i had the opportunity to receive a tub of real gains from universal nutrition,i would like to thank hoomgar for the pick and universal for the product!i am new here so it might take me a few reviews to make em good like everyone else as i am not as articulate as some of you but i will try my best so feedback is welcome!!

    ABOUT ME- i recently just turned 39 i am a bulker and strenghth trainer through and through i have been training off and on for about 20 years i played hockey in h.s so that and seeing arnold and dorian made me want to get big! i had a two year layoff and picked the weights back up in august of last year i started at @160 and am currently bouncing inbetween 220-230 with an overall goal of 240-250 by xmas

    DIET-i dont count macros per say but i eat every 2-3 hours and make sure im in eccess of 500 grams of protien a day,i love carbs and dont worry about bodyfat cause i can always see abs,so protein powders and weight gainers are a must for me..

    3.5 scoops per serving 618 calories,54grams protein,89grams of carbs 11 servings per container

    TASTE-i got the strawberry thanks to HG wich was delicious it was smooth and tasted just like a strawberry shake,the best strawberry ive ever had

    TEXTURE-very fine grain once mixed it was very smooth no clumps lumps or foamy bubbles you normally see

    MIXABILITY-i put this to the test and used my shaker cup instead of a blender and this one passed the test with flying colors a couple of shakes and this was nice and smooth

    RESULTS-i wanted to see what adding this to my daily intake would do without changing or swapping out my normal schedule just adding two a day into it, i liked the results- up two pounds in about 5 days so as a gainer i would say real gains did the job especially since it was 11 servings!i did not feel any bloat or adverse symptoms from this product..

    OVERALL THOUGHTS- this was an excellent product! i would have to give it a very high rating and will be adding this into my daily regimine, just waiting to find the best deal on a bigger container,we dont have supplement stores or nutrition shops here in bangor or anywhere close so unfortunatly i have been using the two products you find at walmart..i am trying to find the right company to order all my products from..

    INCLOSING-i would like to say thanks again to hg and universal for this opportunity and apologize if my review is not up to par or what you were expecting i am a straightforward guy and will tell you how i see it and dont sugarcoat or try to use fancy words to make myself sound intelligent or to kiss somebodys @ss or impress i will try to figure out how to link this back and thye bottom line is if you want to gain weight and strength add real gains into the mix and you cant go wrong-pete
    (PROMO) Keeping it Real

  2. Nice, well written bro. Thanks for linking this up in the other thread!


  3. trying and learning as i go thanks again!!!

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