New Diet New Goals

  1. New Diet New Goals

    Im really excited about my new diet. My friend help me design it. I so far feel great and have lots of energy.
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  2. WOO HOOO eat up that BF and kick butt!!! Nice diet by the way
    might have to take that cup of brown rice and make it a 1/2 cup cooked that late at night. . play around with it and tell me how it works out for ya. .
    Your Competitive Advantage
    Lift Smart, Lift Hard, Lift For a Lifetime

  3. Not sure about downloading a Word document. Why don't you just post what's written in the file?
  4. new diet

    it doesnt post right but anyway here you go the fat amount is under the name of the food item

    Diet: Food Calories Carbs Protein Fat
    -2 eggs 140 2g 13G 13G
    -1 egg white 30 0g 6G 0G
    Yogurt Fat free 110 20g 6G 0G
    Almonds 204 7.5g 7.5g 17.5g
    4oz chicken breast 110 0g 23G 2.5G
    1 cup brown rice 218 45g 4.5G 1.6G
    2.5oz Tilapia 89 0g 17.5G 2.5G
    I cup brown rice 218 45G 4.5G 1.6G
    Ĺ avocado 161 8G 2G 14.5G
    1 cup 1% Cottage Cheese 160 6G 26G 3G
    1 cup steamed greens 7 0G 2G 1G
    Totals with yogurt 1455 167.5G 111.5G 42G
    Totals with Almonds 1500 170.5G 115G 28.7G

  5. hey dave how do i get involved in more test..just wondering..and ya i just stated putting it under my arms..and that doesnt bother me anymore..i guess i got to keep changing the area up.



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