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  1. Talking Natadrol & Formestane Log

    Hi All, i am going to run a log about my experience with LG Natadrol & PP Formestane LV run together. I will be dosing at 4 caps per day with LG Natadrol and 100mg (divided dose) per day of Formestane LV. I will review after a few weeks and see if i wish to up the dose on either products.
    Support Supps
    Vitamin D
    Toco 8
    Liver Juice
    Acai berry & Green Tea Caps
    and Protein
    Starting measurements
    6ft 190.3 pounds
    Waist 32.5 inches
    Chest 41.5 inch
    Thigh 22 inches
    Calf 14.5 inches
    Arm (flexed) 14.5 inches
    Goals are to reach 200 pound 31.5 inch waist.
    If you wish for training and diet i can include that. First dose today, nothing to report except the excitement about what this could do for me. Lots of hard work ahead. Shoulders and triceps today. I was very happy with the first day. More to come. Cheers

  2. Not much to report, but no upset digestion or headaches which i am thankful for. This may be because of dosing with food. Looking forward to my workout today. Love to train the back. More to come!!!!

  3. Solid workout today, energy levels are good compared to usual. Powered through the workout with no problems and moved some good weight too. looking forward to what else will happen in the future. cheers!! workout log here on AM forum if interested!!!

  4. Following along, good luck!

  5. Non workout day today, Energy Levels are still going great. Energy all day, even up till midnight when i finish work. My workouts have been great and focus is amazing, which is transforming into better exercise form. Go figure but the focus is making me concentrate more to make the best out of each rep. You want to get your money worth from the products you use. My muscles feel more dense. Change in diet and workout routine is making me feel leaner. more to come, legs tomorrow cheers

  6. Subbed.

    Definitely an interesting stack!

  7. Day 4 today. I must say the focus and energy during workouts is being really noticeable to me. I did legs today and it was a massive workout. I powered through it, it was great. When it go to some hard reps i just dug in and powered into it. Very happy with the energy. So its early to say but looks like strength will increase with Natadrol & Formestane. Libido has taken a turn for the better, my partner was late for work today. General well being is good too. No crashes. Very happy thus far.

  8. Day 6, Weighed in at 190p and 32 inch waist today. Weight the same but waist down .5 inch. Wasn't expecting that 6 days in but it's good to see. Diet has been very tight and cardio is minimal so i'm happy. Workout today was a mixed bag. Chest sucked big time felt weak and frustrated, but then something happened during neg chest press. I felt more powerful. And the Biceps part of the routine felt amazing. Great pump and strength. No problems with the weight and i could have gone more i'm sure. Seated DB Bicep curls were the best i've ever done. I will increase Natadrol to 6 caps tomorrow. Formestane will stay the same at 100mg daily. Stay tuned next week should bring some interesting results. Cheers

  9. 1 week in. Weighed in at 190.6 only up .3p but waist down .5 inch to 32inch. I have increased Natadrol to 6caps, still no stomach issues. Energy in the gym is great, feeling flat this morning so workout should be interesting. Going to try and add some weight to some exercises today. Formestane stays the same at 100mg daily. PP Formestane Lv tastes good and goes down a treat. Libido staying the same, no noticeable increase from last week. Focus still excellent during workouts. 10 min skipping to wake myself up today. Looking forward to the week. Cheers

  10. Day 7 today,
    Energy Levels are still great, no lethargy like some pro hormones i have experiences. This is a great benefit, tops marks to LG on Natadrol I'm really enjoying it.
    Will be ordering another bottle so i can run it six weeks.
    Strength increase in the gym is noticeable. I am surprising myself, I think i'm going to smash through some PB's by the end of this. \
    I've got TCF-1 and Sustain Alpha on hand for PCT but I might consider LG for this too.
    ibido is great no dysfunction down stairs at all vs some ph's.
    So if you are looking for an alternative to ph's at this stage i would completely recommend Natadrol.

  11. Day 11, Strength was up again at the gym today. Vascularity is increasing. Especially around shoulders and even in my legs. Energy is through the roof still. Cut Formestane down to 25mg every second day, for estrogen control. Low estrogen related issues. Libido much the same, Overall I'm feeling more focused and my general sense of well being is great. Very happy with results as I'm appearing noticeably leaner. Cheers

  12. Day 13, Feeling better was a little sick the past few days. Natadrol still at six caps and Formestane 25mg per day. Strength still up and energy fantastic. General well being great as well. Focus is great in the gym, all exercise form is great, not letting any suffer for adding weight. My partner commented that i'm looking leaner. Definition coming out in my legs more and arms too. Should do some photos. enjoying this that's for sure. Cheers

  13. 2 weeks in and my weight is starting to move. Weighed in a 192.2 today and 32inch waist. Weight up 1.6pounds. Not bad for a week. Waist measurement hasn't moved but i wasn't expecting it too. My appetite in the last few days has really increased. Hungry and wanting to eat eat eat!!!. My shoulders, arms and chest all appear bigger to me. I will be interested to see measurements at the end. definition getting better. Energy levels through the roof. I must say the most noticeable factor is my well being, i feel great all the time, Not something i have experienced during Ph cycles. Top marks LG Science. At this rate i will reach my goals in six weeks. cheers

  14. Hi All, feeling really good despite the need to get to the chiro. I look forward to a good crack to get me back into place. I will be adding in Sustain Alpha by PP today just to increase the Test boosting effect and if i can ever get my order sorted i will be able to continue for six weeks of Natadrol. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Sustain will do. Focus and Energy in the gym still way up so this should convert into some nice gains i hope. LG Science is on a winner

  15. A few days off, a major chiro adjustment and a change in training. Its been a crazy few days but back into it today. So now I'm running Natadrol at 6 caps a day, formestane at 25mg and Sustain Alpha. I will start on TCF-1 to easy into a mild PCT with Sustain. Energy and Focus still great considering the past few days. Looking forward to the extra kick from Sustain. Today's workout was great, cheers All

  16. Beginning of week 3 and weighed in today at 190.3 with 32 inch waist. Down some weight but i expected that after the week i had. More Natadrol should arrive this week so i'll be able to run for six weeks. Had a killer leg workout yesterday with my strength and stamina being up. the weight increase was noticeable. I'm back into a HIT type training which i enjoy. Libido had an increase in the last few days more than before. Still no stomach complaints to speak of. Looking forward to the week ahead.

  17. Just a little note that vascularity through my shoulders is crazy, this i have never seen before on myself. I am becoming more lean as each day goes by. I think the combo is a great lean muscle building stack, the sustain has caused a noticeable increase in my libido. This is nothing to complain about. I am still increasing in strength and my stamina is great. General well being the most noticeable side effect fro this. cheers all

  18. I'm still waiting for my next bottle of Natadrol, ordered over a week ago so i won't be dosing with Natadrol until it arrives, the sustain is adding a nice edge too. Workouts still amazing and looking forward to the end results, I don't know why but my focus has been crazy good in the gym and this is reflected in results thus far. Libido has gone crazy (maybe the sustain). For anyone not wanting to deal with possible sides of Ph's i think Natadrol is the perfect alternative, top marks from me LG Science. Keep the good stuff coming LG.

  19. Still waiting on Natadrol, If it doesn't come Monday that's over 4 days without a dose. I don't know if it will be worth continuing. I think the sustain and Formestane should help bridge it because i want to continue. Workouts are still great and added some weight again today which i was surprised as. I am noticing my general well being is taken a dive, but that also may be due to spinal alignment issues. My body is trying to self correct with some cool muscle spams. But I'm hopeful. So i did some pics after 3 weeks completed. I'm happy with this all. i hope the pics work. cheers All
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  20. I hope your Natadrol comes soon

  21. Got my Natadrol today so for next 2 weeks i'll go to 8 caps a day, 25mg Formestane per day and 5 pumps Sustain 5days on 2 days off till i run out. On the upside i got some free samples with my order and i tried Napalm today which was awesome. I was on a mission today and nothing was going to hold me back. Great workout and focus, not much to report on the natadrol side because I've not dosed for 4 day. But today i weighed in at 190.5 and just under 32in waist. So only up .2 from start but down .7 inches on waist. Looking forward to the week ahead.

  22. Back to it after a couple of days of rest. Flu like symptoms yesterday so i'm feeling a little on the exhausted side. But i won't let that get in the way of my training. 8 Natadrol a day going well. I might try 2/3/3 i sometimes forget my last dose of Natadrol at 2/2/2/2. Formestane at 25mg daily. Sustain 5 pumps. I'm feeling fuller in my muscles, especially legs and shoulders. General well being pretty good considering my health. Focus at the gym is still great and energy still consistent throughout the day. I need more sleep though. I'm loving this stack, no negative sides to speak of, which i really enjoy compared to some ph's. Looking forward to putting on some weight over the next few weeks.

  23. Four Weeks down, weighed in today at 188.7 down in weight and just over 31.5 inch waist. Waist measurement still going down. Looks like Natadrol is a nice recomp compound. I'm not doing much cardio at all. Looks like my goal of 200lbs is fast disappearing. But I'm happy with the recomp. I continue to feel fuller. I did legs today and noticed more size just around the knee. Still leaning out which is a good little bonus. Natadrol at 8 caps, Formestane still at 25mg daily and Sustain 5days on 2 days off. Energy and focus in the gym still crazy and no negative sides to speak of. These last two weeks should be interesting. I'm happy with the strength increase which is going up each week. More to come, cheers

  24. I'm enjoying the combo. I must say my diet has sucked a little recently but i'm still seeming to lean out, Gain could have been better if i was on top of my diet, but the recomp has been better than anything i have used before and no negative side, which i'm really happy with. Natadrol at 8 caps, formestane 25mg daily and Sustain alpha (almost out). I may switch to Pyto Test while on PCT. I'll log that too. Very happy overall cheers everyone

  25. Well I nearly at the end of my second bottle of Natadrol, A few more days and i'll have results. weighed in today at 189lbs, down in weight again. But i have reaches my goal of 31.5 inch waist, So overall Natadrol has recomped well. This has been the best i've ever felt on a cycle and like i said before could have been better if i cleaned up my diet and wasn't suffering spinal issues half way through. Optimum condition prevailing Natadrol & Formestane perform well together. Results in a few days, cheers


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