LG's Natabolic Kit Log

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  1. LG's Natabolic Kit Log

    Hello to everyone out there.

    This will be my first supplement review/log. Like most of you all here, I am a supplement junkie and have been looking into natural supplements as an alternative to ph's or exogenous steroids as I have no desire to even approach any sort of shutdown or shrinkage.

    That said, I am willing to give natadrol a shot with the included formadrol as pct.

    I have heard good things about the libido boosting aspect and I am interested in this as I seem to be lacking in drive at the moment.

    I just popped my first 3 pills. Going to start right off with 6 in 2 divided doses, 3 pre-workout, 3 before bed. Now I am off to the gym. I will include workout logs and pics. Thanks for looking. I am hoping this log will build cred as I am willing to be a guinea pig for all these crazy new supps. Peace out.

  2. Day 1 natadrol

    Workout: Chest & tri's

    DB Bench press 95x10,95x8,95x8
    These went up real easy. I usually do sets of 8 but the first set was too easy so I did 10. I thought I'd save some energy for the rest of the workout so I went back to sets of 8.

    DB Incline press 85x8,85x8,85x8
    Dips body weight x8 3 sets
    Chest fly machine 160x8x3
    Triceps cable pushdowns 180x8x3 (I think the 180 translates to 90 on other cable setups)
    Triceps cable kickbacks 40x8x3.

    That was my workout. It went fairly well considering I didn't get much sleep today.

    I noticed my core felt a bit warm. I am not sure if it was the natadrol, but I've felt a similar core warming on big doses of lj100. So it could be 'working instantly' as they say

    So far, no sides, no nausea.. (I got big time nausea taking pSARM) Obviously it's tough to say after 1 day how it's working. I'll upload some starting pics in a bit.

  3. Natadrol day 2

    Workout back & bi's

    Well today's workout kinda sucked. I only got about 2 hrs sleep so I just didn't have it in the gym today.

    Pullups bodyweightx8x3
    cable rows 180x8x3
    1 arm db rows 65x8x3
    barbell curls 95x8x3
    db hammer curls 40x8x3

    there were several pauses

    Libido was pretty dang high though..

  4. Ill be following along, i love Natadrol when i ran it. Pumps, strength, vascularity, and a very nice leaning effect to boot!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns
  5. Natadrol day 3

    Rest day today.

    Here are some progress pics.

    Day 1 relaxed then flexed.
    Attached Images Attached Images   

  6. Natadrol day 4


    Military DB 75x8x3
    db lat raise 30x8x3
    db front raise 30x8x3
    rear delt 32.5x8x3

    Quick workout today, had to run to a dinner so I didn't get to work abs.

    Still tired, possibly overtrained from before the log.

  7. Natadrol day 5


    Still feeling a bit lethargic.

    Leg press. 270x8,360x8,360x8,450x8,450x8, 450x8
    Hamstring machine, 80x8,80x8,80x8
    Leg extension machine, 180x8,180x8,180x8
    Calf machine, 250x15,250x15,250x15
  8. Natadrol day 6

    A day of rest.

    Trying to eat a lot and completely relax. Want to be ready to tear it up tomorrow.

  9. Hey mate! Looking good in here, Hope natadrol does you well, I am on day 2 now and feel it already
  10. Natadrol day 7

    Workout Chest & tri's

    DB press 95x8x3
    DB incline 85x8x3
    pec machine 170x8x3
    dips bwx10x3
    triceps cable pressdown 180x8x3
    cable kickbacks 50x8,40x8,40x8

    I had started to doubt if natadrol was doing anything but the pump I got today was insane. It felt like I had an extra inch to my arms. Doing a biceps flex I felt like my arms were gonna burst. Muscles felt real thick and solid, didn't feel like the usual pump.

  11. Natadrol day 8

    Back & bi's

    Cable rows 195x8x3
    Pullups bwx8x3
    db rows 70x8x3
    barbell curls 95x8x3
    db hammers 40x8x3

    decent workout, had to rush it to run to dinner.

    I got my pink magic in the mail today... what torture to have to wait to use it... I opened the package and just smelled the pills... smells magical

  12. ^ I know what you mean man...going to be on PCT while I am home with PM just sitting in Iraq calling my name ...

  13. Natadrol day 9

    Rest day

    I couldn't help but notice this morning how thin my waist felt.. I kept trying to grab at it and was like... where did it go?

    I have remained at the same weight (196) since the start. Feels like some recomp going on..
  14. Pics from day 2,4

    Didn't get a chance to upload some pics before.. These are after the back workout and shoulder day, 2&4.
    Attached Images Attached Images   
  15. Natadrol day 10


    Military DB 75x8x3
    db lateral raises 32.5x8x3
    db front 32.5x8x3
    db rear 35x8x3
    shrugs 75x15x3

    Still feeling tired.. I may be stim'd out.
  16. Natadrol day 11 & 12

    11 Rest day. I didn't want to work legs as day 12 is a football day. I'm going to be leaving on a mini tour playing music. I hope I can keep my workouts going as there are 24 hr fitness gyms everywhere. I might not post for a bit but I will keep logs.

  17. What kind of music do ya play??

    I can see a significant recomp going on, but you weren't flexing in the before and were int he most recent one lol o.O

  18. Natadrol day 13


    Press 360x8x4
    leg ext 170x8x3
    hammys 90x8x3
    calf machine 250x8x3

    short workout again.. I had a nice long walk along the beach in san diego in the morning and my legs were a bit tired from the road so this workout was kind of a filler so I space it out for a nice chest workout tomorrow.

    I think I have been taking this for a while to have sorted out it's effects on me.

    Serious recomp going on. my stomach has leaned out quite a bit.. (I'll take more pics soon) Not much has changed in my diet to attribute that to but the natadrol. Energy is WAY LOW. It could be some other things but I am thinking I am not eating enough carbs. I feel tired like I do when I take an anabolic pump without eating anything after. It feels like my muscles are hungry and I ain't feeding them.. I'm not gaining any fat and actually gained a few pounds (back to 200 even). I am going to try to eat way more and see what happens.

    Anger is way high, libido is high, energy low. My fuse is so short now it's ridiculous. I am even giving huge dudes the evil eye if they even look at my bench.

  19. ^^the evil eye
    is that related to the stank eye?
    im def subd im interested in nata
    sorry if i missed it but how are you dosing it?
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  20. I'm BAaaaaack

    So I didn't get to work out much on tour, so I gave the natadrol a break. Besides I think I get angry on that stuff so I was hoping to chill out a bit.

    I didn't eat that much on tour so I lost a bit of weight. Weighed in at 193 from about 200...

    First day back I just did one set of several exercises to ease myself back. My body did NOT want to work out at all after a 2.5 week break. I guess we can call that day 14.

    This whole break skews the data, but I am going to continue with the numbering this way

    Day 15
    Chest & tri's
    db's 85x8x3
    Incline dbs 75x8x3
    dips bwx8x3
    pulldowns 160x8x3
    flys 160x8x3

    Day 16
    Pullups bwx8x3 - these were real easy after losing 5+ pounds
    Cable rows 180x8x3
    db row 70x8x3
    bb curl 85x8x3
    db hammers 40x8x3,30x8x2 real quick to burnout.

  21. Subbed in!! Ive been away for awhile please excuse the tardiness

    Goingto catch up...any questions, feel free to ask my man!

  22. Day 17 - rest day.. Still taking 6 natadrol split up 3 caps 2x a day.

    Day 18 Shoulders
    DB military 70x8x3
    BB upright row 90x8, 100x8x2
    lateral raise db 30x8x3
    front db 30x8x3
    rear db 32.5x8x3
    shrugs 100x8, 80x15x2
    situp machine 3x to failure.

    I'm convinced natadrol makes me an A-hole. And I was reading some reports of weak urine stream.. Yeah, unfortunately I got that too..

  23. Day 19 & 20, rest days

    Day 21 Legs
    Hammy's 80x8x3
    leg ext. 170x8x3
    Leg press 360x8x5

    Had to make it a quick one so I pumped these out with very little rest. I'm gonna bump up the dosage to 8 a day and see what happens.

  24. You will like it thats what will happen

    I was on 6 a day...working out 4 hours into my day after 1 huge meal.

    Started 8 a day with my schedule change forcing me to work out fasted.

    Gaining strength still.

  25. Day 22 Hiking.

    My cardio is sooo bad.. Got smoked by a girl..

    Day 23, 24, rest

    Day 25 Chest
    DB press 90x8x3
    DB incline 80x8x3
    Fly machine 180x8x3
    dips bwx8x3
    tri pressdowns 160x8x3
    kickbacks 40x8x3

    Day 26 Back
    Pullups bwx8x3
    cable row 180x8x3
    db row 70x8x3
    bb curl 85x8x3
    db hammers 40x8x3


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