New NutraPro Flavors Reviewed! *WARNING* food p0rn!

  1. New NutraPro Flavors Reviewed! *WARNING* food p0rn!

    Was lucky enough to be chosen to be a taste tester for the new flavors. Being 10 weeks into my contest prep with 3.5 weeks to go; it will be a nice treat to try something new without effecting my diet!

    I really liked zodiiac523 outline so I borrowed it.

    Cookie Dough
    9 out of 10 times this is the type of ice cream I choose at the store; though
    I have to admit as good as this sounds I really did not have high hopes for it as a protein powder; this would be one of those flavors I would never buy without trying first.
    Having said that and being 10 weeks into prep, I woke up this morning performed my 20 minutes of morning cardio. During prep the morning breakfast shake is my favorite meal of the day. I prepared it in the blender with 6oz of water, and the protein powder began steadily mixing into the water on its own. I then added my mct oil and let it blend for 2-3 minutes. This adds a lot of air to it and helps to fill me up! First thing I noticed is that none of the protein powder sticks to the sides of the blender!
    Mix - 9.5/10 only reason it doesn't get a 10 is because my ibcaas mix better. :P
    Smell - n/a maybe because its allergy season but I really didn't smell much.
    Taste - 9/10 They really nailed the cookie dough taste on this! With no weird aftertastes. when I pick up the 5lber of this I will get some Chocamine to add to it for more of the ice cream flavor
    Texture - 0/10 Yes, I realize its not ice cream but I was really hoping to get a chunk of cookie dough to chew on!
    Overall - I highly recommend it! But you might want to pick up another flavor as well to keep things mixed up.

    Choc Peanut Butter Awesome, very smooth rich taste. I happen to have a few pounds of ATW Choc peanut butter and was able to compare the two. Nutra had more of a peanut butter taste to it, and I thought ATW was a little sweeter, and mixed thicker.
    Mix - 9.5!
    Smell - I really cant smell much.
    Taste - 10 I'm not even a peanut butter fan and the taste is great. I cant wait to get off my diet so I can make ice cream and frozen yogurt milk shakes out of these.
    Overall - Great protein powder. Would highly recommend it!

    Peanut Butter

    This one surprised me with being very mild. I was expecting this to be like a shotgun blast to the mouth of peanut butter goodness; but found it to be very mild and not at all overwhelming.

    Mix - Great
    Smell - like peanut butter
    Taste - 7/10 could use a little more flavor.
    Overall -
    Overall its good, and if you "like" peanut butter but aren't a huge fan you will like this one for the mild taste.

    Cookies N Cream

    I'm a huge cookies and cream fan, one of my favorite cheat meals is smashing Oreos in some vanilla ice cream, and then pouring a little milk ontop making a cookies and cream cereal out of it. (I'm a fat kid at heart)
    Mix - Perfect.
    Smell - Had a desirable smell to it.
    Taste -[/B] 5/10
    Overall - I had high hopes for this one. It could just be me but I had to really concentrate on tasting the cookie flavor. If someone handed me this shake and asked me what flavor it was I would not have guessed cookies n cream. Having said that it was still delicious; but NP set some pretty high standards with the other flavors I have tried and this one does not come close.

    Remember when you where a kid or even now and you went to the soda shop and they had the big Orange Julius machine siring up all the orange juice mixing in the magical pixie dust that made them taste so damn good. Well your in luck because NP Nailed it and made it into a protein powder.
    Mix - 9.5 Same as the others
    Smell - 10 This one i could actually smell and it smells like sweet oranges!
    Taste - 10
    Overall - 10! About half way through it I add in some vanilla NutraPro thinking it would give it a creamsicle taste. Well it didn't, but was still good.

  2. Solid summary, thanks. Looking forward to bringing in some of these flavours!

  3. nice work quinc, very thorough
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  4. Those pictures make me want to do bad things to my diet lol. Excellent review, I look forward to trying some

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Solid summary, thanks. Looking forward to bringing in some of these flavours!
    I'm also looking forward to it! Be nice to have more "exotic" flavors with great taste and profile.



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