Quick Anabolic Innovations Reviews

  1. Quick Anabolic Innovations Reviews

    First off, I want to thank AI and the entire rep team for providing free samples and getting them out very quickly. I was very interested in both Perform and Motivate and the cookie was a nice throw-in. Anyway, on to the reviews.

    Perform- Honestly, I was very disappointed with this product. I saw a lot of really good reviews on this stuff and I got absolutely nothing out of them. I tried both dosing schemes with 2 AM and 2 PM and the 4 right before action. With both dosing schemes I felt no increase in libido, hardness, stamina, etc. Just as a disclaimer, I may be a bit different than others because I do take an anti-depressant for anxiety reasons and they do tend to knock down libido a little bit, so that may have had something to do with it. However, I'd still expect there to be at least a little bit of an effect instead of getting absolutely nothing. I would not purchase this product as it did not work at all for me, but I know a lot of people said they had good experiences with it.

    Motivate- Now this stuff I was really impressed with. I'm always looking for some kind of pick-me-up and this was great. I've tried Neogenix Velocity before and really enjoyed that product and I'd have to say Motivate edges it out. I get a bit more energy with Velocity with less pills, but the focus on this stuff goes unmatched. I spaced out a 3-pill dosing over a few hours and had a great 7-hour-straight anatomy study session. First of all, anyone who has taken anatomy knows that it's not a subject that you look forward to studying and it's one of the easiest subjects for your mind to just wander off and not really get much done. These pills have been my saving grace for this class and I've been popping two or three for every study session with a great deal of success. My one complaint would be that the energy doesn't quite last as long as Velocity, but this stuff sure does motivate me to get some work done.

    The Cookie- I really enjoyed the cookie. It has a very solid profile for a treat. If AI was somehow able to get the cost of this down a bit I would definitely pick some up. If you're expecting something delicious, this isn't for you, but it's definitely something I wouldn't mind snacking on from time to time.


    Perform didn't work at all for me.

    Motivate was amazing.

    The cookie was pretty good.

  2. Thank you for time to review our products. I and all of AI are sorry that the Perform did not live up to your expectations.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Thank you for time to review our products. I and all of AI are sorry that the Perform did not live up to your expectations.
    It's more than fine with me, I'll definitely be picking up Motivate. Thanks again for the samples.

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