First Real Cycle - mini log/review

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    First Real Cycle - mini log/review

    I'm 21, 5'10 184 right after waking up at 11% bf. This is my first real cycle, I've done a 6 week of pp's 1-t tren, and also their superone-lv, loved both. My goal for this cycle is to get as close to 195 as possible while losing a 2% bf. I'll be running 30mg's a day of anavar solo. please don't tell me I ''need'' test for a first cycle.

    This is going to be more of a 'review' than a log. I can give the brand of var I'm using but idk if its against the rules or not.

    I preloaded flax/fish oil for 2 weeks along with glucosamine. Ill be taking Jack3d pre-workout, as well as creatine mono 3g's morning and night. For PCT, I'm going with nolva 20/20/10/10/10 (5 weeks), Drive, and I'm also buying otc resveratrol from costco and megadosing it at 150mgs/day for 5 weeks ( may taper down that dosage). I know its over-kill for pct, but thats my style, I like to go over board when getting my hormones back in line.

    I was concerned with the purity/quality of the var before I took it because I know there's a lot of underdosed brands out there, after 5 days that question is totaly gone. After day 3 I've noticed a gradual increase in strength, endurance, and pump on restricted cal's. Both today and yesterday the appetite supression really hit, I dont even want to look at food.

    Ill update this every couple days, let me know if you have any questions or comments, but so far so good.

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    A week in and everythings going well. I had bloodwork done pre-cycle and had another test done today just to make sure everything was in check, I'll post the results when i get them in a couple days.

    So far I've gained about a lb eating on average slightly below maintaince, roughly 40 pro/30 carb/30 fat. I have a bowl of 'weight control' oatmeal in the morning lol with egg whites, and throughout the day the only other carbs I eat are brown rice, a mix of veggies, and 1-2 bananas. The protien comes from a mix of no more than 2 shakes/day with grilled chicken and egg whites. My fat intake, the majority of it coming in my last 2 meals, comes from almonds, peanuts, whole milk, and cheese.

    Over the first couple days I really didn't gain any weight even though I have been taking in about 15g's of creatine mono. I feel a little bloated, probably a combo of the anavar and creatine mono. Starting yesterday noticed a small increase in vascularity in my arms, and noticed a few veins slowly coming through on my chest/ front shoulders yesterday during my workout, nothing ridiculous though but a good sign. Strength is up slightly, 5lbs or so on the compound lifts. Recovery so far is something that has been very good, I'll finish my workout and 30min later I'll be ready to hit it again.

    Nothing incredible so far but from what I've read you really see effects from the var after a bout 2 weeks so well see. Any input on this?

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    9 days in, starting to notice some really positive results. I saw my first weight increase this morning, up 2 lbs. Im noticing some more definition on my abs despite still feeling a little bloated and loaded on creatine mono and still eating slightly below maintenance cals.

    Recovery throughout has been great in between sets and have been pumping out more sets every workout but I was still feeling sore a day or two later. I either got used to the extra sets/work, or the anavar is helping with it, but a day after my back workout and I'm ready to hit it again. I did legs yesterday and hit a couple pr's, knees are sore as hell though.

    I've been doing a traditional Chest/Back/Legs/Shoulders+arms split for about 2 months now. I'm changing that up tomorrow and going to a Chest+Back/Legs/Shoulders+arms split supersetting the opposing muscles ex. bench press/pull ups curls/skull crushers.

    Only negative so far is that I've noticed a slight drop in libido. I may add some HCG or Sustain Alpha in around week 3.

  4. Subbed! Looks awsome good luck
  5. ato ucf
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    I ended up doing chest/back yesterday and then hitting legs again today. Normally I would never even think about working a muscle group less than 48 hours after I killed it before but my recovery has been THAT good. After yesterdays workout I was expecting to be pretty sore today but I honestly feel like I could go back and do chest and back again today. I set pr's on incline yesterday 225x10 and then set several on legs today including hacksquat 355 x8. I have a mild strain in my lower back so I'm not gonna squat till thats fully healed, I learned the hard way to push through injuries.

    I know squatting is king to putting on size/strength. Whats the best way to get around this while I'm resting my back? I can go all out on pretty much any non barbell leg exercise.

    Other than that recovery has been insane, I usually recover well naturally, and obviously better on ph's, but this is insane. Strength seems to be steadily increasing even on restricted calls. Slowly seeing more definition in my abs. A trainer at the gym told me I looked like I put on 10 lbs yesterday lol, still only up 2 hah.

  6. ato ucf
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    day 13, strength steadily going up, 225 on incline for 12 and then went into close grip flat 195 for 10. I usually have troulbe getting 185 for 8 after doing incline but the 195 felt good, probably could have gotten an extra rep or two. No sides so far besides a little shutdown, but other than that feel fine.

    Pumps have been very good and noticing more definition each day in my abs. My shirts have been fitting tighter around the arms, I havent noticed a big increase in size but my shirts are definitely fitting tighter. I'm still up the 2 lbs, so definitely putting on muscle and losing fat. Todays leg day, probably not gonna squat my back is still a little sore but ill work around it. Anyone have any advice on the best way to get around squatting?

  7. find a tall building strap on ankle weights and climb. about 5 times up and down should do it. i my younger days i had a pair of 15 pounders, but i don't think you can find any over 10 now.

    i have to give you credit-this is one hell of a detailed log/review.

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  8. um no offense but 30mg of anavar is going to do less than the creatine in this cycle. people take 5 times that amount for a big effective dose of this.
  9. ato ucf
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    Thanks bigt. I dont know if I missed something but by climb the building you mean ...the stairs? lol

    As far as the dosage, I've read several logs where people have used 30mg and saw good results, as well as studies giving 20mgs to teens and old guys. They each put on a couple lbs and lost body fat while not even working out or changing their diet which was probalby ****ty anyway.

    So far I've seen slow but steady gains in strength, small reduction in bf, and small increases in size/vascularity at 30mgs. Obviously more isnt always better but with the var would it be be better to bump it to 40mg for the rest of the cycle?
  10. ato ucf
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    Starting week 3 today, up another lb, so thats an increase in 3lbs total. Everythings going well but I'm strongly considering uping the dosage to 40mg's in the next couple days. Todays my 'off' day, gonna do some abs and light cardio.


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