LG BC+EAA mini review

  1. LG BC+EAA mini review

    what's up knuckleheads.

    i got some of LG's BC+EAA- watermelon/Kiwi flavor.

    mixibility- GOOD

    mixes faster and better than most AA products that i've used... exept maybe Xtend. it has a murkier look to it, as apposed to the clearer BCAA stand-alone mixes...

    taste- DECENT

    it's not bad. tastes like watered-down fruit drink... like ice was left in it for a while and melted... but i like that. i dont want an overpowering flavor for my intra. note: i use 16-20 oz of agua instead of the recommended 12oz, so take that into account.

    results- ???

    have only taken two doses. will report later.

    value- GOOD

    good ingredient profile, and cheaper than Xtend in most cases.

  2. cool. I love the flavor. Try the blue raz next. Its my favorite.
    SFW and GFH

  3. I am using the blue-raz and it rocks

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