet interruptions.

    I am still technically cutting but I am loosening things up a bit, had a piece of fruit with dinner today and really don't care. I am hovering between 181-183 depending on the day and look lean as ever so I am not worried about a few extra carbs. Looking forward to adding carbs back in slowly so I have some more energy in the mornings and that should help my focus in the mornings as well.

  14. Good stuff Fin! I bet you are looking pretty ripped up at that weight. Your cut has been going really well.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
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  15. I am totally jealous of your swim numbers ... man I need to find a pool....

  16. Thanks both of you. I am happy with the outcome of this cut, my most successful venture to date and I cannot thank all of you enough for your input and support. Also I had some things come my way that were unexpected, think Pink Magic and a few others, that made this that much more effective for me. I am looking forward to a break here soon though for 4 weeks, going to do a three day split and stick to basics. I have my plan in place but I have a log to finish strong with first!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There will be more plundering for this Pirate!
  17. Wednesday Workout - Pwned the Warrior!

    Man was yesterday's workout flat out ridiculous. I don't know if the extra TestoPro did it or if it was the fact I feel less stressed but either way, I feel so much more confident and strong in the gym. Note, TestoPro is now at 5 per day, no other changes to mention.

    PWO Supps:
    1 scoop AS-GT
    1 NP Geranium tab (love these!)
    7 sprays Ghenerate
    NO Infuse - 20 sprays

    Pull Ups - 9xBWx4 sets. Best controlled pull ups I have ever done, very happy with myself for improving here!

    Cable rows - 100x10x3 sets, just trying to burn the lats out and it worked.

    BB Bench Press - 145x8, 205x6, 205x6 ds 155x6 ds 135x6 I suck at BP obviously but my shoulders felt fine yesterday so it was fun to get under the bar again. DBs are a pain for me when I have no spotter... need to get better at getting them up without one.

    Chest cable press - 3 sets of 10

    Skull crushers - 65x10, 85x8, 85x8 ds 65x8 Tris were worked after the benching so I immediately went into...

    Kickbacks - 30x10 for 3 sets, tris were PUMPED and destroyed

    Hack/Front squat hybrid machine - 360x10, 500x8, 500x8 ds 410x8 ds 360x8 man I fought for every rep here and my hams/low back were screaming at me but it was no surrender, I had to finish this strong. Surprisingly I feel great today, its like the abuse helped get rid of the DOMS.

    Seated Calf raises - 120x10x3 sets

    Side lateral/Front later raises SS - 20/15x8, 30/15x8, 30/20x8, 30/20x8 Felt great here and had to fight for every rep on the 30s, shoulders are looking shredded and vascular, makes me want to kill it harder every rep!

    Preacher Curls - 70x10, 95x8, 95x8 ds 70x7 ds 45x10 Smoked after these but walked out with my head held high knowing I am back baby!!!!

    NO Infuse notes - great pump in upper body today and in legs as well. Noticeable analgesic qualities on my elbows from this, for me this is its best attribute since mine are killing me lately. Vascularity is stupid with this as well, veins are not only visible but look like sewer pipes now whereas before they were just barely popping.
  18. Friday update

    So Friday I got in and did some serious damage; I am mad though because I didn't write any of it down so I will mention the highlights. I went in there with 2 scoops AS-GT and 1 geranium tab on board, flying HIGH when I got there that is for sure. Made some improvements on leg press and added reps, got to 590x10 for the work sets and my last drop was 410x10... still can't get them der legs to be hurting like they should. Kudos to TestoPro, it works very well for recovery. Let's see, I also hit some smith machine overhead press, numbers were up to 165 and these burned oh so good. Finally, I did get in some good work on decline bench, 215x7 for work sets with no spotter.

    I do remember a flat out retarded pump from the NO Infuse that day, maybe it was the volume or being closer to a meal with carbs but holy crap I was blown up! It is working wonders not only on the pumps but on the analgesic properties as well, shoulders and elbows are not bothering me very much at all. This little fringe benefit is worth the cost of the product in my opinion and I am only using it 3-4 days a week.

    Today I will be lifting and should again on Thursday and Saturday. With the short week it threw everything off a day, that and the fact my diet and alcohol intake were pretty terrible this weekend .
  19. Tuesday = PR Madness!

    Man today turned out to be pretty retarded between the AS-GT/No Infuse/TestoPro. Let's just say everything clicked and some PRs were set. Here lies the story of iron destruction...

    PWO supps:
    1.5 scoops AS-GT !!!!
    2 TestoPro
    20 solid sprays of NO Infuse - loving this stuff!
    7 sprays Ghenerate

    SLDLs - 175x8, 225x8, 225x8 ds 175x7 ds 155x6 Holy crap these got hard but that is a genuine PR right DER!!!! Great way to start any workout.

    Lying leg curls - 120x10x3

    Incline Bench Press - 115x8, 165x8, 165x8 ds 145x10 ds 125x8 Ok I never do incline bench but I figured why not so I did. Numbers are pretty good for me, though I have a lot more in me just not without a spotter.

    Incline DB Flys - 35x10x3 sets

    DB Overhead Tricep extensions - 60x10, 85x8, 90x10 PR ds 60x10 ds 45x7 Man these went up easy today, I know I could have got 7-8 on 95... maybe one more time this week on Saturday we shall see...

    Tri rope pushdowns - 37.5x10x3 sets, weird weight but they burned so mission accomplished!

    Bent over BB rows - 155x8, 185x8 PR, 185x8 ds 155x7 ds 135x8 Another PR and form on set 1 of 185 was spot on, body english in set two so staying here for a bit until the form tightens up.

    High cable rows - 10x3 sets

    Machine lateral raises - 70x10, 110x8, 110x7, 90x6, 70x8 This was pinchign a nerve in my right arm, not a fan of the machine I was on or the exercise in general... seems that happens on every machine I try it on.

    Standing ez-bar curls - 10x65 wide, 10x65 narrow, 10x75 wide, 10x75 narrow Insane pump and burn, great way to finish.

    Two scoops of Postal down to finish and now my awesome GF is making Pasta w/ red sauce and meat, time for a P-Slin!!!!!

    Today rocked, totally psyched what can I say. No Infuse continues to work as advertised and it seems to work better the more I take it. Vascularity is retarded at the moment and some veins I have never seen are making some permanent residence on my shoulders .

  20. Great workout bro and nice stack
    I will work for supplements!

  21. Subbed....Great workouts!
    Come join me on my Olympus goodie run (Ostarine / Ep1c / Str3ngth / Sup3r PCT)

  22. Quote Originally Posted by punthra View Post
    Subbed....Great workouts!
    Thanks big guy, high praise from you! Kleen helped me put these together, I just added some extra isolation movements and so far it is working extremely well. I am pretty happy that I got my 90x10 on overhead DB tris yesterday, no where near some of you beasts but for me that is major improvement considering form was perfect.

  23. congrats on the PR's my friend!! You will be repping 100 lb DB for 20 in no time!!!
    Working on living
  24. Thursday workout - good times

    So Thursday went pretty well for me, I was swolen from the NO Infuse and sore from the intensity of Tuesday. All in all it went well, some weights were moved and I was darn happy to get it all done in about 55 minutes.

    Pwo supps:
    1.5 scoops of AS-GT
    20 sprays of NO Infuse (upper body, quads)
    Forgot my TestoPro...

    Pull Ups - BWx9 for 4 sets

    Rear delt cable crossovers - 3 sets of 10

    Hack/Front Squat machine - 360x10 (slow to get low back warmed up), 520x10 PR, 520x10 ds 450x10 ds 410x10 HOLY crap I was pumped and these BURNEDDDDD!!!!

    Leg Extensions - 205x10x3 sets burn pump burn pump, it went like that

    Cable chest press - 11x10 (plates on machine), 14x10, 15x10 ds 12x10 ds 10x10

    Tricep dip machine - 170x10, 210x8, 210x8 ds 190x8x2

    V-bar tricep pushdowns - 60x10, 70x10, 70x10

    DB Military Press - 40x10, 60x8, 60x8 ds 45x6 ds 35x6 Smoked by this point but got through these.

    Shrugs - 180x10x3 sets

    Seated bicep curls - 25x10, 35x8, 40x8 ds 30x8 ds 20x8

    Time for some Postal and I was out. Good stuff and today I am going to get in some swimming.

    Wednesday I swam though it was too busy for HIIT so I did some medium intensity interval swimming, 5x100 then 4x50s after about 600 yards warmup. Not a lot but I wanted to get home to pick up my NP order; TruTein was waiting for me .
    Last edited by oufinny; 07-09-2010 at 01:57 PM. Reason: Forgot about epic leg destruction

  25. Nice workout bro
    I will work for supplements!

  26. Quote Originally Posted by Dragon93 View Post
    Nice workout bro
    Forgot something, it gets better... there was a PR!

  27. Quote Originally Posted by oufinny View Post
    Forgot something, it gets better... there was a PR!
    OK great workout
    I will work for supplements!

  28. Nice man. Keep up the hard work.
    SFW and GFH

  29. Keep on killing it man you are doing great.
    Live Hard, Laugh Hard, Love Hard and Heal Fast! - KLEEN
    Current Training Log -

  30. Good workout man. I've never tried tricep pushdowns with a V-bar i might have to give that a shot.


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