Thanks to Paul and the Muscle Pharm family for letting me try out the now line. I just moved, and have 1000 things going on, but I will try to give feedback, and updates on the two products. Battle Fuel was supposed to be in the stack, but I assume it isn't in stock, so I will just use the other 2.

Today is day 5 and so far so good. I must say the flavors of both are extremely good, being of a blue razberry varrient I believe. The profiles are impressive, are nicely formulated for pre/intra, and post workout supplements. I wanted to give somthing othr than JP8/ Nos Ether a try for a change. I'll get some details in here soon, and how everything will go together.

Monday was first day lifting in about a week n a half, due to no time. I did full body, and very sore suprisingly. Havent taken any other supplements lately, so this will be mostly just feedback from the MP stack in this log. I havent used creatine in a while, so this should be a nice welcome back transition for me. To be continued

Current weight-185

Goals- destroy everything in sight