Getting Ignited! Finaflex N.O. Ignite (sponsored)

  1. Getting Ignited! Finaflex N.O. Ignite (sponsored)

    Got home this morning and my N.O. Ignite was waiting for me on the kitchen table! Today was just an ab day but being my curious self I had to go ahead and get a taste of this stuff. Just went with 1 scoop to get a good measure of what this stuff was about, I took it 30 mins before my ab workout and the workout went great reached all the numbers i was trying for and plenty of energy. It's now been about an hour and a half since i took the 1 scoop and still feeling the energy but unlike most pre-wo's its not the normal burst of energy then a crash this feels more like a smooth energy that feels like it will last a while.

    Taste: 10/10, this tropical storm flavor is amazing has a fruit punch flavor when u first put it in your mouth followed by more of a cherry koolaid flavor when swallowed, the best pre-wo i've ever tasted

    Mixability: 10/10, all mixed nothing grainy about it.

    This is all I'm going to review right now, once I get into the gym with this stuff tomorrow I'll really be able to tell what it can do, I think I'll go with 2 scoops and see how that works out.

  2. Mon 4/26
    1st workout

    today was my first weight workout since receiving my no ignite. Took 2 scoops 30 mins before my workout. Felt great! pumps were good, energy was very smooth no jittery feeling at all. Really noticed the effects on my focus and intensity of my workout was able to push out an extra rep or 2 when it didnt really feel like I'd be able too. Was definately looking forward to drinking this stuff this morning, taste is amazing!

  3. im a peeper

  4. Stubed in. Got my log up to.
    Arnold Classic: 2009 - 2015
    Comments by this person are their own personal opinion and should be taken as that. Unless quoted from a different source.

  5. Weds 4/28
    Workout 2

    -Had 2 pieces of whole grain bread and peanut butter with my pink magic, 1g CLA, and 2 scoops NO ignite before workout.
    -2 scoops Nitro Core 24 post workout
    -Now I'm about to have a sweet potato and 6-8oz chicken breast.
    -After that it's keto until friday pre-wo.

    -Incline DB Press: Warmup Set, 90s x10, 90x10>DROPSETS 70x10, 50x10
    -Wide Behind Head Lat Pulls: Warmup, 200x9, 200x8>DROPS 140x10, 100x10
    -Machine Lateral Raises: Warmup, 155x10, 155x10>DROPS 110x10, 80x10
    -Leg Press: Warmup, 600x6>DROPS 500x7, 400x8, 300x10
    -Calf Raises on Leg Press: 300x15 3 sets
    -Preacher Curls: 95x8, 95x8>DROPS 75x7, 55x8, 45x10
    -Cable Tricep Pushdowns: 95(stack)x10, 95x10>DROPS 72.5x10, 57.5x10, 42.5x10
    -Barbell Shrugs: 225x15 3 sets

    Workout today felt good, had a great pump and veins were bulging a bit more than usual, Endurance and Strength were up compared to last workout. Energy still feeling very smooth, definately feels good! Ignite really feels alot like jack3d with a better taste to me, which is my favorite pre-wo I've tried so this is definately a good thing!

  6. Fri 4/30
    Workout 3

    This Pre-Workout is working really well with the pink magic,pumps are really intense now somewhat painful even. Energy feels great with the ignite, keeps me very focused and motivated hopefully it's not a product that i'll build immunity quickly too and I'll keep feeling it throughout with 2 scoops. Felt amazing, muscles are feeling really dense and hard all the time now. Went back to barbell bench today my numbers were really low but guess I'll have to get used to it again.

    -Barbell Bench: Warmup, 225x10, 225x9>DROPS 205x8, 185x8, 135x10
    -Underhand Grip Machine Rows: Warmup, 190x10, 190x10>160x10, 130x10
    -Front Cable Shoulder Raises: Warmup, 60x10, 60x10>30x12
    -Leg Ext./Leg Curl Supersets: Warmup, 220x10/140x10, 235x10/155x10
    -Calf Raises: 150x10, 150x10>100x10,50x10
    -Standing Barbell Curls: 125x8, 125x7>105x7,85x8, 65x10
    -Dips: BWx15 3 sets
    -DB Shrugs: 100s x10, 100x10>70x10,50x10

    Weight was up to 197 yesterday from 191.5, havent changed much about my diet just a bit more cals to try to work into a lean bulk, actually feel a bit leaner.Everthings feeling really good so far!

  7. Workout 4

    Got up a bit earlier than normal for my workout mornings, got my oats and a couple tbsp of PB in me as well as my PM, and a couple scoops of NO Ignite, then I was off to the gym.

    -Flat DB Bench: warmup, 100s x10, 100x10>DROPS 75x10>50x10
    -Close Grip Lat Pulls: Warmup, 200x9, 200x8>140x8>100x10
    -Machine Lateral Raises: Warmup, 170x8, 170x8>110x10>80x10
    -Leg Press: Warmup, 600x7>500x8>400x8>300x8
    -Calf Raised on Leg Press: 300x15 x3sets
    -Machine Bicep Curls: Warmup, 140x10, 140x10>110x9>80x10
    -Machine Tricep Extensions: Warmup, 170x10, 170x10>140x10>110x10
    -Barbell Shrugs: 275x12 x3sets

    Still feeling great in the gym, pumps are intense and energy is good. Havent really made any strength gains yet but got a feeling the weights will be coming up soon, at least I can hope, but my weight is on the rise without much increase in cals.. so somethings going right. Weight was at 199. The ignite is probably my favorite pre-wo atm, and will probably stay unless I build tolerance really fast, but so far it's holding strong.

  8. Workout 5
    WT: 199

    -DB Shoulder Press: Warmup, 80s x5, 70x8>50x8>30x10
    -Machine Flyes: Warmup, 205x10, 205x10>205x7>205x5+static hold
    -Seated Cable Rows: Warmup, 200x10, 200x10>200x6>200x4+hold
    -Standing Barbell Curls: Warmup, 135x7, 115x8>95x10>95x6
    -Tricep Pushdowns: 95(stack)x10, 95x9>80x10>80x6+hold

    Just had time for a quick upper body blast today. Converting my workout more into a full DC style and gonna start working on strength gains soon. The NO Ignite is still getting the job done, keeping me hype and motivated throughout my workout. Nothing new really to report, just still loving this stuff!

  9. Workout 6
    WT: 200

    WORKOUT: last drop set ended with static holds
    -Incline DB Press: Warmup, 90s x10, 90x10>70x8>70x5
    -Wide Lat Pulls: warmup, 200x9, 200x8>160x8>160x4
    -Rear Delt DB Flyes: warmup, 30x10, 40x10, 40x10
    -Straight Leg Deadlifts: 135x10, 225x10, 315x8>225x8
    -Rope Cable Hammer Curls: warmup, 80x10, 80x10>65x10>65x6
    -Dips: BW x15, 3 sets
    -Seated Calf Raises: 150x10, 3 sets

    Still get ignited at 2 scoops, plan to keep it at this dose for the whole run. Motivation and intensity in the gym is very high with the help of NO Ignite. This has got to be one of the best if not the best pre-wo, especially for the price! Its always kicked in by the time I hit the gym, about 20 mins after dosing. Has definately exceeded my expectations and has me ready for war after every dosing!

  10. i was thinking the same thing!!this stuff is potent.....i mean 2 scoops you blow through your workout and anything that comes your way and then some!!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by pdredman72 View Post
    i was thinking the same thing!!this stuff is potent.....i mean 2 scoops you blow through your workout and anything that comes your way and then some!!
    Yeah for sure, it's blown me away I honestly didnt expect to like it this much, especially when I saw how cheap it was lol.

  12. I hope mine gets in tomorrow =x

  13. Quote Originally Posted by votum View Post
    I hope mine gets in tomorrow =x
    yeah, ur gonna enjoy it for sure though, even at 1 scoop its nice!

  14. WORKOUT 7
    WT: 200

    -Chest Press Machine: Warmup, 220x10, 250x9>220x8>220x5
    -Arnold Presses: Warmup, 50s x10, 50x10>50x7>50x5
    -Bent Over Barbell Rows: Warmup, 205x8, 205x8>185x8>185x5
    -Leg Ext./Leg Curl Supersets: Warmup, 235x10/155x10, 235x10>160x10/155x10>80x10
    -Preacher Curls: 95x10, 95x10, 95x10>75x8>75x4
    -Tricep Pushdowns: 85x10, 100x10, 100x10>85x10>85x6
    -Calf Raises on Leg Press: 300x12, 3 sets
    -DB Shrugs: 100s x10, 3 sets

    This was my workout from yesterday, nothing really new to report on the Ignite, its still keeping me ignited! Workouts just fly by with this stuff, kinda leaves me feeling like "its time to stop already" =(

  15. I have taken it once. I am in love.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by votum View Post
    I have taken it once. I am in love.
    haha knew you would brother!

  17. Nice never a bad thing to find a great preworkout with a bang for your buck.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    Nice never a bad thing to find a great preworkout with a bang for your buck.
    Even with Kwik Karb it is delish...and kwik karb is gross lol.

  19. got behind on my updates been really busy I'll try to get caught up when i get home from class later.

  20. WORKOUT 9

    -Bench Press: Warmup, 225x10, 225x10>185x10>135x10
    -Machine Shoulder Press: Warmup, 155x10, 155x10>130x9>130x5
    -Seated Cable Rows: Warmup, 200x10, 200x10>200x7>200x5
    -Leg Press: Warmup, 600x6>500x6>400x8>300x10
    -Standing Barbell Curls: 105x10, 125x7>95x10>95x6
    -DB Tricep Overhead Press: 100x10, 100x9>80x9>60x10
    -Seated Calf Raises: 150x10, 150x10, 150x10>100x10
    -Barbell Shrugs: 275x12, 275x12, 325x10

    Missed my last workout log, have been busy planning a trip and getting all the details settled on that. I dropped back down to 1 slightly heaping scoop today and it seemed to feel just as good as the 2 scoops to me, so I may just run it like this if it continues to work so well to extend the doses on this. Still nothing to complain about here everything is great with the NO Ignite. 50 1 scoop servings that actually works at 1 scoop for the price of this stuff cant be beat!

  21. Workout 10
    WT: 200

    -Incline DB Press: Warmup, 90s x10, 90x9>70x10>70x6
    -Machine Later Raises: Warmup, 155x10, 155x8>110x10>110x6
    -Wide Lat Pulls: Warmup, 200x9, 200x7>160x8>160x5
    -Leg Press: Warmup, 600x6>500x6>400x8>300x10
    -Preacher Curls: 95x10, 95x8>75x10>75x6
    -Cable Tricep Pushdowns: 100x10, 100x10>70x10>70x5
    -Leg Press Machine Calf Raises: 300x12, 3 sets
    -DB Shrugs: 100s x10, 100x10>70x10>70x10

    workout felt really good today. Probably coulda pushed some of the weights a little heavier, but its the start of the week so didnt wanna get too crazy with it, think I'll start upping some of the weights real soon though. Went ahead and went with 2 scoops of ignite today, worked out a little later than normal and felt a little groggy. This got my hyped and blasted through my workout easily after that though!

  22. I havent updated here in a while, I'm in the process of a move atm staying at the in-laws until the house is ready Friday so things been kinda hectic here.. Not even really sure what else to say about the NO Ignite anyways really lol I love this stuff, one of the best pre-wo's I've used and comes at a great price.. Still holding strong Im not showing any immunity towards this stuff so far, I'm ready to blast through whatever stands in my way everytime I get my dosing in lol.


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