The Kitchen sink approach (no ph)

  1. Smile The Kitchen sink approach (no ph)

    So i have this log started 23rd march 2010 on another board but i think ill get some more feedback etc from AM so here it is:

    so been on this this for 3 weeks now and loving the **** out of it. starting week 2 effects were very obvious.
    As of now(week 3) id say these are on par with 10-15mg superdrol daily.
    no kidding.
    power, endurance, weight increases etc.
    everything seems easy, faster recovery, very good sleep, recomp effects very apparent in such little time.

    just thought id share:

    1 cap daily TNA (divanil,avena) product. regular dosing is 4 times a day
    1 cap rebound xt mornings, though starting week 3 i stopped it as i have added in LG's natadrol
    1 cap morning and evening of now testojack(tongat LI, TRIBULUS,MACA, horny goat,ginsend+muira puma)
    2 caps morning and evening of viabal herbals' catuaba/horny goat wee/muirapuma/maca combo
    daily fish oil, probiotic and enzymes
    infrequent sustain alpha applications.
    50mg dhea mornings
    1000iu vitamin d (will stop end of the month as its sunny)

    diet consists of low carb, high protein, med fats, no processed food, lotsa veggies, minimal sugar etc, 2 raw eggs minimum per day.

    pre workout consists of a tasty mix in between usp's jacked and LG's anaundralic state.
    intra workout is bcaa+eaa.

    i added LG natadrol this week at recommended dosing, i figure it should be synergestic. ill give it two weeks to review on its own.
    if its a bust ill probably pulse 3 times a week superdrol on top of it for 4 weeks.

    its cool when a bunch of stuff gets thown together and provide some astonishing results.

    as for catuaba, upon adding it id say its best described as a great libido enhancer, slight effect on actuall mood and pretty much feels like a constant low dose cialis in its ready for war effects but without any of the nasty side effects.

    the others herbals are also most likely contributing the strength, endurance and recovery aspect.
    tna and rebound were used to keep any potential increase of estrogen from becoming a problem. but even then ill be cycling them every two weeks all throughout.

    for an all natural solution with minor liver stress probably and no shutdown danger, this is becoming one hell of a ride :-)


    one side effect ive noticed is a little insomnia and waking up to pee even though there isnt much to disperse. [email protected]!!!

    not sure if its the natadrol dosing at 7pm or the combo of AS+jacked. hmmmnnn, either shouldnt be a problem because i sleep between 12am and its a good 5 hours or so.

    i have it in mind if at the end my test and free test are still normal ill do a nice 2 weeker X 2 superdrol with prime/6-bromo/sustain and clomid as pct. aswell as repeating the above without natadrol for pct aswell since i seriously like how its going.

  2. Update from march 29th?:

    took a couple of days off on the weekend to recover.
    went back saturday with a vengance. most of my lifts are very close to my previous max.
    and some are even higher.

    it just all seems so much easier. just like superdrol but without the sides.

    i am giving this another week or maybe two. before i consider adding any more.

    p.s. the natadrol DOES seem to work, mild to moderate strength increases and very noticably enhanced endurance and stamina. i was really loving it untill i found out my sleep is disrupted. i wake up 2 hours after i shut eye.

    but...maybe this isnt related. i shall see.


  3. update april 1st to 7th:

    it is related.

    does anyone know anything to counteract the diuretic effect from natadrol?
    seems to hit me quite hard unless i only dose twice and before 3pm!!
    doesnt work for me since i workout at 8pm


    i stopped it over the easter vacation. and the excess peeing disappeared.
    i may just use 1/3 or 1/2 dose and see how it goes
  4. Cool

    update april 11th:

    2.5 weeks mark

    its still going amazingly and surprisingly too well.
    strength is up everytime, weights are up every time. i took 6 days off for vacation but kept the supp schedule intact. there was fun inthe sun and heavy daily drinking.

    I can honestly say ive never felt better.

    this **** is equal to 20mg superdrol a day, no bull**** whatsoever

    things ive changed:
    rebound xt is now one cap a day EOD one week on one week off
    50mg dhea is now week on week off
    sustain i have not used at all since last post
    catuaba and the testojack dosages are the same
    natadrol is out, at least for now
    trying out the following for a pre workout drink and loving them all
    * jacked+andraulic state
    * andraulic state gt
    and for intra workout:
    body mortar+extra bcea/eaa(LG)

    im almost temped to do a blood test for T and free T, but honestly would rather spend the money elswhere
    but judging by the size of the boys and how its sometimes annoying sitting at machines in the gym id say things are humming along beatifully.

    so im im 100% off the idea of any ph or aas in the future.

    side effects are nil, even the little acne i was getting dissappeared.
    libido, endurance and volume!! are all noticably up too.

    big thumbs up for this stack. and thanks to supreme dan for the catuaba heads up

  5. Update April 19th :

    DAMMIT. now im scared.

    my muscle strength has basically surpassed my nueral capasity for biceps and triceps. gonna have to try and do some conditioning and isolations.

    how can this be? if it wasn so damn expensive i would do total and free test + lh/fsh right now and see wtf is going on.

    all this and i know i have not been eating as much protein as i should. had two seriously buzzed out drunk weekend, a nice mushy trip, travelled got tanned and a tad shoulder burn. skipped training because i didnt feel like it etc etc

    yet nothing seems to matter. i skipped training wednesday and went on sunday(yesterday) guess what. personal best on each and every single triceps and legs excersice i did. and it was easy, as in i didnt add more weight or reps because i was scarred my ligaments or nerves may not be able to take it.

    weight is hanging steady around 90-91.

    only thing lacking is actuall motivation. not to train but to get my ass over to the gym. its like a struggle even though the workout is tremendous each and every time. thats why i am considering adding in some stims.
    perhaps a little more jacked into my pre mix or some adrenaline.

    seems like i will be ordering some more of the stack base ingredients :-)

  6. Update april 22nd:


    most likely from the maca and muiraa puima that i am taking. there seems to be a lot of synergy with any stims i take.

    prolonging their active time by 30 to 50%!!!
    and increasing the initial stimulated effect by a good margin.

    example being usp's oxy. having it with food now = having it on empty stomach before. i dont dare take it empty stomach to be honest. and i only need 1 for the whole day instead of 2 like before.

    regulare 25mg ephedrine hcl feels more like 40-45mg and sorta fades out so much more smoothly than the hurried comedown after 3/4 hours like before.

    heres the ingredient profile for the NOW testojack 200(which i dose alongside viable's catuaba/maca/hgw/muira puima)

    Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia Extract) (Root) (min. 10% Saponins) 200 mg *
    Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii) (4:1 Concentrate) 500 mg *
    Epimedium Extract (Horny goat Weed) (Aerial Parts/Leaf) (Epimedium sagittatum) (min. 10% Icarin) 250 mg *
    Tribulus terrestris Extract (Fruit) (min. 45% Saponins) 250 mg *
    American Ginseng Root (Panax quinquefolium) 75 mg *
    Panax Ginseng Root (Panax ginseng) 75 mg *
    Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum olacoides) (Bark) (10:1 Concentrate) 50 mg *

    the ginseng may be affecting this aswell.

  7. Update today April 29th :

    every week im adding more and more weights. reaching my PR in triceps and chest. and these pr's are from good old SD/ma-t days.

    really really pshyced about continuing this indeffiently.

    adding back in some activate extreme soon at 1 or 2 max a day for that little extra push :-)

    and some cissus RX to help with minor joint issues.

    and someone suggested a sports massage to help with my nervous system, which i will try. wonder why i didnt think of of that!

    i know the format here is a little strange but i wanted to write my experience as it happened so i hope its clear.

    any comments, suggestions etc are very welcome.

    for the record my experiences include the following:

    prime, activate/atd stacks
    pct incl: clomid/nolva/atd/bromo etc
    every stim under the sun incl clen


  8. Back from an extended weekend vacation of sun, fun and heavy drinking all day :-)

    and back right into the swing of things

    core supps used throughout:
    catuaba combo's+Now's testojack200

    activate extreme is on the way and will be added as one daily dose

    thats it for now

  9. starting weight was around 97KG
    now its 87.2 with a hella lot of muscle. very defined.
    if anyone is interested ill post my full cycle



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