Hey guys, I just wanted to post some impressions on this impressive profile protein powder. First of all let me list the nutritional info:

I have tried this powder with both water and milk and the following will state my opinions:

1.5 scoops w/ 8-10oz water: Mixability with simply a shaker and about 20 seconds of elbow grease does the trick damn well. No clumps, VERY fine and perfect mix. The flavor is not great, and for some reason with water, I get a serious chemical aftertaste which seems to linger. Overall with water I would rate the protein at a 6/10 for taste while the profile and macros get a 10/10.. this is a well engineered powder.

MILK: THIS is where the strawberry hydrowhey shines. Milk brings out the strawberry flavor! It is the key to the delicious smoothie like flavor that is released which for some reason water is NOT capable of doing. Again, mixability and consistency with milk is a solid 10/10 and now the taste rating in my opinion with 2% reduced fat milk goes up to about an 8/10 which in my opinion is what most low carb, low fat and calorie protein powders are at.

I would definitely look into this blend if you are looking for this exact range of macros into your diet and goals but I personally prefer a little higher fat and calorie content in my shakes.

Thanks and hope this was a little bit informative.