Formadrol Extreme Mini Review

  1. Thumbs up Formadrol Extreme Mini Review

    Two thumbs up for Formadrol Extreme. Formadrol Extreme complements Natadrol and keeps the gains coming. I have enjoyed several Natty Testosterone boosters in the past, but none come close to Formadrol Extreme. LG gives you your bang for your buck and one bottle can give you over a month of enjoyment; of course this depend your dosage.

    My dosage:

    1/1 2/1 2/2 2/2 2/1 1/1

    Positive Effects:

    - Mental focus, motivation and confidence high.
    - Aggression fairly moderate (Higher than Natadrol)
    - Strength Gains
    - Decrease water retention

    Side Effects:

    - Dry Joints
    - Aggression sometimes to high

    My gains while using Formadrol Extreme:

    - After my Natadrol cycle gains are still sky rocketing
    - Dead Lift 365
    - Squat 350
    - Dumbbell Flat Press 90 lb DBs

    It is supplement like this that have kept me from using anabolic steroids for several years. LG keep up the good work.

  2. and what was your dosage?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ckozlgod View Post
    and what was your dosage?
    Started with two a day and increased to 4 a day and back to 2 a day.

  4. How did Formadrol effect your libido?

  5. Thanks for the review brother and glad it worked out so well for you.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rpm0070 View Post
    How did Formadrol effect your libido?
    Compared to Natadrol, my Lbido was high.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyIOSOS View Post
    Compared to Natadrol, my Lbido was high.
    Damn... I am scared if mine gets any higher! 8 caps of Natadrol and any hole in a fence is fair game...


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