My Final Review of Natadrol & Formestane LV Cycle

  1. My Final Review of Natadrol & Formestane LV Cycle

    I would like to post my results of my Natadrol & Formestane LV Cycle.
    27-Apr 14-Jun

    Chest 41.5 in 40
    Waist 32.5 in 31.5
    Thigh (left) 22 in 21
    Calf (left) 14.5 in 14.5
    Arm (left flexed) 14.5 in 14.5
    Weight 190.3 p 191.8p

    As you can see my chest, waist and thigh measurements all went down but my weight only went up 1.5p. I would attribute this to Natadrol & Formestane being a very good recomp combo. I was looking to put on mass (as Natadrol promised) but as you can see it turned into recomp. I am very happy with this result.

    I have never leaned out as well as i have with this combo, This cycle produced absolutely no negative side effects. The Formestane may have messed with my libido a little (not as crazy libido as Natadrol promised). One thing i must say is that my focus during this was the best it's ever been. Every workout was great and although i had health issues during the cycle i am more than happy with the results.

    My last word would be if your looking for a good no sides recomp cycle this is the one for you. I will run this again for sure. thanks everyone. Off to the next adventure!!!!!!

  2. good for you man. ND has some definite fat-loss, hardening effects.
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  3. I am currently running a similar stack of Natadrol/Formadrol Extreme (4 ea/day). I concure. within a week I have noticed definate recomp action. I have used both products, abiet briefly (two weeks) and both seem to provide quick recomp action. Together they seem to have a synergistic effect. I am hoping to gain a little size but my primary goal is to lean out for the summer. I have never used anything that kicks in this fast.

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