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    Alright so I have been looking at many forums trying to see how well this works. I have not seen anything after 2009 so there is some time from then and now so I ordered the stack from body builder for myself. The stack came in today 19APR2010 so I will be starting the cycle tomorrow. I have tried many supplements in my time, which is two years now I have not found many that do what they claim. I am not here to represent any company or supplement so I will name a few that I have taken. I am hoping that this stack will do what other people have said it does and keep my progress posted on here at least once a day. I will have pictures ready for when they allow me to post them starting day 1 to day 30. Anyone that has taken it is more than welcome to let me know how they did and what kind of results they saw. I will post more soon.

  2. Ok so first day on the trifecta stack is going good. Cant actually say that it has been doing anything because itís the first day, but I will say this the flavor of masterdrol xl is not bad at all. It has a minty taste and also it feels like it numbs your tongue in the process which is ok after a little while. I will post more after the end of the week and post the results after week 1.

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    I wanna see how you fair on this stack. Thinking of trying it myself. I just can't seem to decide, yet.. Give the weights hell man.

  4. Btw, what are your training schedule, diet, goals???

  5. hey man I have just finished a cycle of it Im from canada so this is the first ph Ive tried but ive tried everything else ie creatine no explode etc.... this is by far the best thing ive ever done well on the stack my muscles were literally rock hard people said it was kind of scarry lol strength went way up on all lifts except bench for some reason probably my own fault. I stayed the same weight but my muscles got fuller and I look bigger and more defined (probably lost body fat). The first week and a half was rough i puked one morning which was probably the yohimbe in the mdrol but i was fine once my body got used to it. strength gains remained after the formadrol but my muscles arent freakishly hard any more. imo tho well worth the money I just ordered two more cycles im thinking of doing 6 mdrol/day instead of four and im going to do a 6 week cycle instead of 4. if you have any other questions about my cycle let me know

  6. trifecta was my first stack, gained no weight, lost 2%bf. Will try something else next time.


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