Getting Crazy with Furious Fruit Punch White Flood

  1. Getting Crazy with Furious Fruit Punch White Flood

    Furious Fruit Punch White Flood

    Alright so I had the fantastic opportunity to try the new White Flood flavor from Controlled Labs. For those unfamiliar with White Flood, it is a preworkout formula with the purpose of giving the user focus, energy, as well as pumps. Many here are quite familiar with White Flood and review it very well, however this was my first experience with White Flood, so I will review it as a whole and not just the flavor.

    Mixability - The powder mixes quite well. I actually was heading to the gym strait from work so about 1/2 hour before I mixed it. Because I was at work, I had a cup, water, and a spoon at my disposal, but no shaker. Mixing with a spoon was perfect. The powder quickly dissolves, creates no clumps, and mixes to be a milky white color. Tomorrow on my next gym day when I will be mixing at home, I will have the ability to take a photo of the mixed liquid (I just like taking pics of products - HA!)

    Pumps - Wow. I actually have not used a pre workout in awhile, and I forgot how crazy the pumps can get. I usually get a pretty decent pump going every time I am at the gym, but this one took me by suprise. When I get back into the lockerroom, in times that I am showering at home, I usually take my shirt off and head to the sink. Ill toss some water on my face and sometimes on my chest. I hit the sink, and began splashing water on my face, when I looked up and the mirror and looked back down, I had to take a double take. I was looking BIG. I am getting bigger and bigger, but still small when compared to the standards of this board, but not big enough to overshadow the fact that I am still carrying a decent body fat %. I was quite amazed at how pumped I appeared. My muscles all felt fuller, and were significantly harder.

    Focus - I am usually pretty focused in the gym. I am that guy who is there for one purpose and one purpose only. The only communication that I have in the gym with others is "How many sets you got left" or "Are you using that." So as a base level my focus is pretty high. The WL did increase this however. I was on a mission to get all my lifts done with no fooling around. I went from lift to lift, without even a though of the outside world.

    Energy - Almost to much, but this was my fault. As many may already know, the dosage has changed to only one scoop. Now from my previous experience with pre workouts, I always felt they were underdosed. So with the White Flood, I figured I would go ahead and take 1.5 scoops. Mistake. This stuff is strong. I was in beast mode throughout most my workout. This sounds great, but at times can be to much as I like to have well controlled form while doing my lifts which means not tossing the weight up/down/up/etc... What I have taken from this is that 1 scoop IS where its at. I enjoyed the energy and know it should be pretty perfect at 1 scooop, and will look forward to this with tomorrows lifts.

    Endurance - I am usually in the gym for 1 to 1.5 hours. I was actually in there on the White Flood for about an hour, maybe alittle less, because I did not require as much rest between lifts as I usually do. I made it through all of my workouts not feeling like I needed to stop at all. Definitly a plus.

    And Finally...
    Flavor - Not what you expect. Usually fruit punch drinks taste pretty ****ty in my opinion. They usually consist of a very fake essense of fruit taste and are overcompensated by sweetners. With that said I was satisfied with the new flavor. It tastes great! It's not directly like the furit punch flavor you may be used to, but more a fruit taste. It doesn't have any bitter afterbite (like many fruit punch drinks) but rather was mellow enough to allow the flavor to be enjoyable. I do really like this flavor, but I might still jump on the Nutra White Rasberry flavor, currently 21.25.

    The only downside is when taking off the inner seal, I did spill quite a bit of powder outside of the container. I received the small sized 20 serving container, and it is pretty filled. However, I can't blame the spill on the packaging completely as I did tear into it pretty fast, something I know better then to do. The scooper was also hard to retrieve without digging through the powder, but this certainly was my fault as I had been traveling with it in a gym bag and it had been considerably tossed around in there.
    Just inject.

  2. been a fan of wf since it 1st came out, glad you like it too.

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  3. very good review! ive been using WF on and off for over a year now, always have a tub on hand. definitely looking forward to trying the new flavor.

  4. excellent, glad you liked the new fruit punch and thanks for such a thorough first impression

    in for more

  5. Sick keep these updates coming.

  6. WF is gooooood!!! I tried out my sample pack of the White Razz yesterday and had an insane workout in the gym!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Naberious View Post
    WF is gooooood!!! I tried out my sample pack of the White Razz yesterday and had an insane workout in the gym!
    awesome to hear!
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Illilian View Post
    awesome to hear!
    This stuff is strait fire! I have kinda shifted my reporting of it to the log in my sig, I invite you guys to check it out.

    The pumps I get from this product are insane, My last deadlift session even my forearms were rock hard.
    Just inject.

  9. Just found this and AWESOME review bro!
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  10. I just scooped up a 20 serving container of this to give it a go. I've got my fingers crossed.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by luelinks View Post
    Just found this and AWESOME review bro!

    Quote Originally Posted by mymilkexpired View Post
    I just scooped up a 20 serving container of this to give it a go. I've got my fingers crossed.
    I enjoyed it, very strong stim wise, which is always good.
    Just inject.


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