Prep's Getting Ready For Summer!

  1. Prep's Getting Ready For Summer!

    Let me first start this off by saying this will be my first log here on AM so if it isn't perfect don't flame me to bad. Been around here for awhile but haven't gotten around to doing one yet. Figure this will keep me motivated to kick it up a gear this summer, since lately I've turned into that guy who only works upper body since knee injury. But finally back healthy from rehabbing it and its time to get things right again.

    Goals : Not to much really just wanna get my cardio back in check and loose some of this weight that has accumulated while my diet and things weren't in check. Also like to get my squat numbers back up been beating myself up over how bad they have got.

    Stats currently : Weighed in at 170 today.
    Bench PR : 245
    Squat PR : 225
    Power Clean PR : 145

    I work out 5 days a week. Olympic lifts 3 days a week. 2 other days filled with cardio and other lifts. Going to try to ramp up my cardio though to shred some of this fat.

    Supplements : I'm gonna run my stack of PP's Formestane, LG's GHenerate, and LG's Anadraulic State GT. With a week left of my Formestane i'll start PP's TCF-1 and AI's TestoPRO might throw in Prime haven't decided yet. My staples with it are CL's Orange Triad, CL's OxiMega, MST's MycoGreen, ATW's whey protein, and LG's BCAA+EAA.

    Thats all for now the madness shall start this Monday. Going to try to get some pictures up before then though.

  2. Alright my first day. First impressions of LV Formestane taste is def not great but its do able for sure. Took my first dose this morning followed up by another dose tonight only 1 m/L each time. Then took my ASGT 30 minutes before my work out with 6 sprays of GHenerate. ASGT taste better than its former but still not great. GHenerate is nice and easy has a nice taste to it.

    Workout :
    Squats - 3 sets of 5 - 135lb
    Leg Press - 3 sets of 5 - 200lb
    Calf Raises - 3 sets of 5 - 225lb
    Leg Extensive machine - 3 sets of 5 - 100lb

    30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.

    Thoughts : Def feel my legs will be sore tomorrow. Its been way to long for me working my legs hard like this. Feels good though to be back in the full swing of things of working out.

  3. Day 2 - Had to shorten up my workout today lack of time had to get sworn in so had to quicken it up a bit more than i wanted to before i rushed up to base.

    Workout :
    Barbell Shrug - 3 sets of 5 - 175, 205, 225
    Pull over Machine - 3 sets of 5 - 140
    Rear Delt Machine - 3 sets of 5 - 100
    Upright Row - 3 sets of 5 - 70

    Cardio - Elliptical - 45 minutes

    Thoughts - I'm feeling sore for sure in my legs after my leg workout. Alpha male feeling hasn't kicked in yet. I'm going to start adding taurine to my intraworkout drinks to help recovery speed up a bit. The Ghenerate is already improving my sleep for sure loving the stuff. Last two nights it has knocked me out in a few minutes. Wednesday i'll have full day for a good work out so should be better now that won't be rushed.

  4. Day 3 - Another great night of sleep on GHenerate waking up really refreshed and ready to get to work in the gym. Got up nice and early today to hit the gym, since i got a few errands to run later in the day. But got to love the ASGT getting me pumped for the work out.

    Workout :
    Power Clean : 3 sets of 5 - 115, 115, 125
    Pull Ups - 3 sets of 5
    Wide Grip Lat Pull Down - 3 sets of 5 - 100, 100, 100
    One Arm Dumb Bell Row - 3 sets of 5 - 40, 45, 50
    Bent Over Barbell Row - 3 sets of 5 - 105, 105, 115

    Also did ten minutes of alternating ab work.

    Thoughts - Work out felt good, my legs are still feeling the affects of monday so my power cleans weren't as explosive as i'd like wasn't getting under the weights like i'd like to. But overall i'm feeling myself get back into the routine of things. Hoping all the time put in will pay off.

  5. Day 4 - Loving me my sleep on GHenerate can't say enough how good its been since i got on it. Body is def feeling the affects of the week so far, sore for sure but got to love that sign. I uped my dosage of LG's BC+EAA to 4 scoops instead of 3 with my bulk taurine now just to help get through the workouts. Had another day off from work so gonna enjoy my time in the gym.

    Workout :
    Hammer curl : 3 sets of 5 - 30
    Barbell curl : 3 sets of 5 - 50
    Concentration curls : 3 sets of 5 - 25
    Dumbell curl : 3 sets of 5 - 40
    Reverse barbell curl : 3 sets of 5 - 35
    Dips : 3 sets of 5 - 45
    Skullcrushers : 3 sets of 5 : 50
    Tricep pushdowns with V bar : 3 sets of 5 : 67.5
    Dumbell kickbacks - 3 sets of 5 : 10, 15, 15
    Standing overhead barbell tri extension : 3 sets of 5 : 40, 40, 50

    Thoughts : Feeling good pushed my way through my bi's and tri's today. The pumps were really good, seeing more vascularity already. ASGT has been giving me some really good energy through out the workout coupled with the BC+EAA i'm feeling good. So far im liking the stack.

  6. Day 5 - Last day of working out for the week unless i feel the itch to go do some cardio which is a very real thing the ADD to work out happens alot for me. Its my favorite day chest day, i been lowering the weight to get my form back on track.

    Workout :
    Bench Press : 3 sets of 5 : 175, 175, 185
    Decline Bench Press : 3 sets of 5 : 145, 145, 150
    Dumbell Bench press : 3 sets of 5 : 80lb DB, 80lb DB, 90lb DB

    Do a variety of push ups also. 20 dumbell, 10 diamond, 10 wide, 10 close, 10 feet elevated, 20 hindu, 20 basic.
    Did 10 minute of ab workouts also.


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