Review of Muscle Replenisher from NTBM

  1. Review of Muscle Replenisher from NTBM

    So I tried my bag of muscle replenisher I recieved in the mail last week.
    for those of you who dont know what this product is, it is basically a pre/post workout Protein product.

    btw, Im trying the berry blast flavor

    whats in it...
    whey Protein isolate, glucose, maltodextrin, branched chain amino acid complex (l-isoleucine, l-leucine, l-valine), creatine monohydrate, l-glutamine, taurine, tyrosine, vitamin e, alpha lipoic acid, natura and artificial flavors, sucralose. *contains milk & soy (lecethin) ingredients.

    alanine- 1,677mg per serving
    arginine- 696mg per serving
    aspartic acid- 3,765 mg per serving
    cysteine/cystine- 883mg per serving
    glutamic acid- 8,069mg per serving
    glycine- 538mg per serving
    histidine*- 664 mg per serving
    isoleucine*+- 3,068mg per serving
    leucine*+- 5,096 mg per serving
    lysine*- 2,784 mg per serving
    methionine*- 668 per serving
    phenylalanine* 1,014mg per serving
    taurine- 952mg per serving
    serine- 1,147mg per serving
    threonine*- 2,531mg per serving
    tryptophan*- 601mg per serving
    tyrosine- 980mg per serving
    valine*+- 3,006mg per serving
    serving size, 2 scoops, servings per container-20

    calories from fat- 2
    total fat- 0g
    saturated fat- 0g
    trans fat- 0g
    cholesterol- 0mg
    carbs- 22g
    dietary fibber-0g
    soluble fiber- 0g
    sugar- 14g
    calcium- 172mg
    phosporus- 84mg
    sodium- 66mg
    potassium- 117mg
    Protein- 35g
    creatine mono- 3g
    iso leucine- 3g
    leucine- 5g
    valine- 3g
    glutamine- 8g
    taurine- 950mg
    tyrosine- 980mg
    vitamin e- 400 iu
    alpha lipoic acid- 200mg

    okay, so first thoughts, smells great, scooper wasn't hard to find d/t being close to the top.

    mixed two scoops with water, mixed easily, with no clumps.

    taste, well, it didn't really have a taste. there was a slight berry after taste, but when chugging it down, it goes down smooth and easy.

    I was suprised on the taste d/t the berry smell you get when opening up the package. I dont buy Protein for the taste though, I buy specific flavors to allow it to go down easier. which this accomplished.

    all in all so far, the product was great post workout. It has everything one needs for a solid post workout shake.
    Only hang up I have is they dont offer bigger sizes. I go through Protein, about 5lbs per month. so larger sizes would be a plus.

    For me, taste is last on my list of concerns, and first is the ingredient profile, and this product is top notch.

    look for my review of the Protein pancakes to come up soon*

  2. update: I mixed some with non fat milk last night before bed, and was shocked to see the milk give it a different flavor.

    this time it was like strawberry milkshake.

    sometimes with protein the only way it taste good is with milk. and then with others, only with water, but with this stuff, it's gtg either way you mix it.

  3. no one else tried this?

  4. Awesome review!!! I just tried mine tonight and really liked it! Need2build has some awesome supplements, I'm currently using some of his supplements in my log I'm doing.

    My fav is N2KTS, the stuff is awesome!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  5. I like the taste of the Berry Flavor Muscle Replensiher.
    doing my own thang!

  6. I'm looking to try the orange next.

  7. Orange has been out of stock, which sucks, cause I've wanted to try it for post workout. hope it gets back in stock soon!


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