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  1. chest day today last week of mstak. Animal pm made me sleep like a baby. The longer you take this stuff the better it makes you sleep. I had a ****ty diet this weekend cause i was at home for the weekend so i had two cheat meals. It amazing tho i cheat then take mstak or pm later and feel great!

  2. well had a great workout broke some records. PR 265 for 3 on incline. I did 4 by 3 on incline then went to flat bench. I got a PR on flat bench of 280 for 3. This was a PR for me and i did incline first!! I cant imagine what i would be like fresh! Great stuff.

  3. man, you are almost as strong at incline as flat bench. My incline numbers are tiny compared to flat. Good Job!

  4. Subb'd in here to see the results. Rock it!

  5. slept like a baby the last two nights on animal pm. Wake up and feel great. Alil sore, but not bad near as much as a should be. These are natural products not gear so i am very happy with the recomp. I will hit the legs today, but not till later tonight. Cant wait.

  6. and bigjeff, my incline is not as good as my flat its just that my flat bench is down a bit cause i did all of incline first then flat. If i was to just do flat i prob could get 300 for 3 atleast now that i used this stack.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by at1010 View Post
    animal pm really gave me some crazy dreams last night. I felt like an alpha male cause they were all about fighting and ****ing.
    Quote Originally Posted by B Con View Post
    I love it.
    Hell yeah.

  8. So where's the rest of the log?! Have your numbers continued to climb? Sounds like you were going strong there for a couple of weeks, let us know how youve been progressing.

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  9. Hey man sorry i got really busy with school and didnt finish the log. I have finished all my supps up except the flex. My numbers steadily increased on all the supps, not to mention i am in a cut now and had increased my cardio a lot. I am the most defined in my life. I feel great, and have sen major changes in my appreance in the past 3 weeks. I will use animal mstak at the end of the summer when i begin to bulk again and i cant wait!


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