About a week ago I sent out for a free sample of Anabolic Innovations Motivate. The samples came literally like 3 days later, so i was very impressed by their shipping methods. reading the instructions it tells you to, "take 1-2 capsules for the first day to test your tolerance, a full serving is 4 capsules, and if all is well you may take up to 4 capsules a day" "do not exceed 4 capsules in 24 hour period". I was really looking forward to this supplement because i usually go to the gym after work and notice a lot of the time i'm really not into working out because i'm so tired from work and sometimes i skip the gym cause all i wanna do is relax and go to bed. so this product definately intrigued me. I took 2 capsules yesterday about 10-15mins after i woke up to test it out. cause i've taken other energy supplements and most of the time they make me feel like my hearts goin to explode. i then ate breakfast which consisted of 4 eggs, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast and water and then went to work. While drinving to work i def noticed a little more energy than usual, not like a shaky energy or "i'm freakin out" energy lol. But like an energy that you get when your on vacation and you wake up rested (if that makes sense...lol). i was actually really impressed cuz i didn't feel jittery but i was ready for the day. While at work i was a little nervous that i was going to crash, not like bad, but i was afraid because i have tried a couple of other energy supplements and i usually get tired after 6 hours of taking them and just want to sleep. After work I came home and decided to go to the gym. I debated taking the maximum dosage of 4 whole capsules, but decided since it was my first day i stick to what it says and only took 2 more. While at the gym i did notice i was into the workout more than usual, like i was focused on doing the exercise more. I also noticed that i got a pretty good pump from these pills. I don't know if this was all a placebo effect but i can def say that i felt different and was impressed. I'm def goin to try the full serving before i go to the gym next time and let you guys know. i would def recommend giving these a try.

If anyone else has tried these def let me know what you think , i'm curious to see what others are saying about these