Panther's FinaFlex- N.O. Ignite Log

  1. Panther's FinaFlex- N.O. Ignite Log

    This log is for FinaFlex's preworkout product N.O. Ignite.

    Thanks to NutraPlanet for the sponsored log..

    I got this Thursday but have been too busy to get to the gym and use it. Yesterday was my first workout with N.O. Ignite.

    First Impressions, Unique formula a little different than your average pre-workout. Looking forward to seeing how I react. Smell (if it matters) is good. Mixability, pretty good as well.

    Taste, not bad at all. I've got Tropical Fruit Punch and it's one of the better tasting pre-w.o. products I've used.

    For the past two days I've used it 20 minutes pre-workout. 2 Scoops at a time. So for, I've had two great workouts on N.O. Ignite.

    The pumps were much more than I expected, and they lasted a decent amount. No shaky, or jittery feeling like with some other products. I was definitely pumped and ready to go.

    If there's something specific you guys want me to address let me know and I'll be sure to include it. Thanks for watching... !
    And Thanks to NutraPlanet.

  2. subscrizzle

  3. 2 SCOOPS HUH?

    gonna have to find my sweet spot...

  4. Ok sorry guys, I haven't been able to get to the gym in the past few days because I live in Nashville and if you have been watching the news you'll see that Nashville is experiencing some terrible flooding right now. The gyms I normally go to were cutting hours if not completely closed.

    So far I've used N.O. Ignite for 4 workouts now. And will log them more consistently from now on assuming no more natural disasters prevent me from getting to the gym lol.

    My experience so far has been great.

    Energy: Lasting energy for my workouts has been consistent with N.O. Ignite. I haven't had any trouble getting through my lifts.

    Pumps: Great pumps, not as severe as something like SP250. And when I say severe, sometimes SP250 would give me pumps so hard I felt like my muscles were almost numb. Didn't like the feeling during lifts. The pumps with N.O. Ignite have been strong enough for me to notice a big difference in my workouts while not going over board.

    Crash: I have experienced no post workout crash so far with N.O. Ignite. I'm happy about this because it normally isn't the case for me.

    My thoughts so far. N.O. Ignite has effective ingredients making this a potent combination of supps. I'm enjoying the pumps and focus without the typical crash associated with PreWO supps.

    My only complaint. I've never been a fan of "proprietary blends" I wish they listed the amounts of each ingredient so we knew.

  5. Another sick workout today

    I have to say at first I was a little doubtful. It was slightly different then most pre-wo supps I'd used before as far as composition. So far I've been using between 1-2 scoops, I doubt I will need 3.

    I've had consistently strong/productive workouts while using N.O. Ignite. It is hard for me to say that because sometimes my body feels great, and other days I fill like a 10 year old trying to lift for the first time. With Ignite I have stayed at a solid momentum throughout my lifts.

    Pumps are better than I expected them to be. Nothing out of this world, but for someone who hasn't used many supps or someone who has taken a little break from pre-workouts this will definitely be an inexpensive way to get an effective pre-wo back in your regimen.

    My opinion, it's a cost-effective, quality pre-workout supplement. It's ingredients are slightly different then most others in this field so it sets itself apart in that aspect. For less than 25.00 you get 50 servings of a quality supp. Never needing more than 2 scoops myself that would mean over a months worth of workouts. I don't think you will find a better price.

  6. Couldn't let Big Beazy be the only one to take before/after shots of vascularity.

    Ok, 1st pic is right arm, I just got out of the shower in the morning.
    2nd pic is after the gym, obviously I've used photo shop to darken the back ground to isolate my arm, and make my arm look more tan so you could actually see the veins. It was so pale before hand it was hard to see, that's why pic 1/2 are so contrasting. Plus it was a sick arm workout !!
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  7. Subbed. I still got more pics lol!


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