Tell em' again Pinky-Pink Magic Log (sponsored)

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  1. Tell em' again Pinky-Pink Magic Log (sponsored)

    I will be running a log of USP labs Pink Magic as part of my PCT from my Xtren cycle that is over as of tomorrow. So I will be starting on Wed. with the Magic.
    Not to get too detailed but I will be running jack3d, Pink Magic, and clomid in my pct.

    I will be dosing the Magic at 5 a day to start so it will last a month and will adjust the dose if needed.

    I hope for my strength to increase and to keep my weight around the same (205 at the moment) and if possible continue to drop some more body fat. My xtren cycle was more of a recomp so I'm going to try to continue that through PCT, we'll see how it goes. I will be posting pics on Wed.

    I plan to update everyday with my lifts and sets etc.

    I'm excited about what this stuff can help me accomplish

    Thanks to USP Labs for this opportunity!

    And a clip from one of my fav. comedies to start the log:


    Pumps: 8/10 - started off very strong but tapered off toward the end of run (about 3 weeks in). I'm not sure that this is an intended effect of the product but I did notice some difference.

    Vascularity - 9/10 - awesome vascularity. period. veins were bulging at every workout, much like when I am on Epi.

    Strength - 10/10 - I set a few PRs while on PM, I am most impressed with the 945*8 leg press. I think that most will be very happy with the result from this product in the strength department.

    Sides - My skin was somewhat more oily than usual and I was sweating like a pig during workouts. Nothing over the top but def. a noticeable side.

    OVERALL - 9/10 - I am thouroughly impressed with Pink Magic. The gains that I have made in PCT rival my experience with DTPC. I had no need for my Pre workout supp when I was running PM as it felt like I had insane amounts of energy. It was a great addition to my PCT. Once again I'll say that this is a great supplement and I am confident that anyone who decides to take it will be as impressed as I have been.

    I want to thank USP Labs for allowing me the opportunity to log this and I hope that they are pleased with the outcome of the log. Keep it up guys you make some awesome products!!! Thanks again.


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    this one will be interesting. Maybe the first PCT log with Pink Magic.

  4. Im en
    Follow me on instagram for:Workout advice and tips, Diet pics, Inspirational pics, And of me!!!! haha

  5. Subbed! Very interested to see how it works for a PCT as well.

    Best of luck to ya! I can't wait to see how Pink Magic works for everyone.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. following to compare results

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ticco View Post
    following to compare results
    sounds great. welcome aboard

  8. Subbed for sure. You know you have my full support brother!

  9. Eventhough I won't start the pink until wed. I might as well start logging my workouts.

    Today was back and tris:

    Slow/full ROM close grip pull ups: BW 12x4
    Pull downs: 130x10x3, 170x10
    Rows: 150x10x3, 170x10
    Bent over rows: 155x10x4

    Push downs: 130x10, 160x10, 180x10x2
    Reverse grip bench: 135x12x4
    Standing over head press w/ cables: 100x10, 120x10, 140x10, 150x10

    cardio: 30min.

    I would have liked to go heavier on the bent over rows but after those super strict pull ups I was pretty done, we don't usually do them.

    I took the jack3d that came in my goodie box today and man the lemon-lime is bad. It works great so I really didn't mind but it tasted like pool water. The fruit punch I have is MUCH better IMO

  10. "Real men wear pink" bro. You going to be mixing in some rainbows on your shoulder days? lol

  11. subbed, this should be very interesting to see how this works for u in PCT

  12. Quote Originally Posted by gymaddict20 View Post
    "Real men wear pink" bro. You going to be mixing in some rainbows on your shoulder days? lol
    Haha yea Mon was shoulders and my partner hated them! haha

  13. I have a few more variations I will show you the next time I am down there. lol

  14. Quote Originally Posted by gymaddict20 View Post
    I have a few more variations I will show you the next time I am down there. lol
    Oh boy haha

  15. Day 1

    No gym today. I have dosed the PM with food like the instructions say. Today would be chest but my car knocked off at my girls house so I am currently stuck waiting for her dad to fix it at his shop. Tomorrow ill find a way to the gym.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by n8te View Post
    Haha yea Mon was shoulders and my partner hated them! haha
    rainbows are sick.

  17. gotta join in for the fun!

  18. Alright guys ill be hitting the gym later today for chest. I hate to jump the gym but I think this stuff might have some type of thermogenic effect. Could just be n my head tho. Maybe a rep could chime in?

    Workout update later!

  19. *jump the gun. Posting from the phone again

  20. Quote Originally Posted by capnsavem View Post
    rainbows are sick.
    Ur not kidding bud haha

  21. Make sure you slamm some weights and grunt nice and loud while you there bro lol

  22. Quote Originally Posted by gymaddict20 View Post
    Make sure you slamm some weights and grunt nice and loud while you there bro lol
    I was at zmax tonite not planet thank god so there was grunting haha

  23. Day 2 chest and bis:

    I slept wrong on my shoulder so I didn't go very heavy on the presses tonite bc I wanted my bad shoulder to last the entire workout.

    Flat bench: 185*10*4
    Incline DB press: 65*10*2 shoulder didn't like these
    Incline hammer strength:185*10*1,225*10*3
    Wide chest hammer strength: 225*10*1,315*10*3
    Icarian pec deck (i love this thing): 60*10*1,100*10*2,70*15*1
    Flys: decline 60*10*4
    Decline bench:185*10*4

    Preacher machine 45*10*8,90*8*2
    Straight bar curls wide grip 70*10*3,80*10*1,50*15*1

    I had a little extra energy and wanted to did some pushdowns 150*10*1,180*10*1,210*10*2

    Workout was great, awesome energy and pump. I don't usually do that many sets for bis but for some reason I had a ton of energy. Maybe it was the pink I got last night or maybe it was the pink sup from usp.

    I think the pink magic is legit but ill wait a few days to make my official statement on that. Also, I've got a pic or two but I can't post them from my phone hopefully they will b up tomorrow.

  24. Day 3:

    No gym. Tomorrow is bi/tris then legs sunday. Feeling good except for this tummy nose that I got from my little girl.

  25. Cool stuff N8te, will be followin'.

    And whatsa tummy nose?


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