Animal Stak Problem, please help

  1. Animal Stak Problem, please help

    Hey you guys i'm 16 and only weigh about 140. I was trying to get stronger so i bought animal staks but i accidently only took them for two days and stopped. I have had puffy nipples with rocks under them for a while i think because of it. How can I get rid of them??

  2. the current animal stak would not cause any type of gyno. It is non hormonal. What else have you been taking?
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  3. well the only other thing i took was a weight gainer pro complex but i have been off working out since then for about two months and i'm about to start it up and finish my 19 packets of animal stak's before my workout with weight gainer in the morning and after my workout. is that good and how could i get rid of the puffy nipples? do you have any idea?

  4. go to the doctor man, shouldnt have caused any type of gyno my friend.

  5. yeah thats what I was thinking about doing thanks


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