Becoming an Animal (PM, Sponsored)

  1. Becoming an Animal (PM, Sponsored)

    Alright guys, first off, I want to apologize to the gentleman at Univeral and at Animal for taking so long to do this. I've been away for awhile, the last few months have been a little nuts-just graduated high school and so I owe you guys a legit review of this product.

    I'll be reviewing Animal PM:

    Sleeping in a deeper and more tranquil and relaxed state; becoming more efficient in our rest and as such maximizing recovery. This is what itīs all about for the dedicated bodybuilder. Animal PM was created with one simple intent: to support the recovery process at night by creating a more tranquil and anabolic sleep environment in which the battered body of an intense training bodybuilder could rest and repair.*

    Animal PM is a complete and comprehensive supplementation for the serious bodybuilder and only the serious bodybuilder. A single pack of Animal PM delivers a combination of ingredients that support growth hormone (GH), promote immune function, recovery agents, anabolic aminos and sleep and relaxation promoters.* Animal PM helps you get the most out of your sleep and by doing so, helps your body make the most out of repairing and growing.*

    Animal PMīs sleep recovery formula starts with three whole grams of hGH (growth hormone) promoters designed to support the release of this ultra-anabolic hormone during slumber.* With GABA and alpha-GPC as well as "growth" output stimulating aminos arginine AKG, ornithine and L-tryptophan, Animal PM is a natural GH-production matrix that does its regenerative and muscle building work while your body is in a state of rest.*

    FREE Download:
    Animal Owner's Manual
    The "Immune & Recovery Complex" is a blend of free form amino acids and prized patented compounds that help support heightened anabolism, promote protein synthesis and provide support to immune function, as the hazards of hard training and life in the real world leave your immune system and central nervous system under a state of constant attack.*

    The "Immune & Recovery Complex" is bolstered even further by the kind of cutting-edge, patented ingredients you've come to expect from Animal.* Two such ingredients found in Animal PM are Humanofort and Immunolin. Humanofort is an embryonic peptide matrix which promotes myriad growth factors elementally responsible for new tissue growth such as IGF-1 and IGF-2.* Immunolin, on the other hand, is an immunoglobulin bovine extract rich in highly coveted growth factors.* These two premium compounds serve to "supercharge" the Animal PM formula.*

    Finally, tying it all together and helping to completely differentiate Animal PM from any other generic recovery or sleep or relaxation product on the market, is the wicked "Sleep & Relaxation Complex".* This complex is designed to put you at ease and help support deep and restful sleep while the anabolic growth factors of the previous two complexes do their vital restorative work.* By natural, Animal PM facilitates a state of heightened relaxation priming you for reinvigorating anabolic sleep.*

    Animal PM also delivers a blend of time-tested natural elements like valerian root, chamomile and hops. These three are then fortified with L-dopa (from mucuna pruriens) and L-theanine. These ingredients are further supported by the acclaimed mineral combo of zinc and magnesium.* Designed to not only contribute to more sound sleep but also to potentially promote anabolic hormone production in those mineral deficient.*

    Alright let's get down to this boys. I'm sick of ****ing around with you and want to get into it.

    Current Stats:
    Weight: 155
    Height: 5' 9"
    BF: ~10%

    -I want to get bigger-flat out, my overall goal way down the road is to be about 210, but that'll take some time. By the end of the year I'd like to be a solid 175-180 or so.

    Mon: Chest
    Tues: Back
    Wed: Off
    Thurs: Arms
    Fri: Legs/Abs
    Sat: Rest/Cardio
    Sun: Off

    Diet is a relatively dirty bulk, I'm not too concerned with fat gain at the moment, but try to keep it on the lower side. I don't tend to count calories, but I eat when I'm hungry and then some. The only thing I count is protein and I get at least 1gram/lb/day.

    Current Supplements: Creatine, Animal PM, Whey. Nothing too crazy.

    So let's get it. I figured I'd put this up here tonight since tomorrow will be an off day. First lift will be Monday.
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  2. You know I'm in bro. Time to get a good nights sleep and get your grow on man I'll be following.


  3. Talking

    What's goin' on, in here...???

  4. So night 1 (Monday)

    After a killer chest day I was definitely ready for some sleep last night.

    I slept through the night much better, normally I toss and turn quite a bit but that was not as apparent tonight. I am noticeably less sore than I normally am after a chest day- looks like it's time to up the weight!
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by farrellzach View Post
    looks like it's time to up the weight!
    And the meals?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Hoomgar View Post
    And the meals?
    I love the food, bro, you know that! I'm stuffing my face as much as possible at least every 2-3 hours. Summer is so good to me so I can eat when I want/need to.

    Anyway-Night 2:

    Pro: Sleep was deep, very nice dreams, very vivid. I'm definitely not as sore as I am after back day as I normally am which is awesome. Very similar to the feeling of my chest-sore, but not crippling like it sometimes is

    Con: Nothing yet, I love my sleep and I love my weights. I think this is gonna work out really well.
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  7. Jammin. I always check on the meals bro because you know some of these guys don't eat and you can't grow if you don't eat! Good to hear you are enjoying the chow and the sleep man.


  8. The last few nights have been AMAZING! I sleep so nicely. My dreams are vivid, and I wake up refreshed and not nearly as sore as a normally am. So far, there are no downsides.
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  9. Nights 6-9:

    Pros: I sleep like a baby- my recovery was just sickening after I maxed out my deadlift at 215x2 (finally broke the 200lb mark!)

    Cons: There is nothing, no headaches, it's easy to wake up- this stuff is awesome!
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  10. Good to see you doing so well with this bro.


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