Labrada Cookie Rolls!!! OMFGx3

  1. Labrada Cookie Rolls!!! OMFGx3

    So I got two of each flavor of these bad boys, not expecting what I got.....

    Chocolate Chip:
    Taste: 9/10
    Very good cookie dough flavor, chocolate chips were sweet, but not overpowering.

    Iced Brownie:
    Taste: 8/10
    Strong chocolate flavor, but still an odd hint of that weird protein bar flavor. Icing was tits.

    Cinnamon Roll:
    Taste: HOLY****100/10
    If you have ever had Cinnamon buns Ben and Jerrys it is almost the same flavor, but in a bar. I honestly think this beats any candy bar I have ever eaten. I used to be a fat kid, and these bad boys wouldve pleased me to no end back then, and they kick so much ass. UNBELIEVEABLE.


    Texture: 9/10
    Soft and Chewy, very different from most bars Ive tried.

    Profile: 7/10
    Meh, its got a good bit of sugar, but a decent amount of protein per bar and who gives a **** they are awesome.

    Hot or Not:
    Tried all three microwaved and not microwaved. 110% better microwaved, makes it a gooey texture and makes the whole house smell like someone just made cookies/brownies/cinnamon rolls.

    Choc Chip: 9/10
    Iced Brownie: 8/10
    Cinnamon Roll: BUYITNOW/10

  2. I've had the iced brownie and it's good. Cinnamon roll is next!

  3. Yea, Cinnemon Roll is amazing, I bought a box about a month ago, getting ready to get another. PRetty damn good in the microwave too

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