Axis Labs Hemodraulix Review

  1. Axis Labs Hemodraulix Review

    I ordered samples of Hemodraulix through Axis' website. Paid about 1 dollar. Received 4 samples. Really cool. Review:

    I dosed anywhere from 30-60 mins pre workout. Honestly if I had to do it again, I'd dose even earlier in the day, as I felt the effects seemed to grow in the hours after a workout and next day. Numbers are silly to me, so I'll just outline what I felt.

    Pump: Increased size was felt and noted. Definite increase over placebo or a normal workout. I don't use but have tried many arginine-based pre-wos. I typically use ultima. Provided a better pump than anything natural I've used that comes to mind. Training and diet will alter results, however.

    Vascularity: This is where the product shined. My first dose was an arm day. My veins have never looked so blue and bulging as when on this product. Completely caught me off guard. Especially their bright/blue character -- definitely different than any other arginine product I've used. A vein in my shoulder I hadn't seen before was popping out when I got home and took my shirt off. If you want vascularity (lifters are a weird crowd, right?) this stuff will not disappoint you. The vascular effects last well into the next day. I'd say it's a 36 hour type of deal. Like the bottle says, you do not need to dose this every day.

    Strength: I'm not sure how/why but I did add several reps to some exercises while working out. A whole bottle may yield some gains off of the increased drive or the AA. It certainly couldn't hurt.

    Final thoughts: At a little over 1 dollar per serving, this is a better investment than almost anything else I can think of for pure vascularity. I'm probably going to get a bottle to run at some point as I'm curious to see how the effects would build over time. It is my estimate that each serving has about 400mg of AA, so it may not be a bad idea to add it in to a Xfactor run. Lastly, I'll note that I did experience increased bedroom pumps, and think this stuff stacked with a libido booster would be as good as something prescription.

  2. great review, hemodraulix is a great product. plus the results get better with regular use unlike stim based pre-workout supps.

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