NutraPro™ Advanced Hydrodispersed Whey Protein

NutraPro from NutraPlanet - $29.99 -

What I got!

** This is my unbiased review. All the Nutrapro proteins i sampled had very similar traits. This probably means they all came from the same mother and then had flavors added. The similarities include mixability, texture, mouthfeel, gastro-comfort and in most cases, sweetness. Note that i used water for all the flavors. This would be the fairest way to judge the flavors since milk tends to impart its own taste to a shake. I also used the entire baggie of powder(1 bag = 1.5 scoops) per 8oz water.

•Mixability is Excellent. Almost safe to say no other protein in the market mixes as well. Whether with shaker or fork, they all dispersed like salt/sugar in water. Very little to no residue left over. Highly instantized. See pic.

•Light, fresh scent to them. Pretty consistent with flavor in question.

•No gastric discomfort for me from the protein. Since they mix thin, it don't feel heavy in yo' tummy too.

•Light to very-light sweetness to all the powders. If you like heavy tastes, textured, thick shakes, you might not dig this.

•One word to describe the entire flavor profile = safe. What i mean by that is that they will most probably be good for everyone out there. No one will say they can't stand it, or that they hate it. However, by playing so safe with the flavors can also mean it won't be a real contender when judged by taste. Its not groundbreaking taste but its something you can drink day in and day out. IMO they could go bolder with the flavoring.

•The fact that the resultant mixture is so thin means this is great for additions. I have not seen another protein powder mix as thin as this, ever. There must have been no added gums to this formula at all. For me thats a big plus. You can add and make your own gainer/mrp blend without having to add more liquids.

•Profile and price wise, its as competitive as any other out there. 80 servings, around $30, 22gm protein. A tub will go a long way.

•All the powders tasted close to what they were labelled but, below are my points for each, out of a max of 10(more like out of 9 coz nothing would score a 10 except the real, actual food). I would like to reiterate that none of them tasted bad(far from it) so a lower score just means the taste fell further from my expectation of that flavor, while a higher score means it was closer to the bullseye for that flavor.

Cookies Cream - 6.5
Cookie Dough - 6.5
Orange Cream - 7.5
Vanilla - 6.5
Chocolate - 7
Choc Peanut Butter - 7.5
Peanut Butter - 7.5

**Big thanks to Sam and company for sending this out for me to review!