M14-e Log with before and after pics

  1. M14-e Log with before and after pics

    Ive run Havoc and Epol before both had successful runs gained about 10-13 pounds on each, I started competing in MMA more often recently so had to cut weight.

    Was walking around 220-220 before, down to about 197 as of this morning when I began my cycle.

    Im gonna run 2 caps M14-e
    2 caps organ shield
    2 caps life support (left over)
    Animal Pak (multi)
    2 caps Fish Oil
    Myofusion/ON Protein shakes (2-3 day depending on food/time)

    For PCT
    4 caps organ shield
    Nolva/Clomid (havent decided recommendations?)
    Animal Pak
    2 caps fish oil
    Protein shakes

    My Goals are to gain about 10 lbs of lean muscle and im going to follow a pretty strict 3,000 diet, followed a dirty bulk diet when I did Havoc and gained about 15 lbs (prob 6 fat) hoping to have similar results minus the fat. Im at about 19% Body Fat as of now

    My workout consist of:
    1-2 Hours of MMA (muay thai, boxing, jiu jitsu) 4-5 days a week
    weightlift 4x a week
    Run/jog (on the weekend primarily if I dont spare on saturday)

    I have a fight end of june beginning july fighting at 205 (my next fight will be at 185) my LBM (lean body mass) is 170#, I want to walk around 200 pounds, about 180 LBM

  2. Day 1

    5 AM Took all supps and a ON protein shake
    6 AM Muay Thai Training 1 hour
    8 AM Pear, Multi Grain Muffins (home made w/ fruit/nuts) peanut butter
    11 AM 7 oz steak w/ whole grain rice and veggies
    3 PM Chicken Rice bowl (home made) lots of veggies
    6 PM Weightlifting
    7 PM Myofusion shake w/ maca powder and enzymes

    Obviously felt no difference in my lifts today or anything like that, did have slightly more energy, but that could be from the animal pak as well. Excited for mid-end of the week see how things crank up !

    Pictures coming tomorrow !

  3. Here are the pics !

    Here I am, first log I did of HAVOC 230 lbs to 210 lbs

    and here I am now 195 Pounds

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