Hey fellas..... Newbie on the forum...
I wrote this on the bodybuilding forum, but no replys :-) This is my second say on the stack

After a 3 day injury I am back in the gym and have started taking the stack for the first time and let me tell you that I can feel the energy blazing through the roof...
I ate my breakfast at 8 am.. 4 eggwhites 2 yolks whole wheat bread and 2 turkey bacon in between down my pills... the masterdrol took forever to dissolve, kind if taste like fireball candy... 1030 got to the gym and the rage began...first a light 5 minut jog on treadmil for warmup today was my chest day... bench press 4 sets 12,10,8,8, dumbell press, incline dumbell press all different weights higher was 50 pounds cause my arm was still a lil sore from my injury.. machine press decline, cable press, and cable cross over...kept 4 sets on all workouts.. I would of done 8 minute of hitt on treadmill but my hamstring is still a lil sore.. if I did had to go to work I would of stayed for another hour cause i was feeling the energy... I think the only side effect I notice was disorientation afterworkout, like f I was drunk or something, but it only lasted for 2 hours.. body got to adjust..

it's only day one, but I'm looking foward for the days to come to see my end results...

will keep everyone posted..

my stats are
between 167 pounds
14 perent body fat, goal is 7
Age 30