Nosnmiveins Getting Lit up with N.O. IGNITE (Sponsored)

  1. Nosnmiveins Getting Lit up with N.O. IGNITE (Sponsored)

    Thanks to the main man at Nutra, i was chosen to be a logger of FinaFlex's N.O. IGNITE pre workout supplement.

    Daily updates will be given on the following:

    Taste: (does it get old after a while?)

    Any further comments concerning anything of the above or something else noteworthy will also be commented on. My review here will be comparing it to Jack3d because i feel as if they have very similar ingredient profiles.

    If any followers have questions or concerns please ask and i will try to answer them the best i can.

  2. DAY 1 4/26

    Dosage: slightly less than 2 scoops
    Mixability: mixed great in about 6oz of water, only SLIGHT residue on the bottom
    Taste: definitely great tasting, after having tried many many other pre workout drinks N.O. Ignite and Jack3d are the only ones i actually enjoy drinking.
    Pumps: great pumps in the gym on just day one, did chest/back/shoulders and they were begging to explode.
    Endurnance: i loooooove pre workout supps, normally im exhausted after 40-45 min of intense training, but i was able to bang out a whole hour and got A LOT accomplished
    Focus: definitely intense, nice tunnel vision when preparing for a lift

    Other comments:
    I sweat like a whore in church!! i sometimes will take ephedrine for a little boost in the gym and sweat some....but i was dripping head to toe when i left.

  3. Stubed in. Got my log up to.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
    Comments by this person are their own personal opinion and should be taken as that. Unless quoted from a different source.

  4. Subbed

  5. DAY 3 4/29

    Dosage: ~2 scoops
    Mixability: mixes great, what i really love about it is the fact that there is ZERO foam or film layer on top.
    Taste: deeeeeeelightful
    Pumps: have to say i didnt notice much of a pump today
    Endurnance: endurance is great, i was able to get chest, shoulders and back (DC style) all in today
    Focus: really good today

    Other comments:
    still sweating like a whore in church

  6. DAY 4 4/3

    (I only dose on workout days, took fri/sat/sun off)

    Dosage: ~2 scoops
    Mixability: still mixes great, no chunkiness or "floaters"
    Taste: yum, the last sig tasted like sweet tea today....weird
    Pumps: havent felt toooo much of a pump from this product, usually the pump is so bad that i have to cut workouts short.
    Endurnance: short leg workout 2day because its a busy time of year,but killlllllled legs today....left the gym and my legs stil havent stopped shaking
    Focus: got it, did what i needed, got out....pretty good focus

    Other comments:
    Some ppl feel its 110% necessary to be in the gym 1+ hours, this is NOT the truth to growth. i hit legs hard and basically non stop day for 35min and left the gym feeling like i got a lot done in just that little amount of time.

  7. DAY 8 4/10

    sorry for the lack of updates guys, been hammered with finals and projects

    Dosage: ~2 scoops, will trying out 3 scoops tomorrow
    Mixability: no foam, slight residue on the bottom...really cant ask for more
    Taste: still tasting great. i swear the last few sips taste like iced tea lol
    Pumps: this seems to be the only downfall ive noticed
    Endurnance: still helping my push through my intense 45 min workouts
    Focus: still doin its thaaaang

    Other comments:
    Stim property seems to be diminishing so im upping the dose its a leg day


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