Pack it up, pack it in Let me begin to SLEEP with HGH Pro (Sponsored)

  1. Pack it up, pack it in Let me begin to SLEEP with HGH Pro (Sponsored)

    Pack it up, pack it in Let me begin to SLEEP with HGH Pro (Sponsored)

    Hello AM!!!

    Thanks to Anabolic Innovations Team and pembroke3355 to give me the opportunity to do a sponsored log of their new product HGHpro
    I used others hgh product before so i will compare the results of all of them

    GOALS: My goal while "on" HGHpro is FAST RECOVERY, SLEEP like a baby and up the STRENGTH

    HGHpro: Optimally Advanced HGH Enhancer!

    HGH Pro poses a number of benefits including:

    Promote healthy HGH levels.
    Promote deeper and more restful sleep
    Increase appetite
    Increase strength
    Increase recovery
    Promote clear skin
    Support optimal acetyl-choline production
    Control prolactin
    Control somatostatin
    Increase fat loss

    HGHpro (120 caps) By: Anabolic Innovations

    so guys i will start with the log on 05-17-2010 stay tuned.....

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  3. I`m Ready to sleep and you..................?
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  4. Hi guys

    Today is will start with HGH Pro the stuff seems very promising so i will train 4 days of week (Weight and cardio) without mercy yeah i know is hard but for me
    this is the only way to test the stuff and i hope this kick me.

    Goals: Recovery, libido?, Recomp?


    Rice (luch time and after training with disponsal glucose stuff)
    some veggies
    Meat (ground, pork, steak, Chicken, Turkey,Tuna)
    Juice and Fruits (only in the Weekend)
    Perform (samples)


    Fish Oil
    Krill Oil
    Collagen (for my joints)
    Disponsal Glucose Stuff

    So i will update later

    p.s. the real dose is 4-5 pills after bed? and is good take a dose before hit the weights?


  5. Hello

    The only thing i can say is AWESOME i drop 4 caps 1 hour after bed 20 min later i can stay with my eyes opened and BAM Knockout!!! sweet and deep sleep and today i feel refreshed but is curious i got an Alpha Male Feeling???? and my concentration is more this sounds good and i like this

    p.s. i starting loving this stuff

  6. Damn i like this stuff increased mental focus and lowered my angry....?

  7. Damn Tonight was DEEP WOW but this morning i feel like a crap????? IMO when the body not is in stress, training weight... the stuff works better and better but wow deep sleep and fully tired!

  8. I Wanna Play a Game....LOL
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  9. Yesterday i can`t sleep until 4 hours later???? i feel TOO ENERGIZED

  10. Ohhh Yeah Sleeping like a baby damn this soooooooooooooooooooo good!

  11. Maaaaaax! this is old but no one replied to it! So I wanted you to feel loved! hahaha :P


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