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    Briefly, 13 weeks ago, my body pretty much shut down on me and forced me to take a break. Recovery has been slow, and the last two weeks I have spent trying to get back into some semblance of training, etc. This log is going to detail my journey over the next four weeks.


    My goal for this phase (will take 5-8 weeks to achieve) is to get back to my normal level of fitness, predominantly:
    * Body Composition of 8% bodyfat
    * Resting Pulse of 30-32 beats per minute

    I'm starting at:
    * Body Composition of 14.3% bodyfat
    * Resting Pulse of 43 beats per minute


    Training is going to be slightly different, considering the last 13 weeks, and how much I have been struggling over the last two weeks to start training properly again, as well as new working situations.

    Sunday: HIIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 minutes

    Monday: 20-40 min Cardio + Stretch 20-30 minutes + Gym

    Tuesday: HIIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 minutes

    Wednesday: 20-40 min Cardio + Stretch 20-30 minutes + Gym

    Thursday: HIIT Cardio + Stretch 20-30 minutes

    Friday: 20-40 min Cardio + Stretch 20-30 minutes + Gym

    Saturday: V-Burn Challenge Circuit + Stretch 20-30 minutes

    So, different to what I am used to - which is good; it will give my body a shock. Actually, re days, etc., it's more like I trained when I first started focusing on bodybuilding. So, it's pretty much a 'Back to Basics' time for me - with everything, including supplements.


    The only NEW supplement (i.e. supplement that I have not used before) that I am using is FREE TEST (although I was a beta tester for FREE TEST, the final version is nothing like the beta version I tested).

    (in alphabetical order):

    BC+EAA: 3-4 x 10.5g daily.

    Bio-Mend: 2 caps post-breakfast.

    BLACK CATS: 2 caps first thing and 2 caps 6-8 hours post-Dose 1.

    Drive: 2 caps first thing and 2 caps 6-8 hours post-Dose 1.

    FREE TEST: 4 caps first thing.

    IGF-2: 2 caps first thing, 2 caps 40-60 min pre-gym, and 2 caps pre-bed (gym days); 3 caps first thing and 3 caps pre-bed (non-gym days).

    LipoBURN: Application pre-bed.

    Lipotrophin-PM: 2 caps first thing and 2 caps pre-bed.

    MyoFusion: 1-2 scoops daily.

    NeoVar Recomped: 2 caps 40-60 min pre-gym, 2 caps immediately post-gym, and 4 caps pre-bed (gym days); 2 caps pre-cardio, 2 caps immediately post-cardio, and 4 caps pre-bed (non-gym days).

    Vitamin C: 1g first thing, 1g immediately post-training, and 1g pre-bed (gym days); 1g first thing, 1g post-dinner, and 1g pre-bed (non-gym days).

  2. In rosie, and good luck.



  3. Day 1

    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min skip
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 8 x 40 sec effort/20 sec easy
    d. 4 min skip

    Stretch 20 min.

    Just to give an indicator of where I am starting at (please note, that I may or may not comment on all the factors listed below in each 'update') . . .

    Sleep - Time and Quality: This has been one of the bigger issues for me, as I either have NOT been sleeping at all, or, when I do, sleeping for excessively long periods of time. My sleeping patterns have been out of whack since I arrived in the United States last July, turned inside out and back to front and everything else in between, and right now, the last few weeks, my body has settled into falling asleep between 0400-0600 and waking between 1200-1400, which is definitely far from ideal, and needs to be changed as soon as possible. I will be aiming to be waking/getting up at 0400 and falling asleep/going to bed between 2300-0000, a little different from my New Zealand schedule of waking at 0315-0330 and going to bed between 2030-2230, but close, and doable.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: My mental focus and concentration have been largely affected by my energy levels and stress manageability. I have had to be on the ball for the most part, and this should improve greatly now that I am again using stimulants (i.e. BLACK CATS).

    Energy: The last few weeks has seen me gradually get more energy - mostly due to the Anadraulic State GT and T-911 that I used two weeks prior to now. Before that, I barely had the energy to do anything, and any exertion I did make caused a compounding fatigue for days afterwards. Now that I am using stimulants again, I should 'wake up' and have the energy to get through the day as I should and need to.

    Mood/Aggression: You don't want to know. However, my mood has been up and down and all over the place the last few weeks, due to many factors, and now that I am back training on a regular basis (albeit differently), I know that it is going to improve.

    Stress: Whilst I am not going to be able to chemically see what is going on with my cortisol levels in my body re blood tests (since I am unable to get bloods done this time around - I miss New Zealand, where I was able to get - and having - bloods done weekly), I know my body well enough that I can tell what is going on by my physical appearance. Right now, I am so stressed that my cortisol levels are the highest they have ever been, and this is apparent through the changes that have occurred in my midsection over the last few weeks - although I have lost bodyfat overall, I have actually GAINED in my 'tyre', an indicator of cortisol.

    Libido: My body reacts when my head does not. Usually, my libido is high, but over the last few weeks, the lack of training and not good high stress and circumstances have meant the fast on and off switch re desire. Back training again, and using several supplements that have shown to have profound effects in increasing libido might see a return to my 'normal' state.

    Joints: Over the last few weeks, my left wrist has been giving me quite a bit of pain - the fact that I have started being active in a job that requires a lot of strain and pressure on my wrists has definitely affected this. And not just in my left wrist - which I broke in two places early last year - but also in my right wrist, and clicking, popping, and everything you can think of re pain, has been occurring on a regular basis in both . . . My knees are also bad - both of them, and bending/squatting, etc. is very painful . . . On top of that, I have perpetual issues with my lower back, from a back injury in 2004 that left me with crushed cervical vertebrae and a scoliosis to my right side. I pretty much have to 'click' my back back into place on a daily basis, relieving the pressure between my vertebrae . . . I stopped using any products for my joints a few months ago, but if this continues, I may start back on Osteo-Sport again.

    Endurance: My endurance has suffered hugely - which is expected after so long not training. Drive should put an end to any issues here.

    Strength: Despite my lack of resistance training, my strength has not actually suffered too badly - when it has, it is more due to issues that I have been having with my wrists. I'm also NOT training for strength. However, I DO lift as heavy as I am able for the sets/reps that I set myself each training session, so this should improve as I go along.

    Quality of Training: I have only managed 2-4 training sessions over the last few weeks - and the ones that I HAVE done taking quite a bit out of me. HIIT has not been as explosive as it should be, albeit as fast as I have been able to make it. Resistance training has seen me lower my recovery time, in an attempt to make my sessions more intense, and that has been fine, although shorter than usual. Over the next few weeks, I expect this to improve significantly, where I am pleased with EVERY session that I do.

    Recovery: I have suffered after almost EVERY session that I have completed over the last few weeks. The lack of IGF-2 in my supplement regime is a factor, as well as the fatigue. This will noticeably get better over the next week, and after that, I should be fine.

    Pump: It's very easy to get a pump going when I am resistance training. My training over the next few weeks will not really be high enough reps to elicit a huge pump, but a hard pump should be got nonetheless some days.

    Vascularity: Vascularity of late has been good. Regardless, I can see blue lines through my chest and legs at any time, and when training, ropes appear on my arms. As I get leaner, it will get even better.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: The lack of and decreased resistance sessions have made a difference here - I definitely know when I am NOT training, as my muscles lose their hardness (and definition) throughout the day. It will be interesting to see what FREE TEST does here.

    Body Composition and Look: Currently, I am the biggest that I have ever been in my life. Also the most uncomfortable. NOT training affects this factor the most, and training again will make a drastic difference in my physique in no time at all. I usually maintain 108-110 pounds at 8-10% bodyfat, but because of the last 13 weeks, I am embarrassed to admit that I start this phase at 124.6 pounds and 14.3% bodyfat.

    Overall Sense of Feeling: This has been like the tide - high and low - over the last few weeks. Right now, I see myself as being at one of the lowest points I have ever been at in my life - and mentally, it is probably the lowest. However, when you hit the bottom, the only place to go is UP. I have great motivation, the best support crew, and a willpower and determination that will see me get back up, reach to where I was, and climb PAST it. My strengths became my weaknesses, and I learnt from that - yes, everything happens for a reason, even if we do not see it at the time - and now I am going to turn those weaknesses around, back into strengths, but different this time, so that I cannot fall like this again. There are major turning points and crossroads in everyone's life - this is one of mine.

  4. I'll be following along Rosie.

  5. hey rosie- glad to hear you are feeling a little better and ready to go. i'm in for this- interested in reading about how free test and IGF-2 impacts women

  6. I had been considering trying my wife out on a Free Test / HGH Up combo

  7. Quote Originally Posted by GIJane1928 View Post
    hey rosie- glad to hear you are feeling a little better and ready to go. i'm in for this- interested in reading about how free test and IGF-2 impacts women
    For sure. Well, I pretty much have perpetually used IGF-2 - with a few small breaks - since I first started using it in February 2008, and have detailed my experience with that comprehensively, and it is my favourite and ultimate product ever! Re FREE TEST, as I mentioned, I used the first beta version - and logged that in my Training/Supplementation Journal in late 2009 - but the final version is quite a lot different, so you and me both are interested in seeing how it goes. The stack I have set up, though, should be nothing short of phenomenal!

    Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    I had been considering trying my wife out on a Free Test / HGH Up combo
    Sounds good. Just from personal experience, I would choose IGF-2 over HGHup, but that's only because my body chemistry is all screwed up and almost nothing works the way it is supposed to, so I don't react to most supplements the way I should, and IGF-2 is the only Growth Hormone/Testosterone booster that works with my body.

  8. I'm subbed along for the ride my lovely wife.



    Team APPNUT
    "Never trust a b*tch because b*tches be crazy, now get out there and go crush some P***Y!" - Jerry Stiller.
  9. Day 2

    Cardio 20 min:
    Spin Bike @ 112 rpm

    Gym (30 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Underhand-Grip BB Bent Over Rows 5 x 4RM
    2. Overhead BB Squats 4 x 5RM
    3. Weighted Dips 5 x 4RM
    4. BB Ab Rollout 4 x 5

    Stretch 20 min.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: ~15 minutes after dosing BLACK CATS, I am wide awake and ready for anything.

    Energy: I definitely had energy today, and prepared myself for an interesting training session.

    Mood/Aggression: Mood has picked up, and can only get better with training again.

    Stress: Unbelievably high.

    Libido: My head may match my body today.

    Endurance: My training sessions are not going to last as long as they would usually. However, I will be noting endurance re cardio, more specifically my SPEED endurance, since this is what Drive does for me.

    Strength: It was the first of a new and different resistance session today - as all of this week will be - so technically, this week is setting baseline levels to make comparison to in further weeks.

    Quality of Training: Pre-weights cardio was good. Legs were feeling it a little, and I was sweating a lot . . . Resistance training was interesting. VERY different to what I am used to. First time I have added Overhead Squats to my training (I have actually only done them once before today), and it was weird, to say the least. Recovery was fine. A short session - half as short as usual. The change in training style should be productive for my body.

    Pump: Pump in legs after pre-weights cardio. Reps not high enough to get a pump during resistance training.

    Vascularity: Vascularity was strong in the gym.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: My upper arms actually feel harder today - most probably from the Weighted Dips.

    Body Composition and Look: I am down 3.6 pounds from yesterday - training again definitely makes a fast difference re weight and body composition for me, and I am excited to be on my way back to being me!
  10. Day 3

    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min skip
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 8 x 40 sec effort/20 sec easy
    d. 4 min skip

    Stretch 23 min.

    Sleep - Time and Quality: Only slept from ~0230-0330 this morning. Felt like I had been asleep for ages, though.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: BLACK CATS kicked this into high gear soon after waking and getting up. Working to keep it early afternoon. Have to stay on the ball for a long shift at work this evening.

    Energy: I definitely have energy, despite my aching body.

    Mood/Aggression: Up and down.

    Stress: Still in the red warning zone.

    Libido: Definitely responsive.

    Endurance: Better than this training session on Sunday, but still needing to be quite a bit HIGHER.

    Quality of Training: HIIT was fast and furious this morning. I had a lot of energy - surprising for so little sleep, and was eager to get it out. Worked up quite a hot sweat.

    Recovery: DOMS in legs and core from yesterday's session - looking forward to having NO more DOMS in about a week.

    Pump: Lower legs and arms.

    Vascularity: Vascularity isn't as high today as it usually is during training (and throughout the day).

    Muscle Hardness/Density: It doesn't take much for my legs to harden back up again.

    Body Composition and Look: Down another 1.4 pounds from yesterday - making it a loss of 5 pounds from baseline to date. This loss will slow down by the end of the week though, as most of it will be from food and water weight, no doubt, with a little fat. And then it'll be burning the fat from me.

    Other Effects: I've had quite the upset stomach the last couple of days - the first few days on Drive (from the Icariin), and it should be gone by the end of the week.
  11. Day 4

    Gym (45 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Wide-Grip Pronated Pull-Ups 2 x 5, 3
    2. Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Downs 4 x 8RM
    3. Incline DB Bench Press 5 x 8RM
    4. BB Romanian Deadlift (on box, plates to floor) 7 x 6-8RM
    5. Close-Grip BB Bicep Curls 5 x 6RM
    6. Hanging Knee Raises 5 x 8

    Post-Weights Cardio 20 min:
    Stepper @ 8 floors/min.

    Stretch 24 min.

    Sleep - Time and Quality: Actually having trouble sleeping. After my one hour of sleep yesterday, I slept briefly for three hours this morning. Could be the second dose of BLACK CATS that I've started having in the afternoon - to get me through the rest of the day.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: My mind will NOT shut off!

    Energy: As I said, I've started dosing BLACK CATS twice daily (post #1 updated), as the little amount of training that I have started doing (and "little" is right - resistance sessions are HALF (if that) of the time I would normally spend lifting weights, and I'm only doing three of them a week (as opposed to 4-5), with cardio gone back to one 20-min session daily) is taking quite a lot out of me come mid to late afternoon. Energy DURING training is fine, though - although, today it wasn't, and during post-weights cardio (let's not do that again - cardio always BEFORE weights works better for me), I was EXHAUSTED.

    Mood/Aggression: A smile crept out . . .

    Libido: My body is in OVERdrive!

    Joints: Nursing my left wrist after resistance session today . . . And back - going heavy on BB Romanian Deadlifts, I may as well be doing regular BB Deadlifts, as they have the same effect on my back and really does a number on me; I'll feel that tomorrow, guaranteed.

    Endurance: Not really there.

    Strength: It wasn't a strength-strength session today, but my strength was there on all but Wide-Grip Pronated Pull-Ups - which is why I finished my sets/reps with Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Downs. I do NOT do assisted pull-ups, but do them completely on my own, and right now I am definitely noticing the extra 10-12 pounds (and also doing Wide-Grip Pronated Pull-Ups - I usually prefer Close-Grip Supinated Pull-Ups).

    Quality of Training: Resistance session really got me working. So much so, that I was exhausted and barely walking in a straight line afterwards - it was sheer willpower and determination NOT to miss any more training sessions that got me through cardio afterwards.

    Recovery: My core has never been so sore in my entire life! The BB Ab Rollouts (and probably the Overhead BB Squats as well, since they are a "new" exercise) from Monday hit me today, and it hurts to move - doing the Hanging Knee Raises was almost torture.

    Pump: Not much of a pump going today.

    Vascularity: Vascularity was ok, better after training than during (I am noticing how pale I am - when I am darker, my vascularity seems a lot higher).

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Legs and a little arms.

    Body Composition and Look: Still so very far from where I want to be.

    Other Effects: BLACK CATS has annihilated my appetite - definitely useful. It didn't take long at all - yesterday I suddenly realized that I had no desire to eat whatsoever. For those that know me, this is a very rare thing for me - I have been called everything from a bottomless pit to a food vacuum, been compared and concluded as 'worse' than the Cookie Monster or a garbage disposal unit, because of the frequency and quantity of food that I usually consume, and more, LOL - and I am going to make good use of it whilst it lasts!



  13. Quote Originally Posted by Grimninja117 View Post

    Not sure of you're being serious or not, Greg? But, no, that's nothing - I'm only doing ~20 minutes a day (the longer allowances are there if I want to do more).

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Rosie Scott View Post
    Not sure of you're being serious or not, Greg? But, no, that's nothing - I'm only doing ~20 minutes a day (the longer allowances are there if I want to do more).
    lol yea I am. I only do Cardio like 4 times a week tops... I guess when I get around to cuttin i'll bump it up a notch.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Grimninja117 View Post
    lol yea I am. I only do Cardio like 4 times a week tops... I guess when I get around to cuttin i'll bump it up a notch.
    Ok, LOL. Yeah, that's just my Maintenance cardio levels - resistance training helps me lose fat better than cardio, and I get far too bored doing hours of cardio without a real purpose for it.
  16. Day 5

    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 8 x 40 sec effort/20 sec easy
    d. 8 min jogging

    Stretch 27 min.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: It HAS to be there!

    Energy: It's there - underneath all the pain.

    Endurance: It will take a little more time . . .

    Quality of Training: Running is definitely my preferred mode for HIIT - and outside; not on a treadmill. It's different to boxing, cycling, rowing, or skipping, and far more challenging. Today was my first HIIT Run back into things, and my arms were doing most of the work, my legs just moving. It was an ok session - nothing spectacular, but passable.

    Recovery: Core still aches with a vengeance. Mid to lower back does now, too.

    Body Composition and Look: Down 1.2 pounds from yesterday.

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Keeping my head up, determined to be back at my best as soon as possible.
  17. Day 6

    Gym (30 sec recovery between sets):
    1. BB Front Squats 5 x 5RM
    2. Flat Close-Grip BB Bench Press 6 x 4-5RM
    3. Close-Grip Pull-Ups 6 x 4-5RM
    4. BB Push Press 5 x 5RM

    Post-Weights Cardio 20 min:
    Spin Bike @ 102 rpm

    Stretch 20 min.

    Sleep - Time and Quality: Still not in a schedule yet - I've only been sleeping every third day this last week; and yes, definitely not the best, and hope that it doesn't last long like this.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Being awake for so long starts affecting me after ~48 hours, and right now, I can't afford to not be all there, as I have a lot of work to get done, so stressing a little.

    Energy: Was feeling it in the gym - even the short session that it was.

    Mood/Aggression: Aggression has been quite high - being awake so long impacts this as well.

    Stress: HIGH.

    Libido: Twice daily is NOT enough!

    Endurance: Good thing that it was a short session.

    Strength: Struggled with my Close-Grip Pull-Ups.

    Quality of Training: Pulled my right adductor during squats after the third set - so it was pain for the rest of the resistance session, walking, everything . . . Adductor recovered after the spin bike . . .

    Recovery: My core and back are still in extreme pain. Seriously.

    Pump: Not really the rep range for a pump.

    Vascularity: Vascularity killer.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: My arms are looking a lot fuller.

    Body Composition and Look: Weight loss has slowed - which is expected and fine. From next week, I want to see FAT going!

    Overall Sense of Feeling: Having a punching bag would be a REALLY good thing for me at the moment . . .
  18. Day 7

    V-Burn Challenge Circuit (no recovery between exercises; 1 minute recovery between rounds):
    3 x rounds -
    1. Jumping Split Squat x 10
    2. Hand Walkout (from toes) x 10
    3. Single-Leg Deadlift (with twist and lateral reach) x 10 per side
    4. Push-Up (with alternate side rotation) x 10
    5. Jumping Jacks x 10
    6. Side Lunges (with over head reach) x 10 per side
    7. Handstand Push-Up x 10
    8. Squat Thrust (jump and reach) x 10

    Stretch 20 min.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Although I am AWAKE, my concentration is actually quite impaired, and I have little focus on things that require constant thought.

    Energy: Finding it.

    Mood/Aggression: Definitely NOT in the best of moods. If I could beat something to a bloody pulp, I would, and take great satisfaction in venting my aggression and rage.

    Libido: Although my body is there, I would rather be a killer than a lover right now.

    Endurance: I was actually supposed to do SEVEN rounds (and yes, I am beating myself up for NOT doing all of them) of the V-Burn Challenge Circuit - which would have taken ~50 minutes. However, I only completed three rounds - it is actually quite demanding, and I am going to have to work up to seven rounds, adding an extra one each week.

    Strength: It's more strength ENDURANCE this session.

    Quality of Training: WOW. That was a hard session - all those plyometrics; not the best thing for my knees (and a lot of leg work - I had best NOT gain any more mass in my lower body!) Handstand Push-Ups was a new exercise for me, and I will admit that I suffered greatly throughout them, and my last set almost saw me fall on my face (so very not cool).

    Recovery: My core and back have finally settled - just in time to start the pain all over again tomorrow . . .

    Pump: This was a definite high pump session.

    Vascularity: Good.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Resistance training again is making a difference - not sure only THREE sessions is all that great, though (I feel like I am doing NOTHING and need MORE, but am willing to give this a shot, especially considering the circumstances).

    Body Composition and Look: Down to 116.8 pounds, so a total of 7.8 pounds lost so far. As I've said before, training makes all the difference, and it's amazing how much better I feel now that I am training again!

    Other Effects: The last couple of days, FREE TEST has caused some stomach upsets within the first hour of dosing, settling down after that . . . I have also noticed that I am thirstier than usual (I still need to drink MORE!) during the day . . .

  19. Rosie your doing such a great job. Keep it up. It makes me think my log sucks. I want that weight loss.


  20. Quote Originally Posted by JoHNnyNuTZ View Post
    Rosie your doing such a great job. Keep it up. It makes me think my log sucks. I want that weight loss.
    Thanks for the support and encouragement, Johnny.

    Your log is fine.

    As for my weight loss - although my goal right now is fat loss, circumstances are forcing the more rapid weight loss (and it WILL slow down drastically from next week; at least, it should), even though I am probably only doing 50% of my usual Maintenance training. Also remember re your weight, once a week in as close as you can the same conditions as the week before - nude, first thing, after going to the bathroom; and ideally the same food intake the day before as the week previously - is enough to monitor progress; daily changes do not matter, since they fluctuate depending on so many factors.

  21. OK Rosie, thanks. Yeah. I have a habit of weighing myself almost everyday. My scale it outside the door of my workout


  22. Day 9

    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min skip
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 8 x 40 sec effort/20 sec easy
    d. 4 min skip

    Gym (30 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Underhand-Grip BB Bent Over Rows 4 x 5RM
    2. Overhead BB Squats 4 x 5RM
    3. Weighted Dips 4 x 5RM
    4. BB Ab Rollout 4 x 5

    Stretch 21 min.

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Still a little 'fuzzy', but needing to be on the money.

    Energy: Good re training.

    Mood/Aggression: Mood better than it has been, but still highly disappointed in myself. Aggression remains high.

    Libido: 'Overtime' is an understatement.

    Joints: Niggles in my knees.

    Endurance: Resistance sessions are so unbelievably and uncharacteristically short that my cardio sessions are going to have to be longer.

    Strength: Increase from last week.

    Quality of Training: HIIT was fine - definitely sprints better, though . . . Resistance session was good. Considering that my usual recovery period between sets is one minute, and for such heavy sets, the general usual recovery period is 2-5 minutes, I think I'm doing pretty well . . .

    Recovery: I ended up making yesterday a Day Off, and I'm going to have to schedule one in a week - most probably going to be on Sunday; which means that Sunday's HIIT session will be done on Monday pre-weights.

    Pump: During HIIT yes, but not during weights.

    Vascularity: Average.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Arms.

    Body Composition and Look: 13.2% bodyfat, which is a loss of 1.1% bodyfat over the last 8 days.
  23. Day 11

    HIIT Cardio:
    a. 4 min jogging
    b. 8 x 20 sec effort/10 sec easy
    c. 4 min jogging

    Gym (45 sec recovery between sets):
    1. Wide-Grip Lat Pull-Downs 5 x 8-9RM
    2. Incline DB Bench Press 5 x 8-9RM
    3. BB Romanian Deadlift (on box, plates to floor) 5 x 8-9RM
    4. Close-Grip BB Bicep Curls 5 x 8RM
    5. Hanging Straight-Leg Raises 5 x 8

    Post-Weights Cardio 20 min:
    a. Spin Bike 10 min @ 100-102 rpm
    b. Spin Bike 10 min @ 108-110 rpm

    Stretch 30 min.

    Sleep - Time and Quality: I've gone from sleeping every second or third day to every day, but falling asleep when I want to be getting UP (sigh). My body HAS to settle down SOON . . .

    Mental Focus and Clarity: Been completely there.

    Energy: Once I get myself going re training, I am fine. Energy was pretty awesome today.

    Mood/Aggression: I am a perfectionist, and sometimes this is a good thing, and sometimes it is not. Sometimes I need to learn when to say "Enough!"

    Stress: Still high on the radar, but more manageable than it was.

    Endurance: Slowly returning.

    Strength: To be honest, I'm not really too concerned with my strength levels at the moment - more focused on getting my ENDURANCE back to where it was. However, strength is gradually improving - the way my resistance training is structured will allow for this.

    Quality of Training: HIIT Run was a huge explosion for the first few efforts, petering out over the later sprints . . . Resistance session was pretty good. I'm getting stronger re lifting the heavier dumbbells up by myself (I never have a problem DOING the exercise, but 'throwing' the heavier dumbbells up is an issue for my wrists), which I am pleased with.

    Recovery: I had yesterday off (and did yesterday's session today before today's sessions). Not sore this week, like I was last week - could be that this is the second week of this training, and I have had two days recovery already . . .

    Pump: Strong pump today, especially in my forearms - they were so hard that it was PAINFUL.

    Vascularity: Reasonable.

    Muscle Hardness/Density: Muscles don't actually look as hard today as they were - recovery days have a small impact.

    Other Effects: I have definitely established a pattern re appetite - to get any appetite suppression, I have to dose BLACK CATS twice daily at 2 caps per dose; if I only have BLACK CATS once daily, then I am like a ravenous, unstoppable animal re appetite.


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  4. The Female Terminator Chronicles
    By Rosie Chee in forum Supplement Logs
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