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  1. Arrow Maximizing my pumps with IFORCE

    SO just got back form arms today and guess what showed up at my door aobut 1hr before my workout? all three of my bottles of Maximize V2!!! 2 from my DPS order and 1 graciously gifted from Iforce(props DAVE and DAVID!!!)

    so i scoop it at ~1.25 scoop, opening the bottle reminded me of raz lemonade SP250, mied it up with about 6oz water and boom tasted about the same as sp250 maybe a lil better less tartness to it, had my GF take a sip and asked what it tasted like...."TASTES LIKE LEMONADE!" as she licks her lips
    score a 9/10 for TASTE

    ENERGY/FOCUS gf asked if there was "that tingly stuff" in it(beta alainine, said yup, and she has like 1/4oz of it and she felt it. i got tingles across my traps, slight not like a 3g dose but enough to feel it, id guess around 1g of it, focus hit me about 15min after gulping it down, i was ready to rock the gym so i sat around anxious to hit it but talked to the GF (very rapidly speaking as when i get a good stim rush i speak faster) and was out the door. whole workout was face paced didnt get tired, even with less than 30 sec resting which is about normal as i do 30-45sec rest.
    energy 10/10
    ok so i usually have gatorade bcaa and my vitamin during my workout, but to assess the NO value of the agmatine i waited til my 2nd exercise of each bi and tri to see if this stuff agave a good pump, and yes siry bob it was great, i havent had arginine in over a month since ive been using a preworkout without NO boosters is it until this arrived today. pump was great, swole liek baloons but i could still feel the muscle contract unlike OTHER pre workouts that use glycerol where i get a jello feel and cant feel the muscle contract at all!!!!
    PUMP 10/10

    have class in a few mintues so i hope the focus carries thorugh i will report back about that tmrw, after shoulders and cardio, today was great, i think i found a new FAV as my Blood Pressure didnt skyrocket, i didnt get nausious from the stims and didnt have a jello feel to it,
    does agmatine have a building effect, the longer i take it the better the pumps?

    arms went great
    cable underhand pressdowns, 3 warmup sets 3 working sets 60lbs
    cable curls 21's 40lbs was working sets 3 sets
    tricep pushdowns in front to negate shoulder and chest from movement, 3 workign sets 130lbs
    DB preacher curls 3 working sets 27.5lb DB 10 reps 3sec negative
    hammer grip tricep push machine, 12 reps 4 sec negative 3 sets ~80lbs
    bicep curl hammer pinloaded machine 50lb/arm 10reps 3-4sec negative
    dips 3 sets of 10 to failure
    wide grip hammer pinloaded curls to failure dropset started 110lbs for 8, 80lbs for 5, 50lbs for 10, 30bs for 10, 20lbs for 6
    crunches and hanging leg raises, then postworkout to write my blog

  2. nice!!! i wanna try that stuff

  3. So today was shoulders, and man was i amped to roll outta bed and train today, i love new supps!!!

    todays workout,
    rear delt on fly machine, finally hit them right, instead of just flying my arms out like a bird i did that but at the end tried to pull my shoulder down alost like very slight lat pulldown. totally fried my Rear Delts did 3 work sets at 100lbs i tihnk

    DB lateralls with 3sec negative, im starting to think that shoudlers respond best to time under tension and not just weight as there are so many surrounding and assisting muscles for the shoulder gurdle....
    4 sets with 25lbs

    Hammer strength pin loaded shoulder press iwth 3 sec negative, went liht did 50lbs each arm, 12 reps 3 sets working.....

    DB lateralls from hell, huge drop set started at 50 for 10 reps of partials, dropped to 40lb then to 37.5 to 30, to 25, to 20s to 15s man that **** burns in all the right spots

    front raises form hell, started at 30s for 10 with a pause at the top, then to 25 then 17.5 then 12.5 then ten all for 8-10 reps, great **** on those!!!!

    superset of bent over shrugs for mid back and traps, superset with hammer strength shrug standing, did 3 sets no rest of each 10 reps a piece, with 5 sec hold at top on the hammer strength shrug

    AGAIN ENDURANCE WAS NUTS, i still feel like i could go another round but the pump fades after wokring sets, so i know my muscles dont need anymore, taste again was good did 1.5 scoop in 8oz, all i need is one rounded scoop and im ready to go so this wil be a 35-40serv supplement for me!!! wooohooo

    yesterday energy was still good through clas i took it at 113 started to wind down around 5 so taht is a good 5-6hr energy on this stuff, at 1.25 scoop at 205lbs, great ****!!!!

    wish vascularity was a bit better, and pumps lasted longer but hey no such thing as perfect but this is the closest thing ive had to it!
    really felt the Beta alanine today at 1.5 scoops, id say its around 1.25g/scoop guessing

  4. Love the detail you put into this!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  5. so today was chest, i had a day off finally on a weekend and man there were less than 20 people in my 24hr!!!! awesomeness...

    chest workout
    hammer flat bench press 4 sets with 2plates a side felt awesome today!!!! lots of slow negatives today
    hammer incline press 4 sets got up to 55lb per side felt really good today!
    freemotion seated incline flies one side at a time was doing 70lb for sets of 8-12 felt awesome again had my hand on working pec and felt the fibers contracting if oyu have a hard time feeling any exercise prperly try that out,
    dips 3 sets to failur mainly upright to help bring up tris.....

    again maximize v2 was the ****!!! awesome energy focus was unmatched, no tingles at 1 scoop this time.... pumps with the gatorade mix was really good today, stil here as i sit and type,
    vascularity hard to compare to others due to fluctuations in body fat levels
    very impressed so far.... love how long this tub is looking to last me,

    for me 1tub=6-8weeks!!!!

  6. $19.99 for 8 weeks worth of the best pre-wo you've ever tried?

    Yeaaaaaa buddy!

  7. exactly!!!

  8. Solid review noted

  9. Bump it to Two scoops....I promise ull never go back down

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    so today was chest, i had a day off finally on a weekend and man there were less than 20 people in my 24hr!!!! awesomeness...
    oh man u'd love where I lift.... 24 hrs..... after 9....there are like 4 people not including me and my lifting partner....Its great we walk in plug our Ipods in and blare whatever we want and just hit the weights....the cardio equipment and chicks gym are in different rooms no ones in ur way...i do live in the sticks tho

  11. not sure i could handle two scoops stim wise, but i may try it tmrw, just for experiements, 1.5 was pretty strong already, but as i noted i loved that my Blood pressure wasnt through the roof

  12. dude im from the sticks, but currently in the staes capitol so its different, moving back to woodland so hoping i can have my own gym at6am

  13. Did I miss out on the T's ? i have a log up any chance i can just get a T.....the red ones u guys have in the ads is hot.... lol

  14. awesome log bro im glad you are liking it!

    I just had a sick leg workout on MaxV2 myself
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

  15. rocking 2 scoops today for back on suggestion of cgoode

  16. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    rocking 2 scoops today for back on suggestion of cgoode
    Nice , bet ull force urself to leave the gym so u dont carefull two scoops might be like the Darkside....u may never go back

  17. Quote Originally Posted by cgoode View Post
    Nice , bet ull force urself to leave the gym so u dont carefull two scoops might be like the Darkside....u may never go back
    nope bot at all, was too strong for me, i was sinning so high i actually got lost in my workout, and acted like i had ADD..
    hammer strength high row 4 sets with 120lbs/arm
    hammer strength underhand pulldown 4 sets of 9 with 2plates and a 10
    hammer strength iso-row 3 plates a side for 3 sets of 12
    t-bar rows 3 sets of 12 with 4 25's and 1-45 on the bar, felt great

    pump was lacking today, but so was my mental focus as i pushed up a meeting today and was waiting for the phone call during my workout, and had to try ot cancel my memebership today as well so i was al over the place today

    energy was too strong for me today at 2 scoops, but the tingles were NUTS!!! again def 2g+ in 2 scoops of this stuff, BA seems to be a VERY legit dosage per seerving here....

  18. alrighty yesterday was a different kinda day hit sohulders and arms in seperate sessions, i was able to train twice yesterday....

    morning wokrout
    hammer strength lateral raise machine 4 sets 90lbs for 12 reps
    pec fly machine for rear delts 4 sets of 15 at 120 i think.....stickers are missing
    hammer strength shoulder press 4 sets of 10-12 100lbs per arm
    db front raies 3 sets 15-20 reps 30lbs
    hammer strength lateral raise arm at a atime drop sets from 120lbs to 30 in increments of 15 for sets of 6!!! awesome feel on these
    energy again awesome stuff, back to a heaping scoop i just cant handle the two scoops, sorry bros....

    afternoon training,
    holy crap are two a days ROUGH!
    single arm tricep pushdown 4 sets of 8-10
    EZ bar cable curl on rowing machine 4 sets 10
    incline bench skll crushers.... 3 sets 10

    i can never feel these anyone know a better technique, i always feel it behind my elbow in the extreme lower tricep not at all in the bigger part of the head that you usually see and feel

    rope cable curls 4 sets 10
    straight bar tricep pushdown 3 sets 10
    hammer strength bicep curl 3 sets 10
    dips 3 sets of 10

    concentration curl 21s 3 sets
    hammer strength tricep pushdown 2 sets of failure dropsets

    wow i didnt even realize how much i did in that second workout until now! damn thats nuts..... and i was in there less than 1hr.

    energy was hard to tell i took a heaping scoop but it didnt hit me quite the same but **** thats why most peoople cant do 2x a day, workout was still good and without maximize v2 my workout would have been horrible...
  19. Thumbs up

    Looking good bro. I've graduated up to 2 scoops recently. It's been over a week and I'm still lovin it

  20. Quote Originally Posted by Agent Orange View Post
    Looking good bro. I've graduated up to 2 scoops recently. It's been over a week and I'm still lovin it

  21. another stellar chest workout
    hammer strength incline press 2 plates a side for 10 reps 4 sets
    hammer strength flat bench 70lb/side 4 sets of 8-10 reps
    smith machine close grip incline 2 sets of 10, wasnt feeling it at all, all shoulders and tris
    freemotion chest press incline 3 sets 10 1 arm at a time, then 2 ets of 6 negatives
    dips 3 sets of 10-25
    high cable stretches doggcrapp style
    calves 3 sets seated, and 2 sets standing statics for 30sec-1minute holds

    again intenstiy was great, **** in the gym was bright, and i was in and out in less than 1hr
    still loving the stuff
    great job so far iforce

  22. back today!

    4 sets of pulldowns for 10reps elbows forward 195lbs
    hammer strength high row 4 sets 3 plates 10 reps
    tbar rows 3 25's and 1 45 3 sets of ten
    close grip cable rows 2 sets of 10 with 225
    db rows 65lb sets of 12
    db deadlifts 3 sets with 85
    very high rows for rear delts 3 sets to failure, 80lbs a side

    still cant believe the stamina, pumps are on par with most others, not the best pump ive had but still the best overall preworkout ive used!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    ...still cant believe the stamina, pumps are on par with most others, not the best pump ive had but still the best overall preworkout ive used!
    Great to see it working so well for you. I've been experimenting by using it with cardio and weights and when I play sports like basketball. It always gives me a nice boost.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions rep

  24. arms today, was out of it as finals for my GF are stressing me out a ton

    tricep rope warmups
    close grip smith machine press
    hammer strength tricep machine
    db curls
    underhand pressdown
    close grip cable curl
    skullcrusher curls

    basically did 3 sets of 10-12 some went higher as they were dfferent moves for me

    focus excellent stamina great, pump so so today, had a hard time getting them HARD and FULL but im sticking to cables for almost everything, my forearms take over for bi's and my tris have an insertion that is high so i feel straight arm lat pulldowns a lot in my tris, so cables are my thing, and that hammer strength tricep is amazing!!!!

    loving it, have moved up to 1.5 scoops of the maximize v2 and liking it better and better, flavor is by far the best ive had.... great formula flavor boys

  25. I get good pumps when i add like 2.5 -3 grams creatine to Maximize.....Im not sure as to the amount used in maximize...most preWO use around 2-3 grams....and i like 5 pre/post u good pumps


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