Nocturnabol & Subjective Reality...

  1. Nocturnabol & Subjective Reality...

    I guess this can probably be addressed by the AMS guys. I've been using Nocturnabol about two weeks now. I love the product so far, but I've had a couple of experiences that I wanted to mention, and see if anyone else noticed similar experiences. I've read that NB is supposed to slightly suppress REM sleep to enhance recovery by staying longer in the deeper stages of sleep. Something I've noticed about the dreams, and I'm sure this has more to do with a specific ingredient than the product itself. I've noticed that the dreams I DO have are kind of strange, in that they seem more like memories than a dream, after the fact. When I say memories, I mean within a few days, I can't tell if something actually happened or was a dream. Obviously, the nature of unrealistic dreams are that upon waking, we recognize them as such and usually forget them. My dreams are more like virtual reality or something. In other words, when I wake I am not thinking, "Wow, what a dream that was." In fact, within a few hours it seems more like a memory. This may not have anything to do with Nocturnabol, but I wanted to know if anyone noticed anything similar. There are some other things that have happened, unrelated to NB or any supplement. I'm still learning about them, but some of my experiences apparently never happened. I will occasionally remember something from my past, and believe at that time it is a memory. Then, I'll kinda notice that I never really thought of that before, like it feels too new or something, and it will sort of collapse when I really scrutinize it, and I'll realize it was a dream. Or, someone that I think was present during a certain memory will have no recollection of what I'm talking about. Some recent events have me studying this stuff, and I just wrote my Theory of Linear Time so I'm wondering if my brain is just working overtime. The other option is that there is no brain...



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    I know... it's whacked...

  3. My zinc b6?, magnesium supplement gives me much more realistic dreams, and nightmares. I spent hours angry at a friend but not knowing why until something jogged my memory and it was due to one of my zinc dreams. Also for approximately 30 seconds after waking I have still fully believed events in my dreams were real happenings before i begin to realise that they were just dreams, this occurs maybe once every few years of itself but monthly with my zinc supplement. I think this is similar to yours but not the same, just some of my experiences.

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    this occurs maybe once every few years of itself but monthly with my zinc supplement. I think this is similar to yours but not the same, just some of my experiences.
    Yeah... I have been taking 50mg of zinc before I crash, but I noticed this before that. Last night another very realistic dream. It feels like none of the dreams have any unrealistic events now. Nothing that would signal "hey this has gotta be a dream". Another thing I'm noticing, they almost ALWAYS take place in a different period of time, around early to mid 90's. The way people look, the places they lived, etc... That might have something to do with the confusion of memory, because those memories are so old and the dreams take place then, it could be a chemical mix-up. Last night's main memorable dream was more current though, had to do with an ex-girlfriend from the early to mid 90's... damn... It was a current image of her though according to pictures I've seen from family members, but I haven't seen her since back then. Was there something I was supposed to do around that time or something?

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