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  1. Animal Log

    I will be starting my supps sunday night.
    Supp line up:
    Fish Oil
    Bee polen
    Milk Thistle
    Multi Vitamin
    Animal Mstak
    Animal Pm
    Animal Flex
    coleus forskohlii
    creatine mono
    pre workout jack3d
    protein ON whey

    I am between 5'9 and 5"10 and weigh right around 202. I am using this stack to add some lean mass, but and to maintain a good core. I have used the last week to get my diet on core, and i feel like it is solid (espically for a 19 year old in college). Overall i think this is a great stack for younger guys who are trying to stay away from PHS and steriods. I hope some people are on board for this one. I AM!

  2. I am starting this cycle tomorrow! i got the diet keyed in and my training program is great!

  3. WEll i dont know if anyone is following my log or not, but i am going to just keep going with it. I took the animal pm last night and loved it. I felt great this morning. I have taken my dosing for the day of coleus forkshill and i havent noticed much of anything from it yet. I have had a great diet today, and cant wait to hit the gym with Mstak later. I also took animal flex this am with a protein shake and man i feel great. My joints dont hurt at all and i cant wait to bust the chest today!

  4. Today was the first full day on all the supps. i got a good workout and my diet was perfect all day. I worked out long and hard and felt strong. I am just loving the products and i am looking forward to take the animal pm before bed tonight. If anyone is following please let me know! I think this is a great non hormonal stack for younger guys.

  5. animal pm was great last night. Woke up this am took a thermogenics(coleus forkshill), had a shake, and took my animal FLEX. I feel great. I am a bit sore this morning, but i pounded the weights hard yesterday so i expected to be. Leg day today i cant wait to take my mstak later and pound the weights. Three days into this stack and i feel bigger and badder already.

  6. I'm subbed now,
    def interested in this. I want to get some animal pm, ive tried mstak and didnt seem to do much for me. But so many people swear by it.
    I do take an animal pak every day

  7. I dont know if it is the supps or if i am just dedicated or both, but i have never had my diet so down. For dinner i hate two cans of tuna, and had a shake. Lunch today i had chicken breasts and salad. I feel so motivated. I am continually drinking water, probably over a gallon a day, and i just feel like a bodybuilder!! hopefully ill start to look like one hahah...GOOD LIFTING

  8. You keep up the diet and lifting hard and you will look like a bodybuilder soon.

  9. thanks bigjeff, and thanks for following my log. I am trying to log this correctly and make it usefull for other guys who love to workout like myself. I just ate a solid dinner of rice and grilled chicken. I am going to do some homework, but i just cant stop thinking about hitting the leg day. Almost through two full days and i am still feeling great!

  10. ALL i can say is WOW! I took the mstak and hit the legs today. I followed with cardio, and ended my workout with abs. I hit everything hard as hell! I did more weight on everylift. I dont know if it is my mind or these products have kicked in that quick. I feel amazing and cant wait to hit the back/shoulders tomorrow. Just to give you and idea a few weeks ago i did 405 on squat once, today i did 395 for 5 and that was after about 4 DEEP HEAVY SETS!

  11. Took animal Pm last night, and slept pretty good. I woke up and i feel like i have more energy. My recovery is deff up because i am not very sore at all, and normally i would be much more sore. ALso the attitude is still at the peak! I cant wait to hit the weights! Back and shoulders!

  12. those are some legit squat numbers bro. awesome job

  13. Yea i am a thick guy, so squating has been fairly easy for me. I really emphasize form on my squat and normally go below 90 or till the bar hits the rack then back up. Seems extreme, but it is worth the extra burn. I also got a knee surgery a few years back so I have always wanted to not make that an excuse to why i wasnt good at squat so i pushed my legs hard when i hit them. That being said i CANNOT WAIT TO HIT THE GYM TODAY! WOW! I am fired up! GO Mstak!

  14. Did shoulder and back today! Great workouts! I didnt notice any strength gains, but i did notice that I COULDNT STOP! I did what some would call POUND IT! I am very happy with the products i am using and Cant wait for next week to really see the results kicking IN! Might Run this stack again back to back!? what do you guys think!?

  15. hell yeah man sounds good. Im glad to see such a positive attitude. keep that up and youll attain all your goals. Id run this all back to back, but just once then give it a two week break (still keeping in your multi, fish, joint, creatine, col. for.) then hop back on the rest again.

  16. hell ya bro i will see how i feel at the end of week two and make a decision. SUMMER IS NOT FAR AWAY TIME TO GET BIGG!!

  17. just one more week of school for me. i hate finals

  18. Damn man that nice. I got 5 weeks left, and yes i am in college haha it kinda sucks. It keeps me scheduled though. O well i just took the PM so i am going to crash. Time to SLEEP AND GROW.

  19. taking mine in a few. HW is still heavy

  20. Slept well last night, a bit wrestles at times but i think its just cause i got **** on my mind with school and all. When i got up i wasnt sore at all and i BUSTED it yesterday so i am very happy with my recovery. My diet is freaking GREAT, these products keep me going and make me want to EAT healthy. Today is my cardio,abs, and off day. i might to some light chest just because i feel so good that i think a few sets of light flys wont hurt at all. SO far so good!

  21. Hmmm interesting Bee pollen haha
    Follow me on instagram for:Workout advice and tips, Diet pics, Inspirational pics, And of me!!!! haha

  22. haha f u MAN jk i just threw that in cause i had a bottle and it helps overall health so i thought what the hell. ANYWAYs i did a light chest today and hit the cardio and abs hard. i did my workout late at night due to my class schedule but damn it didnt matter i felt great! I feel bigger, more defined, and i feel like i am getting a bit of the "roid stare" at the gym. All these guys keep watching me do lifts wonder what i am taking hahah! Some of it might just be me hoping im getting bigger, but i am loving this stack! SHOUT OUT TO ANIMAL!

  23. Well Day 5 into taking this stack! I am hitting ARM day today and i cant wait! I have ate clean and alot all week. I feel good! ill let you guys know how the arm day goes!

  24. Finally found your log. Looks like you are putting in some serious work.

  25. yes, i gave some serious dedication to this stack. I am thankful for you input. After using this stack my weights have all gone up. I benched 260 for 3 on incline bench press. I touched my chest, and it felt great. I am only 199lbs so that if very good IMO for incline. These products also have given me an extreme look of definition. I have picked my diet up and have also added cardio. Great Stack!


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