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    Hi All, I am just about finished my Natadrol & Formestane LV 6 week cycle. Results in few days. I am looking ahead to my PCT, although its not a PH i'm still going to play it safe and i'm interested to see what Formadrol & Sustain will do together. I have run Sustain solo with good results in the past. My training will stay the same. My main goal is to maintain my size and strength and maybe cut a little bf% along the way, Supps list will look like this

    Formadrol Extreme - 3 caps daily
    Sustain Alpha LV - 5ml twice daily
    Liver Juice
    Toco - 8
    Multivitamin & Green Multi
    Vitamin D
    Whey Protein (goes without saying really)

    Formadrol will last a month and Sustain 5 week, this is in prep for a cutting cycle.
    Stats and updates to follow in a few days, Cheers All

  2. Is it necessary to taper off the formadrol extreme. Ex: 3/3/2/2/1/1 for each week, that would use up the same amount of pills

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