let me preface by saying I am a stim junkie and have tried nearly every major brand PWO supp on the market. I usually have to dose them heavy to see much of, if any, effect. At 250lbs I usually dose everything heavy.

1-Dosing: I never had to go over 1 scopp/serving of MM. It was as potent as anything i have ever used over the course of the entire 5 week duration.
2-Response Time: MM hit me with a wave of energy and euphoria, very cooll unexplainable feeling, within ten minutes of cosumption.
3-Focus: Unparralleled! If i was still in grad school I would have drank MM before every exam. I concentrated on every single rep in the gym like never before.
4-Energy: Never experinced any crazy stim rush like ephedra, but it was a smooth constant energy that lasted as long as I wanted to stay in the gym.
5-Recovery: Recovered between sets like no other. Often cut rest periods between sets, even on heavy sets, down to less than 20 seconds because my body WANTED to go again.
6-Pump: Not what the supp is designed for, but it has enough creatine to deliver a slightly larger than normal pump.
7-Vascularity: Same as pump.
8-Strength: Since hte FST 7 program focuses on volume more than strength this may not be an actual barometer, but my compund movement sets were done with heavier weights each week, so strenght gains did exist.
Overall: Literally a 10 outta 10, I have never felt so much like I got more than my moneys worth from a supp like I did with MM. Literally felt like I was 'ON' everyday in the gym.