Primordials Turinibol LV Results

  1. Primordials Turinibol LV Results


    Turinibol LV (60mg days 1-3, bumped to 90mg through week 6)
    CEL Cycle Assist (8 caps/day)
    Liver Juice LV (2 5ml doses, morning and night)

    Before stats:

    Weight: 189
    BF%: 11.6 %

    Week 1:

    Weight: 189
    BF%: 11.5%

    Week 2:

    Weight: 190
    BF%: 11.3%

    Week 3:

    Weight: 191
    BF%: 11.0%

    Week 4:

    Weight: 194
    BF%: 11.0%

    Week 5:

    Weight: 197
    BF%: 10.8%

    Week 6:

    Weight: 198
    BF%: 10.6%

    Weight: +9 pounds
    BF%: -1%


    This is my third cycle. My first cycle was with Epistane, which I was quite a big fan of. The strength gains were great, I recomped and I came out of it looking lean and hard.

    The Turinibol LV reminded me a lot of the Epistane, though gains came slower. My appetite increased quite a bit by week 3 and remained high throughout the run. I ate 2,200 calories per day which is just above normal, but I did bump up my carb intake to 80grams a day (mostly from quinoa flakes ). I did however start to feel relatively slugish in week 3 as well. This slugishness stayed with me. It didn't really effect me in the gym as I still had a very alpha-male attitude and my focus was still decent, but throughout the day I didn't have much of a get up and go attitude.

    The most notable difference I noticed from the Turinibol was that my strength went up (not quite as drastic as Epi), but my size increased quite a bit over Epistanes effect. With Epi I really dried out, got a bit bigger but much harder. With Turinibol I leaned (not really dried), but my muscles are noticeably bigger.

    My PCT is going to include Tamox, PP's TCF-1, DAME, T-Force, Liver Juice, Fish Oil, and x-lean.

    I could update with results at the end of my PCT if you would like.

  2. Looks good man, keep it up thru PCT and you'll have made some awesome gains.

  3. Thank you brother. Definitely hoping to at least keep the gains. If D-aspartic acid is as great as people are claiming, I think the combo of TCF-1 and t-force might even help me gain a little more through PCT.

    PS: I have 1-carboxy for prolactin control while on TCF-1

  4. Very nice review! Glad to see that you have very nice results overall. This really is a great compound.

    Thanks for the feedback!


    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  5. sweet. Looking forward to pct update

  6. looks good im starting my cycle in june...i amy start at 60m and run to 75, well see

  7. Quote Originally Posted by JN230 View Post
    looks good im starting my cycle in june...i amy start at 60m and run to 75, well see
    Would this be your first cycle? If not I wouldn't stay at 60 too long, and I would consider bumping up even further. I really didn't experience a many sides with 90mg. Didn't feel overly shut down. Just a little struggle with lethargy. I have heard that most people would have gone above 75mg with the pills if they had easier increments. But with LV you can dose higher without going overboard.

  8. woesome!

    i'm on with turinabol lv + tren lv right now!!


  9. Quote Originally Posted by felost View Post

    i'm on with turinabol lv + tren lv right now!!

    And don't forget that if you want to stock up on your favourite Primordial hormonals, NOW is the time, before they all disappear for GOOD! See Breaking News: PP has discontinued ALL pro-hormones!

    The Primordial Woman
    Writer Athlete Coach
    Think like a Champion. Train like a Warrior. Live with a Purpose.


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