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    Finaflex Methyl Ice (Trial)

    OK, so as mentioned before I am a beta tester for Redefined Nutrition products. So after finishing my 30 day cycle of Finaflex 1-Andro I decided to try a 40 day cycle of just Methyl Ice. During this period I was just trying to maintain my body weight and body fat by following my pre-contest style diet, allowing myself a cheat meal on Wednesday evening and letting Sunday be my free for all, cheat all day long! In the past, I have successfully maintained both body weight and body fat this way. Granted this is within reason, someone is not going to maintain 4-6% body fat this way unless their metabolism is so designed. I am an endomorph by nature, always leaning towards the heavier side, my body naturally wants to hold more water and body fat than I would prefer. I cut my cardio down from 5-6 times a week to a consistent every other day, 3 times/week.

    With the Methyl Ice, I wanted to start off slow so I wouldn’t just go full blown jittery and wired and I have had headaches in the past from caffeine addiction, so I wanted to wean myself off as well. So I formulated a typical pyramid style cycle: days 1-5, I took 1 capsule per day and days 6-10, I took 2 capsules per day, then days 11-30, I took 3 capsules per day, then days 31-35, 2 capsules per day, and finally days 36-40, 1 capsule per day. This 40 day pyramid style cycle uses 1 entire bottle.

    OK, so I ended my Finaflex 1-Andro at 220lbs & 12% body fat and besides this test cycle of Methyl Ice was exercising and dieting in my normal maintenance mode as described above. Results were very insignificant week from week, I did feel like I had way more energy than normal, my appetite did feel suppressed, not that it really mattered was eating my 6 small meals per day with above mentioned cheats. I ended the cycle at 214lbs & 10% body fat. Although I don’t find this amazing or super significant, I can honestly claim that 6lbs of fat & 2% of my body fat was shed in 40 days completely due to the help of this supplement, no additional circumstances. In my opinion, that isn’t bad. I believe if cycled with something else and with proper pre-contest dieting and exercising, it would definitely help accelerate fat burning even more.

    Hope this helps some people out there, the next trial I performed was combining Finaflex’s Methyl Ice & 1-Andro, I will post those results very soon.

  2. Cramps...

    I don’t know about some of you out there, but I am very prone to cramping. Most of the fat-burner, appetite suppressants, stimulants out there give me really bad cramps. For one reason or another, I personally did not cramp when using Methyl Ice. I am still trying to find the key or major ingredient or combination of ingredients which causes me to cramp so bad. In the beginning I used to think it was the ephedra, but later that was proved wrong when ephedra was banned and I took products with absolutely no ephedra or ephedra derivatives in it what so ever. Still trying to figure that one out, so if anyone out there has any information about that, please share. Oh and in my case it definitely is not because I’m not taking in enough water, I typically take in 2-3 gallons of water a day. For me it has something to do with salt or electrolyte retention when taking most stimulant based fat-burners!

    I am going to see if I can find the ingredients of Methyl Ice and post them.

  3. Methyl Ice ingredient info found off of one of Redefined Nutrition’s flyers online:

    THERMOGENIC ENERGY AMPLIFICATION: Thiamine Disulfide Butyrate is one of the best stimulant based ingredients available today. Allows for clean and clear
    energy amplification without the common “jitters” Theobromine (Cocoa Extract) can be the key to the success or failure of many thermogenic fat burners. Methyl ICE
    contains the ideal amount of Cocoa Extract which allows users to reap the benefits of this powerful stimulant for hours at a time. 1,3 Dimethylamylamine is the ultimate ingredient available for the thermogenisis of adipose (FAT) tissue in the body.
    Combining all the tenets that define an “ultimate” fat burning compound including long lasting duration of appetite suppression, mental clarity, focus, and what some users describe as “enlightenment”. Methyl ICE contains the purest form of 1,3 Dimethyl available.

    THYROID STIMULATION BLEND: 3,5 Diiodo-L Thyronine was once a patented ingredient used in the treatment of Thyroid Cancer. This compound remains
    unmatched in its ability to stimulate thyroid production (hyper) without impeding the natural thyroid function (hypo). Methyl ICE contains a stable form of this incredibly expensive ingredient. N-acetyl-L-tyrosine allows for accelerated creation of thyroid hormones in the body due to the heightened absorbtion rate and bioavailability of the amino acid.

    WATER EXPULSION MATRIX: Dandelion Root and Vitamin B6 work together to keep water retention low during the fat burning cycle allowing for the “dry” and “hard” look.

    LIVER DETOXIFICATION: Methyl ICE promotes safe and effective weight loss by adding a combination of N-acetyl-cystenine, silymarin (milk thistle), and Vitamin C which at the appropriate levels will engage the liver in Stage 1 Detoxification.

  4. OK, I seemed to have a little miscommunication with my company and the Mod’s here at, I believe we have it all straightened out now and I am now allowed to promote the company I work for & myself as a representative of that company.

    Hello fellow exercise and nutrition buff’s, I would like to introduce myself as an official representative for Redefine Nutrition. Redefined Nutrition is the maker of FINAFLEX products. My name is Dr. Albert Scott, I am a Chiropractor by trade and personally, have been weightlifting for over 20 years. Chiropractically, I have worked with and treated a large number of collegiate and professional athletes as well as your typical self -trained athlete from the gym, like myself.

    The reason why I am here introducing myself today is to offer my services as an official representative of Redefine Nutrition to help answer any questions out there about our products.

    Also, be advised that within a matter of days we (Redefine Nutrition) should have its very own Forum in which I will send links to all my friends and the people who have followed me on my logs and people I have followed as well... Thanks guys for all the support!

    Dr. Albert Scott Representative for FINAFLEX
    Redefine Yourself..... REDEFINE EVERYTHING!

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