ordered new supps today, will do log

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  1. ordered new supps today, will do log

    First some starting photos

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  2. now the details,

    i ordered from forum advertiser Swansons and will be using two tracks towards my athletic pursuits

    track 1) Test Booster Stack

    This will be a combination of Maca and highly available citrated forms of zinc and magnesium along with a vitamin D3 and high absorption , plant based Boron. On top of this I will eat at least one tin of sardines per day, some days two (may include herring).

    Stack 2) GH releaser stack consisting of-

    Goji Berry full spectrum and Goji Berry polysaccharide extract, Green Tea extract and Huperzine A, the citrated mineral complex will also be taken with these supps pre bed.

    My goals for this program is joint pain improvement since I am running alot right now while on active duty TDY. My knees really take a beating and I hope to see greater recovery between runs. As for the mild T booster program, I hope to see some improved mood and some nice recovery from additional workouts to include combatives which we will start soon and lots of swimming. Weights will be kept at a minimum.

    Body Comp- I am down about 10lbs give or take from my normal weight and I would like to see continued improvement in composition while gaining maybe 1-2lbs lean body mass over the approximately 4-5 weeks of this program.

    updates to follow, EZ

    The measurable factor here is weighted pullups. A few weeks back I did 4 reps with a 100lb dumbell between my legs, any increases in reps will be seen as positive strength gains. Hoping to get my stuff within a few days.

  3. Well I finished up my cinnamon extract experiment which I commented on in another post. Browsed the GNC at the PX today and picked up a 2 lb tub of unflavored Isopure protein for $16.00. I also happened across some Goji juice concentrate on sale for $11.00 so I picked it up to jump start that aspect of the program until my Swanson order arrives. I put a good healthy amount in my pre -workout shake and will go swim shortly. I plan to use the goji both preworkout and pre bed.

    This morning we did a company run of 6 miles at a slow 10 minute mile pace but I still worked up a nice sweat and did the run as fasted cardio since I woke up and only drank water prior.

    I picked up a bunch of no salt added sardines in water and some cans of jack mackeral.

    I also picked up some ellagic acid pills extracted from pomegranate which I will run at 300mg Ellagic acid per day to add to the mild test boost stack. I will start these about 2 weeks in.

    support supps will be GNC mega greens powder, lecithin and some health supps like fish oil, vitamin c at 3000mg per day, cranberry extract, and algae derived beta carotene.

    more to follow

  4. In case anyone is wondering about the link between goji and GH I will try to find some abstracts or studies to post but until then here is an example of what many are saying-

    The below comes from an anti-aging website that was NOT selling goji products-

    "As we age, we produce less and less Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The decreasing levels of HGH have been linked to symptoms of aging. Goji Berries are the only food known to help stimulate the human body to produce more HGH naturally. This factor alone makes the Goji Berry perhaps the world’s greatest anti-aging superfood.

    Goji Berries are some of the highest antioxidant containing foods in the world. Goji Berries typically contain 2-4 times the amount of antioxidants found in blueberries.

    Goji Berries have been traditionally regarded as a longevity, strength-building, and potency food of the highest order. In several study groups with elderly people several ounces of Goji Berries were given once a day for 3 weeks. Many beneficial results were experienced and 67% of the patients’ T cell transformation functions tripled and the activity of the patients’ white cell interleukin-2 doubled. In addition, the results showed that all the patients experienced an uplifted spirit and more optimism. Appetite improved in 95% of the patients, and 95% of the patients slept better."

  5. update- just back from the pool

    did 1200 yards of hard medley swims, mixing it up between 50, 100 and 200 yard distances. Medley swimming is the way to build muscle in the pool, go hard and confuse the muscles. Workout was great, included some pool wall dips in a few of the sets for even greater pump.

    Calves are toast from the combined swim and run today.

    Will dose Goji tonight and see how sleep is. Having trouble finding scientific evidence goji bumps endogenous GH, but I did find some showing Glucose Disposal effects so maybe this is the MOA for anectodal accounts for elevated GH due to the tie in between low blood sugar at HS and GH levels?

  6. subbed- interesting stuff.

  7. first morning post goji juice use and I can report a solid 8 hrs of sleep, nothing drastic in the way of dreams, dosed the goji again this am as I am about to go to the gym.

    Thinking about adding some cheap GABA into this and dosing it preworkout only(lots of data on preworkout GABA and GH increase) and using the goji/green tea/huperzine/minerals for pre bed GH boost.

    as of right now I have about $80.00 invested in the supplements for this project and depending on how i dose this could last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

    more to follow-

  8. impressive body.how many decades have you been training?:-)
    have you done ph/aas before or natural?

  9. I have been training for a long while , hardcore since 1995 when i started competing in grappling comps, I am way overboard on the all natural, kinda like an herbalist hippie type, way back in the day I did the Sports One Medrol pack, got nothing from it, started a superdrol run but quit after a week - 10 days due to bad sides, that run actually set me back in my progress, that was about 5 1/2 years back.

    A while back I ran the old version of the trifecta stack and though initially i was pleased i realized i was just getting a stimulant rush from the liquid masterdrol and nothing else, the IGH1 was decent for sleep, otherwise it was 138 dollars wasted.

    From that point foreward I swore off anything I consider unnatural and have since made my best gains.

    I have found that fanatical dedication to diet and training are far better than "pills", especially most of the new overhyped bs coming out. I am intrigued by the science on DAA however.

    As far as my current program , I just returned from a short and intense weighted pullup workout, topped off with some overhead squats and some push presses. Came back and downed some isopure and monster amino and am getting ready to down some mackerel and brown rice.

    I did a set of 4 pullups with 80lbs and then hit 3 with 100lbs so I am still at basically the same strength level which I didn't expect to change any , especially since I haven't really even started.

    I did find some info regarding egg protein and igf 1 levels on ergo log. seems avidin, a constituent of egg protein decreases igf 1 so i need to get some biotin to run with this GH stack as well to ensure my igf 1 stays high, sardines and other oily cold water fish also boost igf 1 so I already have that covered.

    more to follow-

  10. day 2 post goji

    solid 7 hours of sleep with vivid dreaming, recovery is yet to be determined, I have some bicep soreness from yesterdays workout but usually get the most pain day 2 of a workout so I can better judge that tomorrow.

    Ended up eating 8oz of jack mack and two tins of sardines yesterday, one tin I made into a fish sandwich on a couple slices of ezekial bread with EVOO and garlic.

    Today will be an off day and I will focus on recovery, especially my legs which are still quite sore from friday's run and swim. Plan on eating another 8oz of jack mack and two more tins of sardines.

    more to follow

  11. Subbed. Good luck with this.

  12. This morning's update-

    slept 7 solid hours, positive dream activity, kept carbs low pre bed and took a solid 2 servings of the goji juice, recovery was decent , legs were up to the task of a nice 3.5 mile run this a.m. at around an 8 minute mile pace, maybe quicker. Will dose goji later today preworkout, planning on doing some resistance movements for the pushing groups. Hoping my supps arrive in the next couple of days.

    had a isopure and monster amino post workout shake mixed in sugar free organic soy milk and will eat some brown rice and sardines for breakfast with another tin sans the rice for lunch.

    more to follow, EZ

  13. Subbed, intersting, I like your style!

  14. day 4

    first matthew76, redman24, votum, and capensavem- thanks for the support!

    another night of 7 solid hours of sleep with some vivid dreams, I have yet to wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom which is my usual pattern since i usually pound a voluminous protein shake shortly before bed.

    so far so good on recovery from yesterdays workout which hit my chest pretty hard, still need 24 hrs to determine full recovery, I swam 1200 yds today, 250 of which was some robust breaststroke which really hits the pecs so that may impact recovery-

    knees and ankles/feet feel good after yesterdays road run which may represent an improvement as normally road runs really punish my joints, this may represent some improved recovery as i think it's way to early still for inherent improvement of the joints themselves.

    more to follow- keeping my fingers crossed for receipt of my supps, maybe today is the day!

    as i approach bedtime and have had more time post yesterday's workout, my tris and chest are starting to feel pretty sore, seems recovery is still marginal, ate two tins of sardines plus 8 oz of jack mack, supps didn't arrive today, hoping for tmrw

  15. day 5, about 8 solid with increased dream activity, not as sore as i expected, possible increased recovery,

    did fasted cardio today 800m warmup run, 4x 1/4 mile sprints on 1:20-1:30 intervals, 800m warm down, running hard like this on a hardball track will test my knees, hoping for good results on recovery here.

    have about 1 dose of the goji juice left since i have been using about 2-2.5 times the bottle dose when i take it, might get 2 more nights out of it so i really hope my supps come today

    2 more days and i can give a one week consolidation report on the goji and sardines, then i will add in the rest of my stacks pending their arrival.

  16. i sit here a happy man- my packaged arrived today!

    I was going to wait till saturday to get started but decided to begin tonight at least with the GH supps and will start the Test Boost stack tmrw.

    I did the math on my supps and am gonna make it a 4 week run and if I am seeing the results I am hoping for will extend it.

    On top of what I talked about earlier, I also received 2 bottles of Dr. Laszlo Metaros' Metal Shield, a humifulvate product designed to bind to and eliminate heavy metals. I got these based on the recent reports of protein powder contamination and the amount of tuna / salmon I have consumed over the years.

    In addition to the Metal Shield, I also received 2 bottles of rodiola extract and 2 bottles of ajipure L-Leucine. These will be run as general health/support supps but I also hope to see some aerobic benefits from the rodiola. I plan to run a full blown endurance stack in the future so I won't pay particular attention to the rodiola at present. These products are included in my investment cost in this project of roughly 80 bucks, so my actual costs for the "logged" products is less than the aforementioned $80.00.

    recovery remains optimistically elevated, tmrw will be a swim- more to follow EZ

  17. day 6
    a single pill of myoshock hsp from a sample pack (stated dose is 7 pills, I am too sensitive to stims) , taken at 0700, kept me up until 2400-0100. With a wakeup time of 0450, this didn't afford me much sleep. Despite this fact, I felt rested upon waking and had positive recovery from yesterday's sprints.

    Took my am dose of the test boost stack and will take afternoon dose soon.

    This morning's swim workout was again 1200 yds total, all hard medley work, again ranging from 50-200 yards in length. More to follow EZ

  18. day 7-
    a wonderful night's sleep of 8 hours with very vivid dreaming, woke up at 5am refreshed and ready to go, popped 1 pill of myoshock hsp and 2 rhodiolas with water only and went to do some fasted cardio, 5 mile run give or take at around 9 minute mile pace, will do some dedicated legs tonight with weights probably some overhead squats.

    Will dose goji both pre-workout as well as pre bed.

    Still consuming the oily fish daily, it takes discipline to continue with these types of dietary programs as eating two tins a day of sardines plus 8 oz of jack mack or salmon day in and day out can get old. Last night for my serving of jack mack I just blended it into a chocolate protein shake.

    More to follow EZ

  19. I hate the dies where I have to eat 3 "fish" filets....chow hall here sometimes has trout, sometimes has salmon, sometimes has "fish" man is it awful

    How is the rhodiola treating you? I have been taking 1 in the am 1 before bed and am not noticing anything to be honest. Might try 2 in the am though since I am doing hghpro as well.

  20. I just started taking the rhodiola so i really can't say yet. I am dosing 4 pills a day , 2 am and 2 with my afternoon test booster pack. They are , for each single pill, 250mg, standardized to 60% total polyphenols(150mg), with 5% total rosavins (12.5mg). So my total dose of isolated actives is 50mg. I will play with this based on results, but have enough for 1 month at this dosing protocol.

    on a side note bro, i would go to the px and load up on sardines and bypass the dfac "fish"! Stay safe!

  21. morning 8- another night of great sleep and vivid dreams, legs feel great.

    weekly consolidation thread

    1) Sleep quality- 8/10- can't say this stuff induces sleep but once asleep I stay asleep, dream big and wakeup refreshed.

    2) Recovery 6-7/10 Positive recovery thus far, hoping this builds momentum as time goes on as it appears to be doing.

    3) Strength- no increases at present- yesterday still at 4 reps 100lb weighted pullup

    4) body comp- no discernable changes evident at present,

    5) libido- too early to determine as test boost component is only 3 days in as of today

    6) overall mood / outlook- 6-7/10, mild improvement noted

    Thoughts- So far so good. I think the oily fish component of this program is just as important as any of the supps. I started with the sardines before all this by about a week and a half so I am actually almost 3 weeks into that aspect of the program. The trend with the supps portion is positive to this point based on the realistic expectations I have.

    more to follow, EZ

  22. Like your style EZ. Good to see its going good, although I can't really think of what would be bad tbh...maybe one of the sardines still alive...lol.

  23. morning 9-

    second day post workout soreness in bi's from the brutal weighted pullup and various other pulling moves is better than expected after another great night of 8 hours deep sleep with vivid dreams. really enjoying my results so far.

    as for the test boost portion still waiting on results for that , which i expect with time. I did buy some coconut oil and some mushrooms, which i decided to begin running again. I have done the shrooms in the past with good results but this time to make it easy on myself i am gonna stick with 4 ounces per day instead of the 8-12 i tried running before. Basically just gonna throw three large ones in each evening's shake and be done with it.

    Planning on taking 2 week and then 1 month photos

    more to follow- EZ

  24. morning 10-

    things are progressing nicely, another solid sleep, slept so deep and sound i was confused when the alarm went off, some soreness still present but I destroyed the pool this morning and my reps for wall dips blew away my past performances, so cumulatively things are starting to happen. I think it's the synergy of maximizing every aspect of my performance, with the foods and the supps and the recovery bases all being adressed.

    Can't wait to test my strength again on the weighted pullups later this week, I have high hopes for an added rep!

  25. morning 11- All I can say is last night was the best night yet for very bizarre and vivid dreaming! If there is a causative link between this and elevated GH production/output then I am very pleased.

    Recovery is amazing at this point, I woke up ready to go, just mild residual soreness in the quads from a few days back, went to the pool and swam hard 50 yard sprints with thirty second intervals mixing it up between butterfly and free, did it nonstop for 30 mins, at which point i could barely finish a fly, left the pool pumped and gasping for air!

    Excited to see where this takes me!

    more to follow- EZ


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