Finaflex N.O. Ignite Log (Sponsored) - Cordeen

  1. Finaflex N.O. Ignite Log (Sponsored) - Cordeen

    Just received it in the mail and will start my log tomorrow. Quick question, anybody planning on taking this everyday?

    Thanks again to Redefine Nutrition for this opportunity.

  2. Final Review

    Like any good quality NO formula, proper diet and good training this product excelled easily in this area. I was filling out t-shirts that would have been lose at the start of the log. Within 2 weeks I felt things came to a stand still but I was holding an “all day fullness”. I caught myself flexing a lot more when sitting around and touching my delts because the definition had increased noticeably.

    In the weight room my in between set recovery improved significantly and I was able to keep it under a minute because the muscles replenished themselves so fast. Set 3 felt as good as set 1 which felt as good as the last set. Lactic acid buffering went up bigtime.

    When running my 5kms runs I was able to shed close to 1.5min of my time which I am really happy about. My anaerobic conditioning increased because I was able to maintain a faster pace but my mucles felt less fatigued and able to deliver more. All this while maintaining the same heart rate. On one run day I kept going for another 8kms because I felt so good.

    The mind muscle connection is nuts. It’s yourself and the fibres of your muscle I swear, because you can really concentrate on the movement in the weight room. Thought positive the whole time whether I was training or it was a day off. Couple of times it came in handy and helped me at work during classroom time.

    I should have added this category and tracked my numbers from the start for comparison, sorry. But I can however assure that all my lifts definitely went up not to mention the time I cut off of my 5km. Fast twitch and slow twitch improvements.

    Other issues:
    I gained ~1.5lbs which is normal for me on any creatine formula and added some size too. My waist line trimmed down some but I was following a good diet too. Friends commented on my vascularity and overall body improvements, particularly when I was finishing up in the weight room and had my shirt off. No really negative to speak off really. The creatine did not give me the diarrhea like some others have and it dissolves easily and tastes great too. I was able to drop down on my coffee intake to only 1 a day because this stuff was keeping my going. Libido/rigidity took a jump during the cycle too.

    This product easily performed as well as some of the better NO/Creatine formulas that I have tried. The stimulants are not overpowering and the ingredients/quantities are well thought out. It tasted great, mixed easily and did not cause any stomach upset. The price is right, the container is not massive like others that I have seen so you can easily get the scoops in and out.

    I really liked the product and would advise anyone to pick one up if they are looking for a straight forward formula in this category with a good kick and no negative sides. I may add get another one when I place my next order through nutraplanet. Thanks again for this opportunity.

  3. Day 1 (light upper)

    Mixability: Mixed just fine with 12 oz of water with no chalkiness.
    Taste: As good as it gets for a supplement. I like the taste and it will not grow old like some other formulas that I have tried.

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: I did high reps upper body and walked out with a decent pump happening.

    Endurance: I was doing high reps with short rest in between sets and I was able to complete the workout easily.

    Focus: Within 30mins of dosing I did not want to leave the house and go to the gym because I was having such a good time playing tunes on my guitar. My focus and clarity was spot on. Sure enough it carried on throughout my workout once I arrived at the gym 40mins later.

    Other issues: I had no stomach upset. I plan to take this most days and probably stay at 1 scoop, I realize that I may build a tolerance but I am willing to accept that because I wanna keep the NO stuff in my blood since I am running on off days and it really improves my endurance. This stuff deliveries a nicer energy that straight caffeine though. I may try 2 scoops in a week or so just out of curiosity.

    Day 2 (light cardio)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Most of the day I helped a friend move from one house to another. I actually had a nice pump happening from lugging furniture.

    Endurance: I did light cardio early in the morning, hunger stayed away and motivation stayed high.

    Focus: I replaced my morning coffee with Ignite in order to propel me through the long day of moving and it worked much better.

    Other issues: Same kick, simply a smooth rush with a clear head. No crash that I noticed, plus I was busy all day.

    Day 3,4 (light lower, heavy upper)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop each day

    Pumps: Day 3 I did light legs and stretching, things felt good and mind muscle link was there. Day 4 I did heavy upper body and what a pump considering I only did 2 sets per muscle group with a 6-8rep range. I did not expect it really because I was complete my workout in less than 30min. Good stuff.

    Endurance: Building.

    Focus: Still holding strong and lasting around 5 hours for me. This has replaced one of my morning coffees now.

    Other issues: No negatives to report. 5 KM run tomorrow as I will be starting back with running and preparing myself for some races this summer. Weight training 3 times a week now with 2 runs per week. Legs on 1 of the weight days.

  4. Day 5 (run day)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Like I had said I went for a run today so pump was not really applicable.

    Endurance: Up already. I felt so good that my 5km run turned into a 13km run. My muscles were less fatigued and lungs felt great. Good stuff.

    Focus: With my headphones on I felt good and thought positive the whole 13km.

    Other issues: Another run in a couple of days.

    Day 6 (off day)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Day off.

    Endurance: Day off

    Focus: Day off

    Other issues: Heavy upper tomorrow. Legs are sore from my run and I need time to recover. This stuff still has the mental and energy kick to get me up and going shortly after dosing. Still lasting 4-5 hours.

  5. Day 7 (heavy upper)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Heavy Day. Obtained another great pump in such short workout. 2 Exercises per muscle

    Endurance: Strength is up.

    Focus: Really noticing a much better mind/muscle connection.

    Other issues: I am leaning out a little and muscles feel harder.

    Day 8 (off Day)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: My muscles are actually feeling fuller despite it being a day off.

    Endurance: n/a

    Focus: 1 Serving in the AM still keeping me going for hours.

    Other issues: Libido a little stronger.

    Day 9 (run day, light upper)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Feeling fuller 24/7 and had some veins happening along with the pump after weight training.

    Endurance: Ran 6kms with a descent pace. Slowly increasing my pace and distance over the next 4 weeks. Arginine deriviatives always help my cardio and this produst is proving the same. During weight training I notice my muscles replenishing faster between sets.

    Focus: Stayed positive throughout the 6 kms run. Mind muscle connection is nice during weight training.

    Other issues: Up ~1lbs with some leaning out.

    Day 10 (off day)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Same

    Endurance: N/A

    Focus: Clear

    Other issues: Find myself flexing while sitting around by myself.

  6. Day 11 (heavy upper)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Same great pump. I was in and out within 25min and only worked each muscle group 2 times at 6-8 reps.

    Endurance: In between set recovery has leveled off now but leveled off to a point that I can feel the “flush” of blood after each exercise and within 30secs I’m ready to go again. Beta Alanine and Creatine are doing their stuff.

    Focus: Great mind muscle connection, this is improving my form bigtime and really hitting the muscle.

    Other issues: I am building a slight tolerance as expected because I am taking this every day but it is still lasting ~4hours.

    Day 12 (light lower)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Top notch.

    Endurance: Same

    Focus: I can’t over emphasis the mind muscle connection on this stuff. My form is perfect and time under tension really getting the muscle engorged.

    Other issues: None

    Day 13 (Off)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Full body pump present 24/7 now. Actually had a nice pump on after a session with the girlfriend.

    Endurance: Same

    Focus: Clear headed after my morning serving instead of my second coffee.

    Other issues: Libido is up.

    Day 14 (light upper)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Pushups galore…and I swear I could see my chest sticking out under my chin. High reps is where it’s at on this stuff. New veins and totally engorged to a point where people are commenting after my workout.

    Endurance: Something is “erasing” the pain after negative failure.

    Focus: Bring it!!

    Other issues: Skin feeling more clear and soft.

    Day 15 (run 5km)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: n/a

    Endurance: I am maintaining a lower heart rate but arriving sooner on my 5km run. Beta alanine I swear is the shiat!!

    Focus: My music and my breathing were one.

    Other issues: Feeling more thirsty than normal. Creatine maybe?

  7. Day 16 (heavy lower)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Could see more fullness in the “teardrops” of my quads after heavy squats not to mention the rest of my legs were full too.

    Endurance: Great, I only require little rest and still able to maintain good strength throughout my sets.

    Focus: Thought positive the whole time even though I am not a fan of squats.

    Other issues: GF commented that I am looking leaner and in better shape.

    Day 17 (heavy upper)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: One of those return home workouts and it’s a challenge to shampoo one’s head.

    Endurance: High

    Focus: Mind muscle still holding strong.

    Other issues: Pretty sure I have reached saturation as far as the pump goes. Now I am noticing slight strength increases from workout to workout.

    Day 18 (Off)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Full body

    Endurance: N/A

    Focus: Simply surfing the web and I notice how I am able to scan trhough websites faster and read quicker.

    Other issues: Libido still up.

    Day 19 (run 5km)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: n/a

    Endurance: Heh…I knocked 1 min of my 5km time. I ran my normal pace for the first 2.5km then decided to step it up and see how long I could hold it for the second half…heck it turns out I did the full second 2.5km at that pace. I was surprised. I like it!!

    Focus: High

    Other issues: Recovery is better.

    Day 20 (off)

    Dosage: 1 Scoop

    Pumps: Still full. I can feel tightness and detail in my delts when I lift my arms.

    Endurance: n/a

    Focus: High

    Other issues: I may try 2 scoops tomorrow.

  8. Day 21 (heavy lower)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: My quads were definitely full and the overall thickness to this point has gone up. They touch together closer towards my knees now.

    Endurance: Same short rest between sets.

    Focus: High

    Other issues: No stomach upset when taken on an empty stomach. 2scoops really packed a bang and considering I have been taking this stuff everyday I am liking it.

    Day 22 (heavy upper)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: The gap between my chest was so pumped I could easily put a pencil in there. Delts are showing more definition.

    Endurance: Good

    Focus: High

    Other issues: I liked the 2 scoops so much that I have decided to carry on like this. I would not dose too late in the day though because it may cause some insomnia. My strength has climbed more as I am benching 10 pounds more with 2-3 more reps. My weight is up maybe 1.5lbs. I am not one of those people that gain a lot of weight on creatine but the strength increases are consistent.

    Day 23 (Off)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: Full body and I can easily see the difference.

    Endurance: n/a

    Focus: Still High

    Other issues: Little sore from yesterday and the day before because I was able to push more weight, hence work my muscles harder. Feels good when you can feel your chest bouncing when you walk and it hurts to sit because your quads have been pounded. A good hurt though.

    Day 24 (run 5km)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: Full

    Endurance: I was able to shed another 15sec from my time for 5kms. Anaerobic endurance is increasing because my legs feel like they have extra fuel and not getting exhausted as fast.

    Focus: Still High

    Other issues: None.

    Day 25 (off)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: Great

    Endurance: n/a

    Focus: Still High

    Other issues: I like taking this stuff on an empty stomach because you can real feel it traveling throughout your veins as you start to perk up and your alertness is amplified.

    Day 26 (heavy lower)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: My calves are ¼ inch bigger and quads ~ 1 inch.

    Endurance: I could real feel these larger muscles engorging and replenishing right from the start of the WO.

    Focus: Still High

    Other issues: Weight still the same, up ~1.5lbs

    Day 27 (heavy upper)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: When I arrived home, looking in the mirror I am holding a huge pump. It drops within a few hours but I still maintain some of it.

    Endurance: Negative failure with every set.

    Focus: High

    Other issues: All good.

    Day 28 (Off)

    Dosage: 2 Scoops

    Pumps: Full

    Endurance: n/a

    Focus: Still High

    Other issues: None.

  9. I soooooo miss this stuff!!!


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